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  1. Depends a lot on the pheno. I had 1 Cheeseberry Haze, berry/earthy/licorice tasting, strong mellow and relaxing effect. Perfect in the evening or before going to bed. Not really hazy, close to a madonna I made a couple years before. Chances of getting that will be low if you ask me. I had 2 Chucky's bride, one was better than CBH (fruity C99 energetic high pheno) and one at the same level, with a more skunky high and tropical fruit taste. IMHO the only way to choose between those two is to determine what you prefer out of berries and mango/papaya/pineapple.
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  3. Hi everybody ! After a shameful 2/8 germing attempt, I got 2 femelles of this strain. Both were planted in plain dirt, fed with compost tea, clouds made most of the watering work for me :>. Flowered outside with a great view on the caledonian lagoon and salty conditions. I got 2 phénos out of that : - n°1 : gorgeous and vigorous plant. Reacts very well to topping, moderate stretch (*2/2,5). Topped once @ 2 weeks of growth, got into flowering 2 weeks later, gave me 6 beautiful 30 cm colas packed with dense buds covered by trichomes. Very smelly, fresh fruit with spicy notes, stealth is not one of her qualities. Good yielder for a 8,5 weeker. n°2 : very cute tiny plant not vigorous at all. Reacts well to topping to. Almost no stretch. With the same treatment as the other (topped @ w2 etc) I got like 10 thin branches with small round kindafluffy buds on them. Not-as-much trich-covered as n°1, but still shiny stuff. Very stealthy but incredibly nice smell, very floral and fruity ; smells like a flower should smell, and not like a dealer's stairwell or a candy box. Small yielder, 7,5 weeks. Get some nice blue/purplish/copper coloration during her last week. Some cuttings were on the go (4w fl) when I had to choose my keeper. Same conditions, but one-bud style ; they looked pretty much the same exept n°1 was a bit bigger and A LOT smellier. At that point with 10 days of curing, n°1 was kind of fruity, but with earty/Hashy aftertones on it. A nice complex taste, but not that powerful. Strong buzz, not really in the head, but not a creeper too. The kind of stuff that turns you into a moron (if you're not one already). n°2 was all fruit/candy, something like dragibus, but not well-defined, and a little rough on the throat. Very dense and powerful taste though. More a head high, but kinda light, active and creative, really fun. I decided to keep n°2. I don't know why. n°1 was a (way) larger yielder, stronger, with a more subtle and enjoyable taste. But I was looking for a total fruity C99 dom pheno, and I had a hunch. And my instinct is awesome. So in the end I made the right choice. Here are the (mainly) smoke reports for the 2 phenos : N°1 Flowering time : 8,5 w Visual aspect : pale green coverend by frost. Gets a little brown with the curing process Yield : who cares ??? Bag appeal : who cares ??? Smell : fruit (cantaloupe, peach, watermelon) and hash (more the morrocan type than the afghan type, ya see ?). Doesn't really evolve with the cure. Curiously not so strong. Taste (weeks of curing) : (2) Nice complex taste, a mix of fresh fruits with hash/earthy/skunky end on the exhale. Surprising and exciting combination. Very smooth. (4) Kinda the same (6 and more) Goes more and more on the earthy skunk side. But not like this side becomes stronger, more like the fruity side vanishes slowly. At 10 weeks it has become an ordinary skunk/indica hybrid. High : pretty strong stuff, with a nice balanced high. Becomes more a creeper as it cures. Keeper : yes, as an all around weed. Lacks some personality for my taste. N°2 Flowering time : 7,5 w Visual aspect : different greens, some blue, purple and rust/copper (as a living plant). Cutest and kawaiiest plant I've ever grown. Dense buds when the plant is not topped. Turns almost brown with curing (pic at the top taken @ 13w of curing). Yield : who cares ??? Bag appeal : who cares ??? Smell : fruit. And candy. And fruit. A lot of different ones. Was mistaken for Bubblegum 2 days ago. Taste (weeks of curing) : (2) ultra-pungent fruity candy, very sugary, but kinda rough, you can't really tell what you're dealing with exactly (4) The buds lose the sugary thing and get really strong exotic and floral flavours, it tastes like guava, papya, or jambolan. Strong but fresh and not sugar-like tropical fruit. Not harsh at all. (6 and more) : The same, but with a clear and strong (finally ! ) pineapple taste at the beginning of the exhale. A little of mango with that too. Stops evolving @ 3 months of cure and stabilizes in that overdelicious state. High : gets stronger with the cure, to become stronger than n°1. Very pleasant high, active but not racy, very social, great for parties, playing cards, music etc. Happy funky weed. Keeper : Hell Yeah ! I had a friend of mine try the 2 phenos. I started with n°1, telling him it was the not good one. He told me that he had never seen anything bad coming from me. I answered "I did not say it's bad, I said it's not good". He lighted the joint, and after 3 hits he told me to stop fucking around. A couple hours after that I had him taste n°2, telling him "now you're gonna get why I said the other one was not good". One hit was enough. I was looking for a cute fast fruity small plant with a sativa like high. Got it ! Thanks a lot E$ko, and congrats ! I've only had marvellous feedback from that one ! Sorry no good pics
