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  1. Blue lime Pie #1 - Sin City Seeds - selected by my bro beuhologue
  2. Stunning pics guys Here are some shots of the ladies in my cab atm. Bubba Kush Katsu cut F+50 ECSD V3 DHK/Chaco cut F+58 Jack Herrer F+58 Solilioqueen F+58 Super Sour Diesel Skunk / SSDS (Sour Diesel "Riri" x Super Skunk) Bred by pyrath, bilbuz selected cut F+58 Powerhouse (Hill Temple Collective - Deep Chunk x C99) from Flowery Fields shop in Vienna F+58 Brotherhood OG (Karma's happy brother cut x Biker kush V2) 12/12 since the start, 58 days in Polar bear (Karma Genetics) 12/12 since the start, 58 days in
  3. A.C.A.B

    Polar Bear

  4. A.C.A.B

    Brotherhood OG

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    Jack herrer

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    Bubba Kush

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    Powerhouse F+50

  12. A.C.A.B

    Apollo 11?

    Hi @Griot ! Dunno if you are still after them but there is some apollo 11 Genius F4 Open Pollination from bodhi curently available at the seed vault of california. Just google @seedvaultofca , and you'll find their instagram page. Write them an email using the adress on the page to ask for the list of available seeds and instructions for the payment.
  13. A.C.A.B

    Goji OG

    Pics from my GOJI OG
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