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  1. I'm glad they worked out for you. Mine looked great but lacked potency. Maybe I just didn't push them hard enough?
  2. #1-Strain:> GSC_x_Green Crack #2-Appearance:> Two distinct phenotypes in my run: 1. Shorter, more Afghani, dark green 2. Tall, thin fan leaves, prolific foxtailing, and light green color Phenotype 2 with its light green color and extensive foxtailing looks best in my opinion. Overall: 3 out of 10 #3-Taste:> Initial hits will produce a combination of floral/incense with spots of sweetness on the exhale. When the sweetness is there it is most like a Tootsie Roll. It is a faint chocolate. Some flowers produce a taste closest to a household cleaner that borders on the stringent. In every case continued smoking produces a mouth coating of incense. Overall: 3 out of 10 #4-Aroma:> The smell is minimal throughout most of the grow. There is the familiar skunkiness during peak ripeness and some sweet accents when rubbed. After a few weeks cure the smell is incense/flower with a touch of something sweet. In a few weeks I expect the funk that is underneath, noticeable at a distance and when passing a jar, will come through. Overall: 3 out of 10 #5-High/Stone type:> Euphoric and relaxing. Overall: 3 out of 10 #6-Source:> Blimburn #7-Price:> ~30.00 USD #8-Potency:> Harvested with a variety of trichome ripenesses none of the plants are particularly potent, and my body has adapted unusually fast making it difficult to get good results without a lot of medicine. Overall: 2 out of 10 #9-Overall Rating:> 3 out of 10 #10-Overall Description:> The plants are easy to grow and trim. Unfortunately the yield is low and the potency is lacking. #11-Would you Reccomend:> I would not recommend this strain. You can get bigger yields with similar or better potency, and there is not a particularly interesting trait to make this strain appealing despite its shortcomings. #12-Smokers General Comments:> The plants were grown under a 400 Mh using Roots Organic in 3 gallon grow bags. They were given Dr. Earth Tomato, Veg, & Herb Organic at ½ recommended application one time during the grow, and they were given Alaska Cal/Mag throughout most of the grow. Finally, they were given only water for at least 3 weeks before harvest. They burn really well with a perfectly white ash.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts guys, you've been helpful. I like the idea of pulling in cool air from the house, but I don't think it is a permanent solution. What do you guys think is a reasonable target temp? I'm thinking that keeping the temps below 32C / 90F would be acceptable given the average highs outside for the summer will be 90F+. I'm going to take a few measurements in the garage to get an idea of temps.
  4. Do you think it would be better to just invest in making the whole garage cooler instead?
  5. Hi all, out of necessity I'm moving my grow to the garage. Unfortunately the garage is hot during summer. So I'm brain storming for solutions to the heat. I'll be switching to LED lighting. Also, I imagine building a well insulated "closet" will go a long way towards keeping the temperature down. Obviously an air conditioning unit will solve most of the problem. But I'd like to avoid using one if I can. What do you clever folk think? How have you overcome heat issues?
  6. It was a challenging picture. I couldn't make sense of the tissue. I feel horrible about the person in that condition.
  7. I don't see any sad plants. They look great.
  8. Oh yeah, this stuff is tasty. It looks like a blond hash. Unfortunately the return is low, and this is what keeps me away from most concentrates, even hash. I can't grow enough to justify giving that much flower to the process. I'd like to get to the point where I can dedicate most of a harvest to things like hash.
  9. I made some qwiso for the first time yesterday. I can see why people like it. It's potent as hell, and it taste amazing. It taste like really sweet citrus with a hint of sour.
  10. I bought a little scope that has a clip to put it over your phone's camera. It's convinced me to start looking for a real microscope. It's too much fun.
  11. It's a GSCxDurban ??? It's just sold as GSC. But I can't really know. I made a tiny bit of hash from a sister bud which wasn't getting enough light now, and which had already gone nearly 100% cloudy; it has a strange taste upfront, that is sweet at times on the exhale.
  12. This is my favorite bud in the tent right now.
  13. The gsc looks great. But if the sample I took is a good representative of the rest then it's too sleepy for me.
  14. What a freakish looking plant!
  15. block head: https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Block_Head/Spice_of_Life_Seeds/ There are several entries for Yumbolt. I've only grown out the Jackberry. It finishes fast. It's so fast that if you don't veg it you'll get nothing back.
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