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  1. Great combo`s. If they succeed you have tha bomb there !
  2. (, and offcourse "priest", Bob, , 10CC, , Peter Gabriƫl, , , Wayne Wade, Bob again (tnx to the chatroom), Sophia George, , One of my biggest friends, Bora, with Eddy Grant about Amsterdam, Madonna met gogol, , the Nits, , , Zappa, , Peter,, Focus , David, Jethro, BrandX, Nick & Sean, back to the start of this songlist Devoted to Jack Herer. Faithless, , , Katastroof, Drs P, bing, Nancy, , Poing, musical youth, , Suzanne, , Suzanne, ELO, PinkFloyd, , a Sabbath, , Paul & Stevie, No Sleep, ,$$$, NO$$ , Ange , SOAD , Arno, , Crash test dummies don`t enter Nirvana, Prince, Doves , , or , ? , , lynch ?, or , poison, sweet , Foxtrot of slowfox (scots), germany or Ireland..., . WTF, bikes, cars, planes even space oddity even higher or back to my roots, stay or finally, go to sleep
  3. Dance on a volcano, a trick of the tail, Genesis Song i`m listening now.
  4. Ach, het bekte zo lekker, whazzup. Text adjusted, satisfied now ?
  5. Translated from Wietforum, Cannakids clear explanation. Outdoor Growing Contents: 1. Clones or seedlings? 2. Finding the right spot 3. Nursing 4. Diseases and plagues 5. Harvesting and Cleaning up 1. Clones or seedlings? Cannabis can be grown from seed or by using clones. Either way has it`s (dis)advantages. By using clones you`re assured the plant you grow is a lady indeed, so you don`t have to check for males. Seedlings are, usually, way more powerful than clones, they resist a lower humidity and relative higher temperatures than cuttings There are several ways to germinate seed, we`ll limit here to 3 different ways (there are more ways). 1) Drop the seeds in a lukewarm water filled glass (about 22 Celsius) and keep them there for 24 hours, carefully drop them in prepared soil. After a few days there will be a strain. 2) You can opt to germinate in a pick of wet cotton. Wet the cotton using lukewarm water and drop the seeds in between. Keep the cotton wet by spraying some water 3 till 4 times a day. Keep the seed in the wet cotton until you discover all the seeds are routed. Carefully drop them in prepared soil. After a few days there will be a strain. 3) Plant the seeds straight in soil. Keep the soil wet as the seeds need to absorb a lot of water. After 5 to 6 days there will be a strain. Seedling: (picture provided by fotografe, WF) Clone: (picture provided by Whazzup, WF) After germinating the seedlings, we`ll have to distinct the wanted females from the unwanted males. There are several ways to discover the sex: 1) You cut a cutting from the seedling and force the cutting to flower and thus show the sex of the originating seedling. It`s a quick and secure way to know the sex before the seedling starts flowering the natural way. 2) Force the seedling to flower. Disadvantage is the stress the lady encounters when forced back to grow afterwards. 3) Force one trench of the seedling to flower premature. Enforce a 12 hour light cyclus by darkening (black plastic light tight bag or similar) that trench so it gets to flower, the other branches won`t be affected and will grow as nothing happens. Male sex: Female sex: 2. Finding the right spot Once rooted it`s a hell of a job to move them to another spot, so choose your spot wisely. Find a spot that`s absolutely dark at night and sunny during the day. The spot is of greatest importance as our ladies need a sufficient amount of dark hours. As soon as the lady spots light during her sleep she wakes up and her natural rhythm is disturbed. She`ll start stressing as she doesn`t know the difference between day and night anymore and she`ll show her confusion by growing purple strings. Purple strings are a good indication the lady is stressed, so you`d better take away the cause. Example of a stressed lady: Prepare the right soil, eventually adding necessary nutrients in case you opt to plant the seeds straight in soil. You can always adjust the nutrients by adding them to the water. 