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  1. Hey Inican

    Could you give me your address so I can send you back the seeds you have given me in the past without descriptions ?

    greetz sannie

    1. gardenartus


      This makes me chuckle lol

    2. Indican


      Hey Sannie you can either put em in freebies or I'll pm u my address.  No worries 

  2. For the Autoflowering fans, fastbuds genetics joined Sanniesshop. We begin with 6 strains to see how this will develop. Enjoy greets sannie
  3. I am glad to announce that NAW seeds made it back into Sanniesshop with 3 strains, more strains will following soon. Strawberry Blues Blue Hammer Atomic jam Welcome back dudes! greetz sannie
  4. Today I have put in 4 new strains from Dynasty Genetics. Buying a pack of Dynasty seeds will get you an extra pack of 5 Honey badger haze or Spiderbite seeds. Enjoy them I am working on NAW and when they have given me the needed info this section can go online again also. There is also a deal with Fastbud auto flowers and they will be stocking Sanniesshop very soon. greets sannie
  5. Sanniesjack Feminized seeds are now back in stock again! I know a lot of customers are waiting for this restock, enjoy them. greetz sannie
  6. Lol I am not smoking this dope, this can not taste good, besides this, I like to let the seeds stay in the bud. greets sannie
  7. Thanks for the thumbs up! I have grown a couple of the Molokai frost X Killingfields plants just to know what we have in our hands, the plants are very good smoke but not the clone I was looking for. But I have seen here growing and smoking this cross as we speak so I know what to expect from this cross. As a breeder, this is important info. greetz sannie
  8. For the moment we have only made feminized seeds with the Motherlode but who knows what the feature will bring. greetz sannie
  9. Thanks, dude ! I use a Nikon D800 along with a 5:1 magnification lens, a dolly that can make 9000 steps on 1cm. I take multiple pictures (between the 50 and 200) and put them together with photoshop. This is needed because of the shallow depth of fields from the taken pictures. And a lot of time, but this is also to get my mind to reset again as a hobby greetz sannie
  10. I found some 12 year old Sanniesjack buds that I kept cool and dark loaded with seeds. Good to see the change in color after twelve years of curing Pictures are made from around the 125 stacked photographs to create a bigger depth of field greetz sannie
  11. The first of the new breeders choice feminized strains is now in the shop : Motherlode kush (madkush X Motherlode) Good strain for starting growers and growers that are looking for a medium size plant with high potency and medical qualities, indica dominant hybrid with around the 9 weeks of flowering. Enjoy greetz sannie
  12. Good conversations here ! I have just talked with Poldergrower and discussed how to go further with NAW. The problem was that I understood that the two NAW dudes stopped breeding or maybe for a while, after 4 months not active I was creating the new Sanniesshop on the background. The new shop is great but creating a product page in two languages and pictures is a lot of work so I decided to not put NAW in the new shop thinking they not coming back and if they come back we only have to adjust the product pages and they can go online again. Just when I posted here on Opengrow that NAW stopped breeding Rhinocbd posted that they are back again, so not so good communication between NAW and sannie. Rhino and Poldergrower are remaking there strain text and pictures so we can go back selling NAW seeds again. Poldergrower told me that the new product pages are ready in the end of next week, then I need a couple of days to put in all new info etc.. I am very glad the guys are back again and hope they will stay greets sannie
  13. The last couple of months were some of the busiest I ever have in my life, doing all the shop orders, emails and packaging and on top of that two new shops to develop design and write all new texts in two languages. But it is done and there is falling a weight from my shoulders. Forums and Shops are now ready for the feature and I can focus myself on things that I like to do like growing and photography. Update from the breeding part : The mad scientist fem and regular and Killingfields are failed because of cold temperatures, grow room errors. At the moment we are drying the Sanniesjack feminized seeds, they should be ready very soon. My good friend Knutsel was gifted a clone from NAW seeds : Hashplant X Double strawberry diesel and was quite impressed with the quality's from this plant and decided to boost the grape and diesel flavours with the Killingfields (The One X Sannie's jack). This was not just a idea but a technical prediction of what would be the outcome. The One is Blueberry Sativa X NYCD/killerqueen and the nycd will enhance the diesel flavours and the KQ will enhance the grape flavours. This along with some fruity notes should be a strong combination. In the middle of the selection proces Knutsel contacted me with the question to come have a look because he thought he found the Motherlode, this was a joke but it made me curious enough to visit him te same day. I immediately saw what he was talking about. He showed me a selected plant in week 6 flowering and I was looking at one of the nicest looking plants I have seen. A perfect symmetry with a nice main cola but also a nice surrounding of smaller buds all around the plant, the colour was light green with pink influences in the flowers. The smell was deep strong grape and diesel and Knutsel was telling me that the fruity part was more presence in the beginning of the flowering period and probably will be stronger in the later flowering. Buds were covered in