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  1. Shackzilla is still a coffeshop strain. Some shops in Amsterdam are Sannie fans. Even Greenhouse sold Shackzilla. It´s the strongest strain I´ve grown so far. 4 hours into a overwhelming, balanced rush. Misterdirt nailed it. smile
  2. Well, they stretch. They were in small pots and I turned the clock to 12/12 after 30 days. I don´ t veg by time, 7-8 nodes is my method, From ca. 35 cm to 90 cm. Bigger pots may let them stretch even more, but this a question for poldergrower and Rhino. smile
  3. @dieseldog381Full Energy is Oldtimers Haze x Afghan. But it could be a jamaican native, when you´re looking at her. As the Manipuri it hasn´t the highest THC -levels, but a very happy, euphoric effect of long duration. It was a freebee, when I bought Old Congo. smile
  4. Manipuri (Burmese Sativa) 2 days after being cut off. One giant plant on a balcony and a subtropical, warm, dry and long Summer...look at those glittering flowers!.... and itwas a smooth&tasty smoke too.Landrace spice and a sweet, fruity aftertaste. Full Energy (The Tropical Seeds Company) Week 15-16 of 12/12 smile
  5. smilestyle

    Atomic Jam

    Atomic Jam purple pheno Atomic Jam green pheno I have written a smoke report about this NAW strain and it is part of my last grow log. My do´s and don´t s for Atomic Jam in short: -I used a 6L pot for the purple and a 11L for 2 green plants. That is minimum in soil for this strain. Bigger pots recommended. -Atomic jam is not nute sensitve, but needs not much extras. I only feeded during bloom (once in 6 days) and end of the circle (organic bloombooster). They looked happy and lost their green colors at the very end. -The buds become heavy at the last two weeks, holding moisture and resin. I had no mold or budrot on any plant, but the structure of the buds is dense enough to catch nasty things. Have an eye on your buds in the last days! - The good taste of Atomic jam is one of her quality features. Every bud tastes berry and sweet. The purple pheno is more intense than the green. None the less is the taste not as loud as others.Berry tasting weed needs a good cure to care any berry taste. Be patient, curing is a must with Atomic Jam Just my 2cents smile
  6. All those poor plants that had a hell of a childhood @Misterdirt. "Unfortunate tanning bed tragedy". This man is known to experiment with UV RAY! I turn myself ashamed away and pray for the plants, that´ll fall in his brutal hands in the future. smile
  7. Blue Shaze top smile
  8. Happy 4:20, opengrowers Blue Shaze (NAW giveaway) I´m on gardala hash since 9´´o clock in the morning....coffeine, sunshine and a half-dead city, because schools out for easter.A perfect day to let yourself go: 25C° in the shade and the ladies wear sunglasses and "better" clothes. I like april. smile
  9. Old congo is endless, I gave up at 18 weeks. smile
  10. Manipuri ( Burmese Sativa ) Malzilla from FOTH (Shackzilla x Malawi Gold) Old congo, broken limb after 15 weeks 12/12 smile
  11. Colombian Gold1972 (USC) @Mr Goodfellow The pic shows the first Malawi Gold, I´ve ever grown. It went from 4,6 to 8L. This stout stature shows more yield per Squaremeter than many others. Small pots and bound roots formed this female plant. The Colombians are also my first females of this strain. In the back of the picture you see a top. That is the smaller light green &pink pheno. The giant plant in the foreground, bent down to her knees( the "headbud"of the plant, is the lowest bud on the right side)is a purple/dark green pheno. Flowering time: Malawi Gold 14-16 weeks Colombian Gold 14-18 weeks Old congo 16-20 weeks
  12. Old Congo (Congo pointe noire x Oldtimers Haze) early bloom Afropips Malawi Gold 13 weeks flowering. smile
  13. You can see the indica genetics too: No tropical sativa landrace strain I know, would show such a bright green color with so much visible resin on the bud. That comes from indica genetics in Lemon Thai( Indica/ Sativa Hawaiin x Unknown Thai). smile
  14. Durberella is daytime weed for those, who like a soft sativa buzz. Thc is not high. You get high, but in the way, you want a second puff. Day brightener,creactivating stuff.
  15. @Mrgoodfellow There´s a smoke report of both phenos in the "smokereport" section on this wonderful page. Both phenos have a sweet taste. Both phenos are strong enough to reach all levels and the effect lasts long (2.30-3.00 hours). The purple pheno has the more intense berry taste, which is also notable in the green pheno. The buzz is for hybrid smokers. Calm Headhigh and a soft bodystone...in the end it´s a dreamy high. Small to no ceiling, no burn out. smile
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