3. Nursing There is a difference in treating growing ladies from flowering ladies. Growing The baby has to grow first. In the Northern hemisphere the ladies usually grow until July. After 21st July the days get longer and our ladies get a natural signal to start growing buds as autumn winks. During growth the ladies love nutrients (I.E. Nitrogen) added to the water and she prepares herself for her future flowering. So take care she doesn`t lack anything during growth, she`ll be more than thankful afterwards. Growing ladies: (picture provided by Whazzup) Flowering As august approaches most ladies will stop growing, producing the first tiny little buds. You`ll notice emerging plush, covered with a lot of tiny white hair, growing from the armpits (where new leaves get started). (picture provided by Whazzup) The plush will start growing until the top appears after several weeks flowering. After 6 to 7 weeks flowering the tiny white hair will slowly colour brown, harvesting time is near. The best moment to harvest the lady will be the day that about 80% of the tiny white hair turned brown and the tops are firm. 4. Diseases and plagues The biggest problem growing outside will be the battle against diseases and all kind of little creeps you don`t like to see on your ladies. These are the most common problems whilst growing outside: -Snails Snails are most common and most annoying. Slimy traces on, combined with holes in, the leaves are an indication that your lady had unwanted visitors in the shape of snails. The best remedy is "beer". Dig some holes around your lady, big enough to keep a plastic cup. Pour a little beer in the dug-in cups. The snails are alcoholic and prefer boozing over Mari Jane (like many fools on this planet), stumble in the cup and drown in their beloved beer.. - Spider mites Spider mites are less than 1 mm in size and vary in color. They lay small, spherical, initially transparent eggs and many species spin silk webbing to help protect the colony from predators; they get the 'spider' part of their common name from this webbing. Hot, dry conditions are often associated with population build-up of spider mites. Bayer Masai is the best cure against spider mites. - Aphids, also known as plant lice Aphids, also known as plant lice, are minute plant-feeding insects. About 4,000 species of aphids are known, classified in 10 families; of these, around 250 species are an annoyance for gardeners. They vary in size from 1-10 mm long. Aphids contain sucking mouthparts called stylets. They have soft bodies; long, thin legs; two-jointed, two-clawed tarsi; and usually a pair of cornicles, abdominal tubes through which a waxy secretion is exuded. Aphids have two compound eyes and two ocular tubercles made up of three lenses, each of which is located behind and above the compound eyes. When host plant quality becomes poor or is crowded, female aphids will produce winged offspring that can disperse to other food sources. Important natural enemies include the predatory ladybeetles, hoverfly larvae, and lacewings, and entomopathogenic fungi like Lecanicillium lecanii and the Entomophthorales. - Caterpillars Caterpillars cause much damage, mainly by eating leaves and you can find them in almost every Marijuana plant. Opposite to snails caterpillars don`t leave slimy traces on your lady, so the difference is easy noticeable. Bayer Decis is very effective against caterpillars. Besides the bugs, we`ll have to conquer deceases as well. Most common diseases are: - Budrot or gray mold Botrytis cinerea is a fungus that affects many plant species, Mary Jane is no exception. . In viticulture, it is commonly known as botrytis bunch rot, in horticulture, it is usually called grey mould or gray mold. Grey rot, is the result of consistently wet or humid conditions, and typically results in the loss of the affected tops. To minimize infection, good ventilation around the tops is important to prevent moisture being trapped among leaves and top. Rotten tops need to be removed completely to prevent the fungus infecting the whole plant and nearby plants. Budrot: - Too much water Rain can cause the soil getting too wet, especially when growing in pots. Too much water causes a lack of oxygen in the roots resulting in a sad lady, noticeable on the hanging leaves. Too much water: - Too much fertilizer The use of too much fertilizer is a common error made during the the growing period. Small plants can`t cope with too much nutrition. Use fertilizers wisely. Too much fertilizer: 5. Harvest In September, October the time has come to harvest the tops. Take a good look at the tiny hair. When you notice 80% brown hair and the buds are firm, it`s harvest time. Cut the branches from the plant, manually remove the big leaves and cut the remaining small leaves out of the tops, remove eventually occurring budrot. The bare tops can be hung upside down in a dry room. Check the drying tops every day to check if the tops are dry enough to be stocked, this will usually be the case in 10 till 15 days. The tops are dry when you can easily break a stem instead of bending it. Dried tops can be conserved in various ways, airtight bags, pots or cured in canning jars. Congratulations ! Your own grown weed is ready to be used. Good Luck!
