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  1. For Painkilling, I can recommend WHite KC from KC BRAINS . Same age, same price, very good. smile
  2. All of them look nice and tasty! Brings back memories, some of the genetics are classics. The late 80s and early 90s were the wild west days of pot(growing) in europe. Clones & piracy. smile
  3. Thanks a lot for reporting, Mr Goodfellow. She´s a beauty.I´m so happy to see her in your carefull hands. Take her inside , whenevever you like to. Great. Thxs smile
  4. This is a small preview. I´ll start this grow log in some weeks, when I know , who stays and who leaves. Meanwhile, these are the strains that have already sprouted: 2 x Twighlight Princess (Sugar Punch x Blueshaze) x Boudica bred by Barrie84 2 x Kerala (The real seed company) 1 x Malzilla (Shackzilla x Malawi gold bred by FOTH) x Lemon thai ( accidental cross by me) 2 x Jamaica Blue Mountain sativa x Orange Hill sativa (Jamaica) thx to griot 2 x Chemistry ( older sannie freebee) 1x AK 47 (bagseed) 2 x Diamond Haze (pineapple pheno) x Bella ortega thx to Cannabella Seed Club the genetics of this strain are no secret but a pain in the ass to type. Super Lemon Haze x Sour Lemon Haze X Ortega indica (Dutch Passion (selection)) 1 x G13SuperSilverHaze (Selection of different Lady Cane lines from E$kob@r) thx to Cannabella Seed Club that´s all for now... but more to come. smile
  5. Bienvenue a OG, les plantes sont si jolie... smile
  6. Some long flowering sativas let their fanleaves go after a short time, no matter, what you do. I had Thai plants like that. It ´s in the genetics. Most of them have no fans a the end and most of the leaves on the sideshoots are also gone or yellow/light green. But the busy gardener want to DO something about it and begin to nurse and overdo it. Even if they need nutrients, most of them take them slow and not much. Over feeding is quickly happening and this is the worst case: Overfeeding a tropical strain. If they recover it will take a looong tiiime. The aroma is lost anyway and the weed will taste like hay. Don´t do that, listen to me and look at your garden and..trust yourself!! smile
  7. Another thing I had to learn, when I began with tropical cannabis was learning to forget,how to react and when.... and how much... should, I do anything? Over years I had grown indicas and hybrids and I thought to be fit enough to go to sativas. But I didn´t had any feelings or experience, guessing and reading was my base. Tropical sativas have some caracteristics and above all others stand: Let us grow alone! We don´t want no diapers. we need some water and if something is wrong you can read us better than others, because our Fans turn yellow. But the god news is , you have to add a SMALL dose of N or some good bloombooster and we ´ll be back in hours, fresh like a new born baby. Read the plant and react carefully, that is the whole thing with tropical strains. I allways reduce the light circle by going from 18/6 via 16/8, 14/10 to 12/12. smile
  8. No, I wouldn´t worry about purple striped stems at all and i don´t believe it´s a defency. Maybe from an adavanced octpopot growers view , who grows phantastic L.A. Cheese nuggets. I´know that many Colombians have purple phenos in their green lines. I never heard of a purple pheno of ( pure) Malawi Gold. Malawi has a typical tropical climate, with higher moisture in the air and a nearly constant warm temperature through the whole year. It´s one of the poorest countrys in the world and the famous weed is one of a few products, which bring money into the country. The balcony Golden Wedding plant at my friends place reached 2 meters (again, after her top was cut off, once) but didn´t show sex jet. It´s more, a matter of days now... She is some (3?) weeks older than yours and already lost a lot of her Fanleaves and first leaves on sideshoots. But her arms are growing strong with healthy green leaves. Showing these colors is not necessarly a defency. Many big sativas look like being through a dangerous desease, when being fully ripe: Enormous light green flowers, but no green leaf left . Even the small leaflets in the bud beginn to turn yellow, when a 16 weeker is done. I think your Golden wedding is a happy teenager with a bright future smile
  9. Don´t tell everybody: It´s an old trick.... You know perhaps these old lamps that had a big loupe in the middle.It was used by graphic students, artists, photographers a lot. The best part is the bright white light from the ring-shaped bulb around the loupe. If you make a pic through such a monster loupe, lemon thai and others get a certain glimmer. smile p.s.@MrGoodfellow: I presume, that most Golden Wedding plants finish between 16 and 18 weeks 12/12. She´ll end indoors anyway. I can´t tell you anything about low temperatures or heavy rainfall during flowering for example. I would take her indoors as soon as summer ends. Her parents liked artifical light, why shouldn´t the child? smile
  10. Lemon Thai 2 top. This pheno has a strong spicy, little lemon taste. It´looks more"indica than her lanky sister, who was chosen as a new mother. But she got pregnant too, accidently and i posess 5 Lemon Thai 2 beans now. Funny, maybe I start a sideproject: An Indica leaning lemon thai for outdoors, for example. smile
  11. I see, why you love your octopots. smile
  12. Golden wedding, unknown mostly sativa, Strawberry cream pie.
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