trichomes and was already thinking of making pictures from the trichomes lol The second plant he showed me was a green pheno with a more main bud style of growing and only a couple of buds around the main bud, but the smell of this plan was out of this world fruity with some grape and diesel influences but much more in the background as the first pheno. A realy nice balance of old school genetics. Knutsel was like a kid in the candy store and told me he took cutting from all the plants and wanted to use this two cuts to create feminized seeds, apparently he thought this through very well. After months and months me using the complete strain line up hash plant/double strawberry diesel X Killingfields I was fat up typing this line up every time and was pushing Knutsel to think of a good name and while smoking the harvest only a couple of weeks back he got the flash back of calling me that he hit the Motherlode and so the name was born. I was very impressed with the first plant he showed me and talked with Knutsel what he thought of using this plant to cross with some other strains and see if we can create some new multi hybrids, After discussing this a couple of times we decided to make the follow crosses and make them available through breeders choice as a one time strain and see what they bring. The breeders choice is ment for new strains that are for sale for shorter times. If there is surfacing a winner like the Madscientist the seeds will be stocked in Sanniesseeds. Madkush X Motherlode Skunk afghaan/killingfields X Motherlode Heribei F3 X Motherlode The Madkush, SAXKF and Heribei F3 are all proven clones and we both decided to make crosses especially with these clones to hunt for special treats we are looking for. This strain should come available in the next week (s) Madkush pollinated by Motherlode : More updates soon greets sannie
  14. After working this strain for over two years I am proud to announce Motherlode. This strain is made by Knutsel and me but the selections are done by Knutsel. The history from this strain is already great for me and Knutsel and the start of much more things to come. More about this in the Diary of a breeder topic Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields Feminized seeds Extreme potent strain with THC percentages from 26% and more, strong grape diesel smell and taste with fruity notes. The majority are green plants but there are coloured plants to find. This is a must have strain greets sannie
  15. The cc payment is still difficult to come through, Visa and Master card are still doing extreme fraud checks. Around 20% from the charges is working at the moment. I hope this will be working better soon but this is out of my hands. I hope that if the CC is not working try to use another payment method like a bank transfer / cash in a envelope or Bitcoin greets sannie
  16. Thanks for the feedback and we are working on this issue ! The cc payment is working at this moment but the fraud protection is extra high at this moment because severe check ups by visa and master card, because of this some orders are just don't coming through. I hope that if the CC payment is not working you will try to use another payment method. In the meanwhile we are working to get the cc payments smoother with a higher succes rate greets sannie
  17. Credit card payment is back up running again ! But because severe vista and master card fraud controls the succes rate is lower as normal at the moment, just see if the card works. Also be sure the card it suitable for foreign transactions. The 20% discount will be available unto this weekend greets sannie
  18. There will be a new strain soon : Hashplant/DSD X Killingfields and Hashplant/DSD X Killingfields X Madkush (both feminized) I have a Panama Kush at the moment (selected clone from a friend) that I like to cross with or Jackberry or Madkush in the near future. greets sannie
  19. The Credit Card payment is still not working but I hope to have this ready in the middle of the week. It would be nice if everything would work like it suppose to do but with IT problems you should have more patient Take from me that I was not glad to see the cc payment was not working while my new shop went online, nice thing is that the discounts in the shop will stay a couple of more days greets sannie
  20. The credit card is indeed out of the system at the moment but it should be back up running tomorrow again. There are always bugs when lancing new software and this was on of them. greetz sannie
  21. It would be the first coloured shackzilla I would see, but I can imagine that if you give her cold temps she can give some colourisation . greetz sannie
  22. Eskobar has stopped breeding. Whazzup has stopped long time ago with breeding I think NAW will be back in stock again, but time will tell greetz sannie
  23. Lol I only filled in 1 pack of BBS as stock, mistake from me ! You are able to buy more if needed now greetz sannie
  24. The new Sanniesshop is online ! This was probably the hardest project I have done the last 13 years, I have designed and re wrote all pages in Dutch and let a professional do the English part. My photography is now a big part of the shop and in this way the two hobby's emerge. New breeders New product pages Big discounts to celebrate the opening 5 Skunk Afghaan X Jackberry feminized freebees with every seed order Free shipping when ordering 3 packs of seed or more I hope you guys like it greetz sannie
  25. Most likely there is something wrong with email address that is given to reply or the emails are getting in your spam box. As said I am answering email every day and if you not getting answer there is something wrong. I have contacted you through PM but not open for reason. greets sannie
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