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  1. I havent been around for some time. If any of my friends are still around, Im back and doing good. Sorry I had to go for so long! Peace Joe Dirt
  2. Ive been eagerly waiting for these seeds since you debated making them! Count me in on the test grow please. Joe Dirt
  3. No, organic soil. Thats the only way I am growing this year. Too many power outages at my new site for aero. NIce pics!
  4. Sounds like sleep apnea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_apnea
  5. Sounds like you had alot of shit goign on. Too much drama for me. I would have cut it down and moved away to a place with less traffic. You know with gas leaks and other saftey related stuff like floods, fire, etc. In some insatnces the fire department or cops can enter your house legally without a warrant. Chances are they would not be able to hold anything they found against you in the US. But they would try. Just a heads up in case you never considered the possibility. Peace JD
  6. Nice man. I am hopeing to run mine some time this year. Thanks for the pics!
  7. Joe Dirt

    Cree LEDs

    Its not going to be too much longer until we all can be growing in a 5'x5' room using only 200W of electricty, and producing the finest buds this planet has seen. I would say 10 years maybe, Being opptimistic.
  8. Joe Dirt

    Cree LEDs

    I recently bought a head lamp for night time mountain bike riding. It uses one Cree LED. The bulb looks like a microchip and is a suoer bright 3000 lumens running off of less than 9 volts. It lights up the dark just like a car headlight. The light is tiny, you could fit a ton of them on a unit. Problem is the one light I bought cost 600$. If they get the price down enough, we are going to be growing with these soon. They are amazing! Here is the company link. http://www.cree.com/products/index.asp Just gotta get them making some grow bulbs now! These things blow the current leds used for growing out of the water. Its like trying to campare a new v-8 mustang to a 79' pinto.
  9. Its a good idea Eskobar. The real problem is the cop that leads the dog has to interrpurt what the dog is trying to say. And since dogs dont talk, the cops can make up anything. Whos to say that the dog running up and down the street smelling those trails isnt the dogs way of telling the cop there are drugs in your house? You can try and argue, but when they search anyway and find what there looking for your gonna have a hard time defending yourself. If the cops suspect you and bring a dog, wether or not the dog smells something or not, the cops are going to say it did and they will search. Thats why the cops use the dogs, not because they work but because they can search whatever they want just by saying the dog signaled me there was something suspicous. There is no way for your defense to prove otherwise. In the US, only about 5% of searches warranted by drug dogs actually turn up any drugs. For more information I recomend checking out Barry Coopers vids on you tube. He is an ex canine cop turned advocat, one of the best ever. This vid shows how the cops can manipulate the dogs to react so they can search even if the dog does not smell anything. Start at 10:30. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9pGylTSDj0&feature=related
  10. Joe Dirt


    I was wondering were he went also. I couldnt say I would be surprised. I hope its not him though!
  11. Hey Cleptor, dont forget your rope! "Charles Bronson allways got a rope. You don't fucking know what you're gonna need it for. They just always need it." LOL! JD
  12. Ohh yea, odor was an issue. I could barley control it. I used a new 8" carbon filter with 45lbs of carbon and a 550cfm fan in a sealed room. It still stunk a little. I love it! Just cant go anywere with the stuff! Thanks Thanks! I really enjoy the whirple, I am flowering some more soon! Thanks for the awsome genetics eskobar! I am going to have to get some more seeds when they get back in stock. Some great genetics! There going to be around for along time! Thanks again. JD
  13. Joe Dirt


    I have been smoking a sativa dominant cheese berry haze that is I really like. Its great pain meds. It hits you immidiatly right above the eyes. Very happy and energizing. The bubble hash is like a mild mushroom trip. Good Stuff. DXM! LOL!
  14. Here are some dry pics of the keeper CBH #4. This stuff is very good medicine for pain. I am very greatful to have found her.
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