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  1. When I distributed the LT seeds for free ,I was hoping, that some people will repro them or use them for breeding. All that came true, without me doing anything. I ´m fine with it. smile
  2. Mutant leaves and additional bud on the LT f3 mother. smile
  3. Thanks, santero for these important facts of LT IX. There´s another line made out of Lemon Thai f3 in the United states, that is used for breeding. smile
  4. Clean,green garden tacman7, congratulations. smile
  5. Unfortunately all Lemon Thai seeds are gone. But There are enough out there to repro Lemon Thai and spread new generations further. smile
  6. The famous open grow "I-can´t- delete -my-2-last-posts" timelapse in full effect. Misterdirt is the overwhelmed victim. smile
  7. These originals from down under of mythical proportions like Mullumbimby Madness are interesting for crosses, as this hybrid is. smile
  8. A sweatty girl after a hot shower, is as good as any other..
  9. LemonSkunk in Some Super Lemon Haze Phenos is also very intense lemon. It should be Las Vegas Lemon skunk??? Wot is it?
  10. Be a gentleman and show the lady the bathroom. smile
  11. I forgot Nevils Haze x Lemon Thai and "sour lemon thai" (Sour lemon haze(F) x Lemon thai(M) smile
  12. My crosses Lemon Thai f3 Lemon Cindy f1 Very Lemon Cindy f1 Lemon Fields f1 Blue Lemon Haze x Malawi Gold f1 Lemon Thai f4 Malawi Gold x Lemon Thai f1 Other breeders work with them.. Kinghydro (Amnesia core-cut x Lemon Thai) Chuckys Bride x Lemon Cindy Blue Lemon Haze (Blueshaze x Tielse Haze (SSHcut) x (Lemon thai x C 99 x Lemon thai) Santero crosses + lemon thaIX, Good man !
  13. I dont want to end as the V. van Gogh of Lemon strains. After Lemon Thai, Laughing Buddha, SuperLemon haze, Lemon Fields and Sour Lemon haze my nose and tongue are well prepared for extreme sports buds. Growing other strains side by side to the lemon corner is funny:the odor of flowering lemon strains stinks up your area. the others have to be isolated to get a real impression of their smell. smile
  14. The LS looks more tropical Sativa to me then LT. A cross of them may forfill your dream of a paranoia high. smile
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