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    I don`t see the urge of a WietForum corner on Opengrow. WF is an important forum in Dutch speaking countries and we should try to keep it that way. Just my 5 cents
  7. Nothing spectacular, just an announcement about how we`d wish our members to behave on Opengrow Topics about tips, tricks, short instructions to help a new member out will be added soon. By adding some general rules the moderators can concentrate on moderating without loosing time on moderating inappropriate topics. Some regulation also adds to the quality of Opengrow in general. We have a firm policy towards seeds & cuttings. Asking for cuttings or seeds(free or commercial) is NOT allowed. You`re not allowed to mention the person you obtained your seeds or cuttings from either. You can harm the generous person who provided you the illegal crop. Using the PM system for this purpose is neither allowed. Main issues: You`re not allowed to join this forum when under the age of 18. Spamming is not allowed The use of discriminating, hurting, explicitly obscene, defamatory, hateful, threatening or explicit sexually orientated language is not allowed. You`re not allowed to offer or ask for illegal merchandise. Illegal merchandise involves the offering, sell or purchase of plants or parts of the plant including, but not limited to, cuttings. Remain "On topic". For an answer on your specific question you`d better open your own topic. Don`t post irrelevant messages, just to keep the topic "on top of the list". Don`t bump topics Don`t use fuzzy language when opening a new topic. Explain briefly the problem you encountered. Please refrain from using MSN language like w8, l33t in your topics and responses. A well prepared message is more inductive to quick and accurate responses. Keep the forum a friendly place so mods can be mods, no stoner on this planet likes to play cop, keep that in mind. To keep the forum fast and legible, we don`t allow pictures in signatures and closely monitor the use of quotes. It`s useful to place a few links to your running projects in your sigs & highly recommended. Try to limit the size of your avatar. 50kb max size, 90x90 dimension. Keep it green ! Op en aanmerkingen, alswel als verbeteringen aan bovenstaande tekst zijn meer dan welkom,
  8. We have the experienced that some users have a irresistible urge to mention prices of cannabis in their topics. Mentioning the prices of cannabis related products is only allowed in topics related to shop or street sales. Topics concerning the commercial yield and the price received when (eventually) selling your yield are closed and the member eventually suspended. It`s okay to mention you received a good price for your product, but don`t mention your financial profit. Short: No topics about market purchase prices No mention of the price you sold your yeild for No topics that concern pricing or can provoke reactions in that sense ("What`s the price of weed in Chicago") Any posts of this nature will be closed and/or removed by our moderators. If you're a really bad boy they'll ban you. Op en aanmerkingen, alswel als verbeteringen aan bovenstaande tekst zijn meer dan welkom,
  9. Many postings to Opengrow are "followups" of existing articles. People often include some or all of the text from the article they are replying to in order to provide context to the reader. There are a variety of styles in which one can do this - for example one could put new text before or after quoted text, or interleaved with it. Some of those styles are better than others. This topic aims to describe what the best style is, and to explain why it is felt to be best. Posters should use this best style and avoid inferior ones. It's a fundamental assumption of Opengrow that the reader's time is very much more important than the writer's: in other words, if the writer can spend a few extra seconds to save a small amount of effort on the part of the reader, then that is time well spent. The justification for this assumption is that there are many readers but (for each post) only one writer, so any saving on the part of the reader is multiplied up. Preserve only the quoted text that is relevant to the reply, and delete the rest Don`t quote the previous message, the reader assumes you react on that message Always keep the reader in mind whenever you quote Moderators spend a lot of their available time in removing inferior quotes, try to save their precious time by correct quoting. Op en aanmerkingen, alswel als verbeteringen aan bovenstaande tekst zijn meer dan welkom,
  10. I remember it as a 1 april joke, mike.
  11. Heya reader, I`d like to introduce myself to the growing Overgrow population. As this will be a worldwide project, maybe some of our future members will recognize me as "suffie" or "No_Brain_Host" on the game site "Zone" of MSN several years back. The cribbage section is recently closed, so I lost all contact with the folks I shared 9-11 on line with, for example. But someone might recognize me and yep, it`s me. I prefer to grow outside, for my own use. I enjoy the spirit Mary Jane brings to me. As a father of 3 kids, 2 pubertal, youngest 5, I`m pretty critical towards youngsters that (mis)use Mari Jane on a regular basis before reaching the age of 21. Experiments are allowed. It`s just my attitude towards my own kids that I like to express, whenever i reply to comments of a youngster here on OverGrow. My experience with growing weed goes back to the 90`s when I started growing leftovers from a friend of mine. I still grow on the same soil and the "wildlife" improves every year. Hedgehogs like my garden. Whats left over to say, I`m 45 years old, 20 years married to a 50 year old as stubborn Serbian wife, 18 years working for the same company, mod on WietForum, photographer (live performances), philosopher and pain in the ass of some.... suf bites once in a while
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