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  1. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    Atomic Jam, Orange Fruity Pebbles x Pure GooeyxChocolate Diesel and Durberella (Durban x C99).
  2. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    Sour Lemon Haze female.
  3. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    New Lemon Thai mother plant.
  4. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    Lemon Thai IX male
  5. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Manipuri(Burmese Sativa), two days after chop. smile
  6. smilestyle

    Short winter grow

    I changed my plans for this grow. No landrace sativas this time, The longest flowering time is 12 weeks, the shortest 9 weeks. I have tried to germinate some old Lemon Thai seeds, but I failed. Now it´s SANs Lemon Thai IX only... to make some new LT seeds and 2 crosses. The show contains the following strains: Male: Lemon Thai IX Female: 2 Lemon Thai IX 3 Atomic Jam (NAW) 1 Sour Lemon Haze (CSC) 2 Durberellas (Durban x C99) F3 2 Orange Fruity Pebbles x ( Pure Gooey x Chocolate Diesel) They´ve just shown sex. I ´ll show pics in a week or so. smile
  7. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    The tropical summer this year was a pleasure to the Manipuri girl. She´ll come down in a couple of weeks, then I´ll continue... smile
  8. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Manipuri on the balcony.
  9. smilestyle

    Reintroducing myself....

    Welcome back, boobiroo! smile
  10. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    A little update from the balcony: The only remaining plant is a "Manipuri", burmese sativa , all other plants were male. She has flowers all over the plant just starting to build up...and a very ineresting smell! smile
  11. smilestyle

    Looking for lemons

    @santero the "Golden Wedding" cross is a wet dream for tropical sativa guys. Colombian Gold 72 x Malawi Gold promises a high class sativa high of long duration. smile
  12. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Some more pics from the balcony: Bagseed Sativas (probably Amnesia and AK47). They were planted later then the other plants. Manipuri. Burmese landrace. Malawi Gold "Golden Wedding" (Colombian Gold 72 x Malawi Gold) Strawberry Creampie was a male and is gone. smile
  13. smilestyle

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Malawi Gold (afropips)
  14. smilestyle

    Newbie here