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  1. ok so yeah, you guys have spoken, and i will contact sannie shortly and talk with him about some freebies and the possibility of getting some of my work into the shop as a vendor in the future. i have access to tons of the most famous and infamous west coast strains and have been doing breeding with them for many years now. i have many many hybrids already made but if i could get going as a true seed breeding company i would like to start a few new breeding threads here on the board. that way i could operate as a transparent company from the beginning and let everyone have the experience to see the whole process on every strain i would offer. from the selection to the pollination and grow out of offspring. I am excited to finally try to move forward with this and offer the rest of the world true west coast clone only hybrids etc. this is something that i have been working on for quite a while off the board here locally and happy to bring it to you guys now. i will keep everyone posted on the progress in this thread here first and hopefully get the go ahead soon to start my own threads under the seed company name of "welcome Home Cannabis Gallery" hopefully we can get you guys a taste of some things i have worked on in the freebie section to get started in the meantime. have fun growing 4H
  2. one last thing............. It just never ceases to amaze me on how it can go from this To this in just 2 weeks time of growing in flower..........just crazy..... or maybe im pretty damn stoned.............?????? anyway i love me plantas
  3. day 13 flower update. still nothing too exciting. the space is all filled in and im sure they still have a few more days of vigorous growing still. everythimg is going fine except for that all the bay 11's turned out to be hermie seeds. straight bunk. i will be writing to grand daddy genetics for sure. so there were 5 females from the candylands that are going now. of the 10 killing fields there were 8 of 10 females. here is whats goin on day 13 right side totes here is a ground view to see just how dense it ended up getting. this is with no scrog (obviously) just a bunch of training cutting etc Left side from seeds some candyland pics chocolate rain top a couple killing field ladies the beautiful tahoe sour dub. love the structure on this lady TSD top well thats it for now unless there are any pic requests of anything. have fun everyone. 4H
  4. well now that you guys mention all this i was actually thinking of maybe trying to work with sannie on getting a bunch of clone only crosses that i have done in to his freebie section. this is something that i have been thinking of doing for a while now as i will never get to all the beans i have made. this could get some good west coast genes out to the world and hopefully get people breeding some new hybrids with em. i have tons of crosses that i have made. and they havent been just pollen chucks completely either. my selections havent been as big as i would like them to be but 95% of the males i choose and use come from 25-30+ plant selections. some stock i have made too has been with multiple fathers too when i had found more than 1 suitable males and put em together to up the f1 diversity. im also currently working on some new fem crosses with the king louis og in my grow thread if anyone wants to see what current crosses im working on. So anyway if there is enough interest which it seems there is i would be down with trying to contact sannies and get some stuff i have in the freebie section and possibly in the future even in his seed vendor catagory to get some real worked west coast genes in his shop.
  5. yeah cant wait to see how this mix of genes comes out
  6. this is great so i had to put it up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYMpqcIAW5I and by the way yeah i knew there was something wrong with the breeding on the bay 11's..... they all turned out to be hermies. full balls and female flowers. GREAT!!!!!
  7. yeah the last 3 are gsc. yeah only editing was just up the brightness a little and just some flash, thats it. She sure is pretty damn frosty pic number 3 is this gsc cut x (the white x blue devil) that one is more frosty than it looks in the pic too. so much yellow red light from the hps drowns out how much more resinous they are in person too if you can believe that. even dry and after being trimmed/handles etc this is how they came out. these are the number 3 pic plant so you can only imagine how the gsc's came out dry. this pic is just with a loupe and an iphone of thick trich formation fully dry sticky white nug
  8. was organizing pics from my last grow and thought i would post up some random nice ones.
  9. dude not trying to be a dick or mean but you dont need to start a new thread for every little question you have. try to condense the threads and ask your questions together. everyone is real great here and will get everything answered for you, it would just be a little easier to have less threads all over the place.
  10. sup dude. yes i love life here in cali and would never leave here.
  11. alright so we are on day 7 today of 12/12 and still not much excitement but we are movin along. they are filling in the space well on the tote side after some training, cutting, bending etc and should have at least a week more of growing, for some even more. im really not that impressed with the quality of breeding that was done on the candyland and bay 11 strains by grand daddy genetics. the genes show some slight problems and mutations that arent desirable and are not grower problems. it makes me think that these were thrown together to capitalize on the girl scout hype without a proper parental selection. we will see what quality flowers they produce though.
  12. who gives a shit, lets just grow some killer weed plants wherever anyone should decide to post their grow story.
  13. i have my eye on that purple one in the bottom right corner and pink back right one. that purple one is gonna be a monster though
  14. sorry man that is aginst the forum rules here. but sin city seeds has a bunch or real good options for you. girl scout and lots of og crosses and they use great genetics.
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