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  1. sannie

    Sugar Punch

    Yes we use extra stealth shipping methods so dont worry ! If you want a track and trace on your seeds you have to order nutrients along so you will get the parcel service with the option to track and trace greetz sannie
  2. I am sorry to see the seeds are not germing. Just a few thing that be kept in mind while germing : It is important to put the seeds not to deep into the spongepots, make the soil a bit loser on the top and be sure the seed is laying lose in the soil and not pressed in. Cover the seed with a little bit of lose soil. Use a heating mat or more simple a fuo bulb and keep it on for 24 hours a day to keep a stable climate. use a bit of soil or perlite on the bottom of the propagator to get a high humidity, temp should be around the 23 celsius. It is always difficult to judge what you are doing from this seat but it is weird that 3 strains are not germing, I have made the sannie's Jack seeds myself and popped 40 of them 3 weeks ago with great result. I would start all over and do it again but maybe without the spongepots ? If you are coming short on seeds just shoot me a pm and I will send some extra. Hope the next try will go better greetz sannie
  3. sannie

    Sugar Punch

    Sugar Punch is back in stock again. There is a maximum of 5 packs of seed per customer to be sure as much customers will provide from this goodness. From experience I know how fast sales can go on this strain so please dont wait to long if you want to be sure ! Enjoy greetz sannie
  4. sannie

    Sugar Punch

    The seeds are colected and out of the buds, now laying to dry fro a week and have to go another week at least. Then germ tests and if that is ok the seeds will be released. The harvest was disappointing low and started a new run to make Sugar Punch this week, so I hope for the best Because of the lower stock I have decided to build in a option that it is not possible to buy more as 3-5 packs at the time/customer, have to think about this. So lets say around 10 days from today should be the target, but dont pin me greetz sannie
  5. sannie

    Phone Call????

    It can be necessary that our credit card customer service need a phone call to verify the card is no fraud. This is to be sure your card is not being used by a third party and we are getting paid for the product we are selling. This is a extra safe step for us and for our customers and is working real fine. So dont worry about this. greetz sannie
  6. sannie

    Sugar Punch

    I have collected the first seeds But i know already this will not be a big harvest of seeds, but I hope to get enough seeds out of the buds to realize a working stock in the shop. Next week the plants will be cutted and laid to dry greetz sannie
  7. sannie

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    I have talked to him around a year ago and since then it is not possible to get in contact anymore. If someone does not want any contact anymore he must have his reason for this, and I respect this ! greetz sannie
  8. sannie

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    It is a shame eskobar stopped his work on breeding stock ! He stopped without anyone know he did. I think he would not mind if his strains will be continued by others, so if you like to preserve his work please do ! The discussion about hydro and organics has some truth in there : If I select plants from a organic soil grow I am sure there will be different pheno's that stand out as that it will be selected in a hydro setup. This is why there is difference. Also dont underestemate the influence from the taste and likes of the breeder that select the plants. Eskobar would select other plants to work with as I would do. greetz sannie
  9. sannie

    Chance for upcoming breeders

    Please shoot me a pm and we can arrange your request greetz sannie
  10. sannie

    Chance for upcoming breeders

    You can use track and trace only with seeds if you order nutrients along, then you got the ckoice to track and trace. I have used the track and trace on seeds for a while but there are some problems with this shipment method like it costs 17 euro, you have to sign for it and most of the times you still can not track the order because of switching post handlers when it arives in the USA. So I stopped with this option because it sucks. The forum and sanniesshop where indeed stagnating and it took some effort to get on the wagon again but dont mistake I am busy with getting back on track again. I am getting my seed stock back again after lots of failures and then I can focus again on selecting new genetics. ( I am germing right now, more about this soon ) There is a new breeder on the way ( koma kreations) but it will take some weeks to get the seeds in the shop. I am talking with some other breeders as well. So there will be new genetics on the way. The upcoming breeders section is a bit quite but this should go better in the feature. greetz sannie
  11. sannie

    The Rat’s Stock

    Nice work over here Le Rat ! Gonna be some nice crossings from your hand, keep us updated greetz sannie
  12. sannie

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Nice work over here dude ! Time to get your strains into the shop dont you think ? greetz sannie
  13. sannie

    Barrie`s Organic Seeds

    Great topic Barrie! Looks like you will have some nice seed stock soon. greetz sannie
  14. sannie

    Sugar Punch

    Let me show some pictures from the progress : Pollinated Supersilverhaze Maybe a bit difficult to see but you see the first seeds forming in the buds Sofar it looks good I keep you guys updated greetz sannie
  15. sannie

    Sugar Punch

    I must be very wrong but it looks like I see the sugar puch seeds getting made. I will post pictures soon from the forming of the seeds. greetz sannie