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  1. Thanks for stopping by guys Yes i have not been very active with updates...sorry for that but it´s not because i have nothing to show but due to a little laziness and me getting ready to my 4 baby to come( i´ts a girl) But i think i got really lucky with this pheno.......it´s from sannies first batch (F1) First off some bud shots: And a closer look: peace tom
  2. Hey sannie. Great work as always....o boy the KF looks yummy!!! Just love those colors.... I am growing KF (F1) for the second time...she was just too good to not to ;-) which pheno do i have....this one has more sativa than the extreme potent one i got last time, and more purple/pink have a great weekend tom
  3. High good ppl of opengrow. This is my second go at sannies KF. Last time i ended up with a indica pheno...as sannie calls the extreme potent pheno....and i sure was!! This time i have a purple pheno that smells like overripe berrys......sweeeeet! Grown under 400w hps fed canna terra + carbo load, voodoo juice, mother earth tea bloom, big bud. have a great easter weekend tom
  4. tom toker

    Spring grow 09

    Strains are: Herijuana from sannie seeds Killing Fields F1 from sannie Kali Haze from white label C.C.C. from karma Funky Dwarf from karma
  5. beautuful looking plants there mate!! Look forward to see them near the end peace tom
  6. tom toker


    Unbelivable clear and well composed pictures there rainman....whats your photo setup? peace tom
  7. Thanks palm yes very potent indeed sannie ;-) a little dry shots maby... yields nice too....single plant yield 87 grams!!!!!@400whps(4 plants in total)
  8. Thanks for the kind words you guys!!! And i am really sad to inform that this plant is longe gone up in smoke.............but she did make a lot of ppl stoned on last roskilde festival ;-) Heri rules imho and thats why im doing her again this time...along with my KF f1(which is also colorful .....
  9. wow those KF look tasty man!!!! I love KF and infact i am growing a few right now for the second time!!!! viva la killing fields!!! peace tom
  10. Hi guys n girls. I just wanted to show my herijuana that i grew last spring. Just amazing how red she became in the cold attic that used to house my small growcab... She is grown in soil using canna terra nutes and a little molasses...under 400w hps. hope you like peace tom
  11. tom toker


    My sweet heri grown under 400w in soil with temps low a 5 celcius.....and i got a deicent yield too!!!! Fantastic strain imho and im growing it again
  12. Not the biggest yielder but rock hard buds with insane potency and sublime taste
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