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About Me


Sannie is the founder of Sanniesshop, Opengrow and Bio-Sannie. Sannie



Grow experience


Sannies obsession with growing began 25 years ago. After he, like most of us, started with outdoor growing he immediately fell in love with the cannabis plant. Shortly after that he tried his hand at indoor growing. An entirely different experience that gave him a feeling of ultimate control over the growing process. He soon started reading everything there was to know about the sacred plant. Putting the newly acquired information to good use made Sannie one of the most respected allround growers in the Netherlands.



How it started


With the internet on the rise a wide range of new information became available to Sannie in addition to his already extensive knowledge from the books he read. In 2005 Sannie took his passion to the next level and was growing on a large scale. His specialty was creating the highest quality buds with the largest possible yield. Sannie started sharing his findings on a Dutch forum where he explained how he grew his Sativa plants with organic nutrients. Unaware of how special it was what he had done, he was surprised to see his mailbox overflowing with questions from other breeders on how he accomplished the results he shared on the forum.



From grower to breeder


After the Dutch forum was closed Sannie joined “Wietforum” which he later took over in order to transform it into a knowledgebase, that, to this day, is still the largest in the Netherlands. Forthwith users started asking if it was possible to buy the selected Sannies Jack that Sannie was now using and Sanniesshop was a fact. Instead of cultivating for his own development Sannies seeds were now on the market. And so his focus shifted to breeding seeds instead of sensemilla, which resulted in many new strains we all came to know and love.





In 2008 Sannie quit his job as a graphic technician and began his career in the marijuana business working as a consultant for a wholesale company in growing equipment as lighting specialist and test grower of special lighting fixtures and organic products. That same year Opengrow was founded and is celebrating its 10th anniversary now in 2018. Over the last decade the forum has become the place to be for higher skilled growers and breeders to share their work, so other growers and breeders can benefit from their experience and take their own cultivation to the next level.



Full time job


As Sanniesshop kept growing it became time to expand. Large growrooms were required in order to meet the supply for the continuous demand. Sannie and his associate Knutsel filled their days with cultivating high end seeds and handling Sanniesshop. The strong team is still together and the guys continue working side by side in creating some of the highest quality seeds for sale today.



Organic all the way


Over the last 20 years Sannie has been using solely organic nutrients and created one of the most effortless and effective ways to grow your cannabis plants.  Easy for new growers and ideal for large-scale/commercial growers and breeders. A line of 100% organic products will create ideal circumstances for your soil life which in turn will ensure optimal nutrient uptake by your plants. The 4 steps organics will result in the end product having the best taste and effect possible.



Since all strains in Sanniesshop are cultivated with the 4 steps organics, your plants will be absolutely delighted when they are grown with these organic products.





Our goal is to create strains that fit the needs of our customers and knocks you off your feet. Sanniesshop customers are guaranteed to get the real deal seeds as well as the best possible customer service. Sannie is easy to contact and is more than happy to answer every question about growing you may have. 



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