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  1. now this is something I'd love to get in on. Esko, all of your amnesia crosses have been good, and a few exceptional. I'd love the chance to try another of your AH crosses and report back what I think of it to you from grow to smoke. Thanks.
  2. good to hear all the updates man, sounds like it's going really well. That AH x CR is a keeper. that lover girl testers glue pheno mmmm , i can't get over how good that sounds! as do all the rest
  3. starting to fill out nicely, looks good. the lover girl looks like she'll be a good yielder, frosty too. thanks for sharing
  4. hey chief, that lover girl sounds delicious and potent, right up my alley. really interested in that one, thanks for showing it. looks like you've got a nice mix of AH x CR. The shorty, fastest flowering, dark green...lightest feeder, that looks like the amnesia dominant pheno...i bet it'll be your favorite. the top left corner, looks like a nice blend between the two. that was a good smoke also. the top/middle right, that one looks cocoa kush dominant, should be the slowest flowering and the leave stems will turn purple. I didn't see the wild sativa pheno I found, but who needs that with the rest of your gear
  5. wow, great shots, thanks for sharing keev. What's the high like for you?
  6. hey Chief, sorry man...no pics of the harvest but I sure did chop them, fast girls...packed on weight quick, nice variety between indica and sativa leaning. the smoke was all good, my favorite was the fastest flowering with this incredibly hard to place strong scent/taste The high is like taking a blender to your brains. Strong, fast hitting, tasty with hints of chocolate. It was the fastest growing, noticeably so in veg. Great trich coverage too. red eye express, followed by a trip to the kitchen. The cocoa kush dom is a nice smoke, but too slow for me to keep. Those were the slowest flowering, with deep purple petioles and branchier buds. much more of a chocolate taste though, so it may be worth it. Nutty chocolate, it's pretty tasty. more relaxing, less loopy. One surprising sativa girl in the mix, tasted fruity, clear with no anxiety. good smoke, daytime, just not my kind of smoke.
  7. hey jungle, it won't be bad for them under 10 hours, they'll finish faster with less yield. i'm curious of your opinion on potency of them compared to your usual 12 hours. for me it hasn't been an issue. going forward if you can, veg your "regular" plants longer to help compensate for the 10 or 11 hour photoperiod...that's been useful for me where every grow is a mixed grow indoors. plus, 11 hours should hopefully be a good compromise on your malawi clones. keep pinching during the flowering stretch, they'll have plenty of time to heal nitrogen levels should be low too, sounds like you're taking good care of it.
  8. Happy to hear you're going to continue on with them, I think you'll appreciate the challenge. Don't be afraid to keep pinching the stems of new growth regularly as she continues to grow. you'll have strong stems that don't need much support. 11 hours might do the trick for starting fresh clones going forward, but this long in running 12/12 you'll want to drop down to that 10 hour mark. see what works best for you. keep us updated, looking forward to hearing more.
  9. i haven't grown that strain, but similar. I would drop your flowering time to only 10 hours, that should help. you probably have a good 12 weeks left. your clones will take about a week less to finish. pinching the stem as it grows will help slow the stretch and increase branching. you should have some great smoke with some patience. enjoy it
  10. bump what 4twizzle said... How's the Killing Fields f4? Any details on it or release date? Can't wait, thanks!
  11. MH4Lyfe

    Algae on clones ?

    should be fine to use so long as the roots aren't brown. no worries
  12. the "happy" trait is what I look for too, blueberry and amnesia haze based strains have been great for me, lots of happy smiles and laughs. I've heard the same about C99, never tried it, but I'm growing it out now to see for myself.
  13. that's a beauty, enjoy it! is a water cooled co2 generator in your future? *wish list item for me*
  14. i do that every grow, i usually try to allow 1 to 2 gallons per plant i put in. Most of my 10gal tubs i don't have more then 10 plants in, and by the time i sex them....it's down to 5 or 6. no issues feeding. no root fighting or herms from it, nothing at all like that. if it's mixed genetics i try to match to similar ladys in the tub, sativa with sativa, indica with indica. doing that you shouldn't have any issues. definitely don't be afraid to try it, see what you like best. I prefer the tubs because I can water less frequently compared to small individual containers for each plant. this is sog style though with zero veg time.
  15. yeah, i looked up the buster, that model looks really nice. should be a fun setup you have planned. soleur & palau has served me well for a really quiet inline fan. i stopped my search with them. i've read the same about the light loss, whazzup has mentioned it many times and he's a lighting expert. i run around 100 cfm through my hood, so i don't think i'm cooling the lamp too much compared to some of the 300+ cfm fans. cooling for me i know i'm losing some light, but ive read estimates of only about 10% using this style reflector. i can tolerate 10% for something i think is safer, and easier to cool in my very small environment. i have no business running a 600w in my space, but i can with the aircooled reflector...right to the glass....but no touching
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