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  1. Hey everyone, i hope everyones garden is going well. Pictures were taken today, I am now getting my dry and cure setup ready. Its almost time! Durganchitral, the trellis behind it is 12ft tall. another of durgan another of durgan and another durgan Purple Diesel, turning out to be pretty good. its really dense and smell of skunky, sweet skittles. Fruity Chronic Juice FCJ again The Chucky Bride sisters one half of Chucky Bride tops the other half of Chucky Bride tops chucky again a close up of CB flower a side garden shot, theres Chucky Bride, Skunk #1, Purple Erkle, GSC and a purple diesel under/in the white net. Rocky Mountain High, peeking out from the side of the big durgan. There was a tragedy in the garden about a week ago. I noticed that the sannies jack was constantly yellowing and showing loss of vigor no matter i did. I looked further and found a soft spot on the base of the trunk/stem. It turned out to be crown rot which i have never experienced before, it was so very disappointing. I ate two edible's to calm me down lol and then proceeded to chop her down. It was sad to see months of hardwork go down the drain....on a positive note the durganchitral seems to be enjoying the extra space and sunlight.
  2. Misterdirt, yea that purple diesel is not gonna be fun to trim, i think its so leafy because it started to flower early on me. I put it out late april with the Chucky bride and durganchitral (was trying to make it a giant), i run a couple flood lights for a few hours at night that time of year to prevent flowering. The Purple Diesel was the farthest away from the light and shaded by a tree so i dont think it got enough light to not flower. I thought it would come back but it never really did, but hey at least i'll have some early smoke. A family member of mine has some Purple diesel going indoor and it doesnt look leafy like mine (i'll try and get a picture posted tomorrow).
  3. Sorry i didnt get any pictures posted yesterday. I took about 15 pictures and most turned out blurry and very bad. I will take some more tomorrow before the sun comes up. Hope all is well for everyone, im going to bed its late here, night. Here's a shot of the Purple Diesel main cola forming up, its the farthest along in the garden, the rest of the rest have barely started flowering. Jack Herer finishing up, it started indoor and i brought it outside around week 5 or 6 of flowering Another Jack Herer shot The only picture that came out clear from the group of pictures i took yesterday. The bigger plants are the ones that are in the first post, there is GSC and 2 Purple Erkles. The ones in smaller pots are new, i just put them out about a week or two ago. There are (3) chucky bride #2...... (2) the white........ (2) skunk #1.......and (1) purple diesel.
  4. Hey OG'ers, how is it going? Good i hope........I've been gardening like usual...... nothing really too crazy going on. This time of year i get the rest of my yard in order so that when the "girls" start to flower hard i can dedicate all my time to them and the rest of my house/yard wont look like a mess...... I took a few clones of all the chuckys bride a few weeks ago, i put them outside in 3 gallon smart pots with some Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, i want to get an idea of how they grow just in regular form, not just tree form lol. So far i can tell, THEY GROW FAST. I have been having to clear a lot of the undergrowth from the Chuckys Brides, not sure if its lack of nutrients or just because they are so big they never get any light in the center. I have stepped up the feeding just to see if it helps. I started using Maxsea fetilizer, i have heard many good things about it. Flora Nova was costing me too much money, the ladies would just eat it up like nothing. I took some pictures of the big girls and the rest of the ladies, im uploading them now...... i hope you enjoy.
  5. Yea they are the biggest i have done. They trip me out everytime i go out and walk around them. And sorry islayhearts, no room for a tent, with the bride's as big as they are my backyard barely fits my little tent im gonna sleep in
  6. Hello everyone , I hope all is going well for everyone, I've been really busy in the garden, i am sure most of us have, its that time of year . I thought it was a good time to share the progress with everyone. My ladies have just started to switch into flower. No bud shots yet they are just starting there strech..... Its been really great weather here in central california, mid 90's, a little warm for my liking but the plants love it. The chucky bride (all three plants) have been eating through fertilizer like crazy. They are hungry b***h's! The jack herer and durganchitral seem to be satisfied with a weekly feeding, chucky bride has been demanding it every few days. I cut down some stuff i was doing light deprivation on. It turned out pretty good, i will take some bud shots in a little bit and post. Peace out everyone, i hope you enjoy the pictures.....i will take more when it cools off this evening. CHUCKY BRIDE Chucky bride stem #1 in front and #2 behind the dead tree trunk Chucky bride #3 stem Mendocino Purple DURGANCHITRAL SANNIE JACK HERER My Pest Control
  7. Thanks everyone for there kind words . Its nice to share these ladies with the community, the only people that see them are the wife, my neighbor and my buddy who helps me guard during flowering. @Rev, Thank you what is the stretch on the Chucky Bride you ran, i read somewhere on the forum that it can stretch 300%? I'm ok with big plants but I really dont want these 15ft tall. @santero, thank you ...... and the second set of pictures is better than the first that little basil just got harvested for the second time this season. I let it get about a foot and a half tall and then i cut it down to almost nothing. The wife uses it to make Pesto and other dishes, but mainly Pesto. I just planted some basil seeds in between the Sannie Jack Herer and The Durganchitral. I'm waiting for it to sprout, should be any day now. @Roodni, Thanks , they get fed various things, I am always changing it up. I mix compost in the soil during the winter and let it rain on it and water in down all winter. Then I mix blood meal and bone meal in the soil before i plant them. I also make tea's with blood meal, bone meal and molasses, probably every three days. I use GH Flora Nova once a week on top of everything else just to push them to there limit. If you have any other questions feel free to ask @fatrasta, Thank you It would be nice to force flower that sannie jack but with its size I think it would be hard. If you have any suggestions please let me know. The first frost were i live usually comes around the beginning to middle of November. We get some rain late october early november but the plants usually do ok as long as i have them supported. @greenangel, Thank you @starinhazy, Thank you All the big girls were started inside and then moved outdoors when they were about a foot and a half tall. I put them out early May and I turn floodlights on at night for about two or three hours to keep them from switching to flower. Didnt work for the Purple Diesel, it was too far away from the light. It started to flower but has now reverted back to veg.
