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  1. mosey

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    No budshot today. I just wanted to share the Jackberry_x_GSC success. I'll try to grow some of these out in a few weeks. --cheers
  2. I've got a Jackberry that I wish I had cloned. It's producing seeds though so if I'm determined enough I might be able to find her again one day. Looking at her there's nothing obviously special about her. But after you've touched her your fingers smell so sweet and berrylike. I've never smelled weed so sweet. I doubt it will carry over into the smoke. But the smell alone from the bud is worth it to me.
  3. mosey

    Inexpensive Soil

    Yeah, I bet that would go a long way to improving the soil. But I wonder why the plants seem to hate cheap soil with extra perlite added and nutes given with waterings? I used to think it was the PH being thrown off by say too much bark, or bad bugs in the soil etc. But why should pot be so picky when other crops can hack it? That's my real question here. Is our weed just sensitive because of the selection environment that's been used for so long now? I'm not complaining btw, it's just a curiosity. It's most likely down to me just being a shit grower, but that doesn't make the question less interesting.
  4. mosey

    Inexpensive Soil

    I like that idea. You mean to make sure it's not the genetics right? I've enjoyed hydro in the past. But since switching to soil I feel like the maintenance is less. That could just be in my head, but it feels real! I've had my eye on either buying or making something like the autopot system. That looks like a super low maintenance way to do hydro.
  5. mosey

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    A pollinated GSC. The male is a Jackberry F4. You can see the immature seeds. With any luck in a few more weeks I'll have some JackberryxGSC, and in a few months, I'll try to grow those out. Maybe I'll start a journal for them.
  6. mosey

    Inexpensive Soil

    Thanks for the replies guys. I believe both of you, and I've even seen people use cheap soil with good results. But, I've heard from many more about their bad results. Also, a quick search shows that a lot of people are concerned about what soil to use, and more often than not they are advised to go for the more expensive stuff. It's like this with anything. If you have a software issue you can bet that it works on somebody's machine --worked on my computer; right? But I'm wondering about the big picture. It may be nothing. I'm just curious. You guys don't think it could be the selection environment for a lot of genetics?
  7. mosey

    Inexpensive Soil

    I can never make it work. I don't need really expensive soil. Foxfarm or Roots Organic does the trick. But anytime I've decided to buy less expensive soil my plants suffer. Some people may be tempted to say duh at this point. But hear me out. I can grow all kinds of plants in inexpensive soil, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes etc. But not weed. Why do you think that is? I was wondering if maybe it's because the breeders are doing their selections using great soil every time. So what we've got are a bunch of 'temperamental' genetics today. That sounds like a stretch though, still, pricey soil shouldn't be a barrier to growing decent pot, should it?
  8. mosey

    What do you listen in this moment ?

  9. They can also be mutants. But given so many are doing it I doubt it. Believe it or not, these two are siblings in the same organic mix:
  10. I just finished up some Durban Poison and Blue Dream. I've got a tiny bit of NL left. Those were all Colorado buds. They were okay. But they were super dry imho. In the tent I've got some Jackberry f4 going along with a Heribei x Jackberry.
  11. I'd smoke it just like that. It looks great Toker. --cheers
  12. mosey

    Sanniesseeds on Instagram

    I followed last night. I just assumed you always had one and didn't see this thread until today! Still, I wish forums would make a come back. They're dying all over the net. -sad-
  13. Legalization seems to be happening faster than I ever imagined it would. It's still not fast enough, but I never predicted we would see legal recreational weed like we're seeing today. We're more open about it now than we've ever been. But has the quality of information about weed kept pace with legalization? Is our culture improving in step with legalization? If not, how can we improve it and what are some of the problems we face? Here are a few ideas to get us started: 1. What is a strain? Should breeders be able to secure their genetics and thereby ensure their customers get the real deal? 2. How should we talk about the effects of weed so as to set realistic expectations for consumers?