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  1. Oh, sorry. But looking at your seeds, I would say Amnesia Core Cut x LT is another option. They where made by hidronesia ( ..with the pollen I gave him). On opengrow is a thread called "King Hydro", where another grower shows them. Interesting to read. smile
  2. Nice to hear, that the Lemon Thai will be presented in your growroom. If I where you I would try the Sour Lemon Haze/ Lemon Thai seeds. The potency of this strain is much higher than Lemon Thai and the yield is better too. The taste is very lemon, but a little different to Lemon Thai. smile
  3. This is a mutation I found on a Majestic Lemon. The stem is splitted naturally into two small stems growing healthy leafpairs. smile
  4. Most of the plants are growing since 3 weeks now. Gelato is younger, as it is a replacement for another Gelato , which didn´t make it. They ´ll go another 3 weeks to let the Gelato get a little stronger. The guard cat is supervising me and the grow. Santa Marta Haze KC 42 Big pot: Majestic Lemon. Small pot: Gelato smile
  5. Test picture.The pictured plants are KC 42 and Santa Marta Haze.
  6. I started a new grow a few days ago. It´s a mostly feminized seeds grow. Except KC 42, all strains are fems. Kind of lazy, but after my last grow. when i was haunted by males, I didnt want to have any troubles. Santa Marta Haze (seedstockers) Amnesia Haze x Santa Marta Majestic Lemon (710 Genetics) Lemon Diesel x La Reina Madre Gelato (La semilla automatica) GSC x Sunset Sherbert KC 42 (KC Brains) New Zealands best x KC 639 regular I´ll post pics later on. smile
  7. Impressive solid nuggets. Congratulations!
  8. I have read somewhere, there are two reasons for red petioles. One, that is known by most homegrowers and a theme in every grow book: dark red elongated petioles due to bad light in combination with a shortage of nutrients. The other is enviromental. Only a part of the petiole turns red, sometimes in form of stripes. When the temperature differences between day and night are high, the up- or downsight turns red/burgundy, the rest stays green. It´s neglectable, the first reason isn´t at all. smile
  9. I like these workshop threads, where the protagonist is trying new things. Showing mistakes or reporting concerns is the chance for the reader to learn with the writer. On with the show & good luck. smile
  10. Beautiful frosty flowers. Well done!
  11. Must smell heavenly... smile
  12. The end of the grow was in january 2021. The mites were "Blutmilben" (bloodmites) and they were not many. The second plant, in the same pot, was healthy as all other plants. No lightweight strain in this grow. Choc. rain and Sour Lemon Haze were the most flavored strains, Malzilla was hazy and unique. HuckKush & SnowQueen was sweet berry skunk. Petrolia Headstash: calm and heavy indica. smile
  13. Nice projects. Specialised in rarities of boutique breeders one time batches-type of guy. smile
  14. In bigger pots, Lemon Thai stretches more. She´s a mostly sativa with an indica look. (Broad leaves,sturdy stems,much resin,smell and taste). smile
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