  4. Hi. To prevent my plants from flowering, I bring them inside at nightfall, and keep them in the light until I go to bed. Works pretty well. That's how I can have a motherplant and veg the clones/seedlings a lil' bit. I already got one of the tiny ridicoulous funny one buds you're talking about :>. I tried to make a DIY cloning box, it's fine but only to root clones, and not a lot of 'em. Plans for an upgraded one are done, just need some time to build it. I've made a good deal with a friend who has a 1,2x1,2 DR & 600W HPS : I get the beans, I give them to him, he grows them under my directions. He keeps the stuff, but I have free access to the DR, can study the plants and make clones to find a keeper. And I get a bud sample of all the phenos of course. That way I can achieve selections, and grow little bushes out of the winners' clones, and he has some amazing pot to smoke. Win/win. I like that. NYCD F3 on the run very soon... Wanted to take pics as I harvested the CR today cuz' of the full moon, but it's not ready yet. So as a consolation prize, here is some pepper Greetz ES
  5. Hi. If I understand well, Selene is like Madonna, but with some Jack in it. Don't see how it could suck. I did read that Selene is more stable than Madonna, is that the result of the introduction of some Jack in the mix ? Grtz
  6. [off topic] http://www.ucatrc.fr...fiche.php?id=77 Legendary sire. Killer genetics. His seeds are available. [/off topic] Sorry, couldn't resist. I don't understand this topic. What do you mean by "legendary" ? Skunk#1 could be considered legendary as she was used to create a huge number of strains. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can consider you have her in cheeseberry haze, because of the "cheese" part that comes from the Exodus Cheese clone, which basically is a Skunk#1, and because in the "haze" part, there is some skunk#1 in the SSH, the mom of the lady cane. I find weird to read "legendary" and "legit" in the same sentence. It would be like claiming "I have the legit Excalibur". A legend is a legend. Either it doesn't exist, and never has, and you can't have it, or it's dead. Like Big Foot, or Elvis (crazy that this guy was a fake, isn't it ?). Most "legendary" strains I can think of, are strains that lost to the hype. And magic beans. If by legendary you mean an astonishingly amazing strain, you have plenty of them at Sannie's shop. 100% legit, bred by Sannie, E$ko... themselves. My 2 cents
  7. Hi ! Didn't know there were potheads in Korea ! Anyway 300g in 1 grow with 400W and the genetics you have in a DR90 is doable. https://www.opengrow.com/topic/41275-killing-fields-feminized-in-sog/ Feeding schedule is not the most complicated you can come across ! Even if you're not Sannie, it's an inspirational report for your case imho : same genetics, matching setup, cleared objective. Grtz ES
  8. New plants today : Avocados Papaya Etlingera elatior Grtz ES
  9. @randude : thx ! But with a better spot it could be even more impressive ! 4 hours of sunlight/day doesn't allow my plants to express their full potential. But I'm in search... And that's not my country, 've been living here only for about a year. @saxo : growing under the sun is the way to go here, but thieves, stealth cuz' of repression, easy money, and the rising proportion of people living in flats opened a market for indoor growing gear. I prefer using the few hours of sun that hit my home . Depending on the genetics you use, you can produce different kinds of plants. I never managed to get a hybrid plant into growth, outdoor growing is like being in a permanent 12/12 growroom. 21st june we have like 11h of sunlight, 21st dec it's about 13h1/4. Unless you use landrace genetics, your plants will get into flowering stage as soon as yout put them out. That's what happened to the 4 unknown females, they went into the pot outside just when they sprouted. Grtz
  10. Okay, so today I was taking pics of my girls, and I thought I might as well share them. We start with 4 females. Dunno what they are. I soaked 8 seeds to make them germinate, which were : - 4 seeds I made, pollinating a choc rain and 2 blue satellite 2.2 with a choc rain male - 3 seeds that were gifted to me, Super Skunk x local landrace male - 1 AK seedbag 5 of them did germinate. I planted the 4 first ones in a 6L pot, hoping for a 50/50 M/F ratio. Got 4 females. I repoted them in 3L pots. I have no idea which is what. The smallest one (on the left) has a strong berry smell, must come from a BBS 2.2. The biggest one (on the right) is veeery vigorous, it grows like crazy compared to the others, and his stems are solid as hell. Took a clone of it :>. Then we have 4 clones I just took from a motherplant a friend had to throw away for safety reasons. Dunno what it is, will ask when I see him. A couple more clones, 11 from a chocolate rain girl, and the cut of my undetermined champion. Easy to spot . I took 14 cuttings from the CR mom, 14 made roots within a week. Already gave 3 of them. I plan on keeping one as a new mother, 3 to grow some smoke, the rest will be given to fellow growers. Last plant for today, a chocolate rain girl, bondaged in a 6L pot. Don't know the strain, so I can't say if she's doing good or not. If anyone can tell me how much longer I need to flower her, any advice is welcome. And to end that first report post, some dry CR I'm smoking right now. She needs a couple more weeks cure, will make a smoke/vape report then. Grtz ES
  11. Ordered Sannie's Jack, Chucky's bride, KO Kush & Durganchitral 4 days ago. We'll see if there's something coming with'em. If no freebee..., well, good for them, they won't have to wait for months in a locker :>. If freebees... bah, I'll find them some place :>.
  12. That's what I meant by "bicompost w/ chicken manure".
  13. @saxo : thx dude. I just got some interesting material today (dirt from a false creek with a lot of humus in it, bicompst w/chicken manure, and grinded vegetal matter, like leaves, small branches, coco peat...), will try it with some CR clones that will be repoted in 2 to 3 weeks. @amw : mmmh, you just made me remember that there actually is a greenhouse nursery at the place I work at. I feel so dumb not to have thought about that earlier. Anyway they're preparing a recipe for me :>. They mainly use peat, coco, river sand, and topsoil they make themselves. As a new lead for my problem, I just spotted a nest of white flies on one of my almost ready CR. Grtz
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