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  1. smilestyle

    Durberella (Durban x C99)

    Ready after 68 days 12/12. Yield: very good 8.75/10 smell: woody, sweet 8/10 Taste: unique durban taste, spicy and fruity. 8.5/10 Buzz: up high,awake. 8.5/10 Overall8.5/10 Nice daytime strain. smile Durberella top.
  2. smilestyle

    Atomic Jam

    It´s like berries from a forest. Sometimes strawberry notes. smile
  3. smilestyle

    Atomic Jam

    Atomic Jam (Blackberry Haze x Blue Hammer) NAW Smell: fruity,berry sweet 8.5/10 Yield: above average 8.25/10 Taste: berry, sweet 8.5/10 Buzz: Calm Headhigh, strong and lasts long. A pleasure. 8.5/10 Overall 8.5/10 Weed to go on parties or to stay at home. Atomic Jam fits in. smile Purple and green pheno.
  4. smilestyle

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Atomic Jam purple smile
  5. smilestyle

    Drum roll, please...

    He´s back! Nice to see you grow again. The line up is exciting. I take a seat. smile
  6. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    No, purple Atomic Jam was ready after 66 days. smile
  7. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    This grow´ll end this evening.The last remaining plants (Lemon Thai and green Atomic Jam) come down at day 72. Durberella came down at day 68, throwing out some bananas at the end. The faster flowering phenos and strains ended between day 58 and day 62. Goodbye shots of Lemon Thai and Atomic Jam. smile
  8. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    It´s a sativa dominant high: up, clear, euphoric. But it´s not overwelming. Just a nice tool to make the day brighter. smile
  9. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    It´s really nice daytime weed. smile
  10. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    Durberella has a woody,sandelwood, spicy smell. A unique sweet and spicy taste. smile
  11. This strain took 60 days to finish. Smell: earthy,mossy,lightly diesel 8.5/10 Yield: average 7.5/10 Taste: earthy in a very tasty way 8.5/10 Buzz: Bodystoned but not too heavy. Focussed headhigh. 8.5/10 Stay at home and chill weed. Bred by gregster. smile
  12. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    yes, saxo,no doubt about it. smile
  13. smilestyle

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Durberella (Durban x C99) at 65 days 12/12. smile
  14. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    Durberella 65 days flowering. smile
  15. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    Atomic Jam smells sweet,fruity and berry. smile