  8. Nice ladies Archer, i like your organic fert mixture i need to try that one season.....and they are definitely gonna be some big plants when they are finished. Gonna fill up that fenced in area for sure, its gonna look really cool. Im subbed for the show.
  9. Ok here are some better pictures Chucky Bride #1 on the left and #3 on the right. the tomatoe cages that are around them are 5ft tall Chucky Bride #1 on the right and #2 on the left, it looks like one big plant but if you look closely you can see where chucky bride #2 on the left has larger and wider fan leaves. Chucky Bride #3 Sannie Jack Herer, the white panda film behind it is 6ft tall Chucky Bride #1, #2, and #3 from a ten foot ladder, mendocino purple is on the right under the lemon tree Some clones i picked up from a few different dispenseries same clones A Girl Scout Cookie cloned i picked up, i have never tried it but hear good things clone i made from various strains, some chukys bride, 3 different phenos of Durganchitral, all really good!, cherry pie and a few others i cant think of at the moment. another chucky bride shot Fruity Chronic Juice, lol i didnt name it. It was a feebie i recieved awhile ago. Its suppose to be really good, white widow x chronic. Purple Diesel that started to flower on me early, shes coming back little by little. and my dog peeking in to say hi. Its about to get real fun in another few weeks. the transition from veg to flower is one of my favorite parts, Happy growing everyone, im off to eat dinner.
  10. thanks saxo, yea its been so long that i cant even post pictures correctly , it will come back to me though.
  11. Hey everyone, its been a long time since i have posted here. im always lurking around though lol. I was out in the yard today watering and it hit me, all my big girls are sannie shop strains. So i figured i would share them with you guys and gals. Chucky bride, a bad shot. i will get better ones Chuckys Bride.... i have 3 females from a 10 pack. Two are next to eachother (3ft apart) on the right and the other is by itself on the left. Sannies Jack, 1 of 4 females i have. the others are indoor. Durganchitral Well they're all coming out sideways and it wont let me rotate them i dont know why. i will go out and take some new pictures in a little bit. Sorry for the sideways pictures. I will put up better ones by this evening. All plants were grown from clones that i've previously ran except the chuckys bride. This is my first time working with her, what i know so far is that she can get BIG, i have been bending and topping them like crazy but they are still over 5ft tall with a little less than a month left of veg.
  12. I have noticed that my seedlings look like this when i dont flush the soil well enough before planting them. Almost like there is too much salt build up in the soil or something. I dont grow in soil anymore except outside but even in my Coco indoors, i flush my coco really well a few days before planting seedlings and they seem to grow much better.
  13. WOW!!!!!! that purple killing fields is one of the nicest looking plants i have ever seen! excellent work lat33n..... AND those blueberry buds look like the main colas are well over two feet long? If you happen to have a measuring tape lying around and you get time you should measure those bad girls LOL. Seeing yours and midnights killing fields has definetly convinced me to order a few packs and go pheno hunting. Your garden/plants are really a sight to see, thank you for sharing......keep up the good, no, excellent work.
  14. These were taken on 9/11. i will update with more recent ones tonight after i take the pictures of the KO berry, didnt get around to it this morning. blueberry purple blueberry purple blueberry purple blue dream ms. universe, u can kind of see the pink pistils in this shot. ms. universe main cola ms. universe, the two i put in the flower bed (not the lawn lol) hindu x jillybean blue dream ms universe, u can kind of see the pink pistils in these pics same shot i've been taking to show the growth. lemon/larry OG blueberry purp again KO berry i really tried to get the neon pink pistils of the ms. universe in those three close up pics but the light just kept reflecting off the pistils. Its hard to see in the picture but the pistils are completely pink from tip to base.
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