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  1. sannie

    New Sanniesshop

    The credit card is indeed out of the system at the moment but it should be back up running tomorrow again. There are always bugs when lancing new software and this was on of them. greetz sannie
  2. sannie

    Purple/Red Shackzilla?

    It would be the first coloured shackzilla I would see, but I can imagine that if you give her cold temps she can give some colourisation . greetz sannie
  3. sannie

    New Sanniesshop

    Eskobar has stopped breeding. Whazzup has stopped long time ago with breeding I think NAW will be back in stock again, but time will tell greetz sannie
  4. sannie

    New Sanniesshop

    Lol I only filled in 1 pack of BBS as stock, mistake from me ! You are able to buy more if needed now greetz sannie
  5. sannie

    New Sanniesshop

    The new Sanniesshop is online ! This was probably the hardest project I have done the last 13 years, I have designed and re wrote all pages in Dutch and let a professional do the English part. My photography is now a big part of the shop and in this way the two hobby's emerge. New breeders New product pages Big discounts to celebrate the opening 5 Skunk Afghaan X Jackberry feminized freebees with every seed order Free shipping when ordering 3 packs of seed or more I hope you guys like it greetz sannie
  6. sannie

    Missing Seed Order

    Most likely there is something wrong with email address that is given to reply or the emails are getting in your spam box. As said I am answering email every day and if you not getting answer there is something wrong. I have contacted you through PM but not open for reason. greets sannie
  7. sannie

    Missing Seed Order

    I am answering email every day You have probably used a wrong email address, that is why you did not got a message back greets sannie
  8. sannie

    NAW seeds stopped breeding

    Dynasty genetics will stay in the shop and new strains are coming in, also in February they will come with a complete new range of seeds under the name relic seeds. Cristalin has taken the most of the USC department the last years and ProfP is in the background doing its thing. About NAW : I would like to have those seeds to be continued, a shame of all the hard work from the two dudes but......the last contact was in May this year and Poldergrower told me he was stopping with everything and also his friend Rhino for a half year or longer and did not know if they will return. In the meanwhile there has a lot happened and have been working on a new sanniesshop and Bio-sannie for the last months and there has been a lot of work, I have re wrote all the product pages and most of the info pages. In this proces I had to decide if NAW and Escobar (thx Santero) will move along with the new shop. The new product pages are costing a lot of time to create and I did not saw the need to make so much work out of something that is not continued. But I am open for NAW but they have to contact me and tell how we are going to proceed. A bit weird for me to read that they are back again on the boards instead of update me before this, but anyway good to see NAW back greets sannie
  9. sannie

    NAW seeds stopped breeding

    As far as I knew the guys stopped with breeding, this is what Poldergrower told me last time and heard nothing after this, so as far as I know they stopped. Would be nice if something is changed I know about it . If anything else happens I will post it greets sannie
  10. As the most of you will know by now eskobar has stopped all activity around cannabis and so on breeding. The last stock will be sold this last 1-2 weeks, the new sanniesshop will not have eskobar seeds anymore so if you still want some eskobar strains now is the time to buy before they are not for sale anymore. greets sannie
  11. sannie

    NAW seeds stopped breeding

    The guys from NAW seeds have stopped all activity around cannabis and so on the breeding. If there are customers that like to buy seeds from NAW you will have another 1-2 weeks before they will be out of the shop. This is also for the GK organic products. It is a shame the guys stopped breeding but it was there own choice greets sannie
  12. sannie

    Diary of a breeder part two

    Lots of work in progress at the moment. I am working on a new Sanniesshop and Bio-sannie, new software and new looks ready for the feature. Also Mephisto genetics and Koma kreations will be present in the new shop. Escobar and NAW seeds will not be for sale anymore from the moment the new shop will be online, both stopped breeding. The Madkush X Hashplant/DSD X Killingfields is ready for harvest The Hashplant/DSD X Killingfields seeds are harvested last week and hope to have them ready in 3-4 weeks The Killingfields regular and Madscientist are failed and have to start over again. Sannie's Jack feminized is looking fine but needs another 3-4 weeks to ripe. greets sannie
  13. sannie

    sugar punch

    Should smell like heaven over there ! How long do you still have to flower ? greets sannie
  14. sannie

    Sannie's Jack by Balarama

    The jacks are looking fine dude ! Enjoy the next 5-8 weeks of flowering and keep posting greets sannie
  15. sannie

    Diary of a breeder part two

    Madkush pollinated In this macro picture you can see that the pistil is for 50% brown and is getting pregnant as we speak Look close and you will find pollen greets sannie