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  1. In bigger pots, Lemon Thai stretches more. She´s a mostly sativa with an indica look. (Broad leaves,sturdy stems,much resin,smell and taste). smile
  2. smilestyle

    Unsafe Website!

    Is that a real problem?
  3. The plan is to kill them. The problem is another plant in the pot. This plant will be treated too. I bought a product for fruits and vegetables. I´m hoping for the best. Spidermites are not new to me. But `I was happy,never having them on my plants. The funny thing ,it´s only one plant and she ´ll be ripe soon. Thank you for asking. smile
  4. After 16 years of growing indoors, I have a plant with spidermites. I took it like a man. Me and my security cat had a short discussion. He wasn´t that angry. He can´t catch them, I can´t isolate the plant. Wonderful. On the other hand, after reading about all these mites in other grows.... Tomorrow I go to war Smile
  5. I have the same problem and I´m very happy with it. smile
  6. Dear shoeless, it was only a joke. My first thought was, how did he do this? But than I looked at the stems, and I had an inspiration, how you did this.The Grafitti pictured above, was made by a friend of mine and me and a bunch of kids at a grammar school. I earn money, with stuff like that. I´m still a great fan of comics and adore great artwork. The second thought was how does the form of your phantastic plant look like - minus the stems. The way from there to Marge Simpson was very short. Much respect smile ...and it´s still a great name for a strain...
  7. Great pic, shoeless. Buds on sticks. Not knowing, what I see, I would say it looks like an old wig of Marge Simpson. smile
  8. In my opinion Amnesia Haze is one of the best strains worldwide and one highlight is the taste. If it´s true that the taste is richer on soil-grown weed, I would stay on soil for a better product. I know, that my own weed tastes more intensive, than most of the weed I buy. That´s true for weed from the coffeshops and from " the street". smile
  9. Yes, me, my cat and the anonymous mass of lurkers want to know it too. smile
  10. Thanks for this advice , I´ll try it for shure after this annus horribiles - first covid 19 and then someone put a spell on me, a male growing spell, I didn´t know, that spells can be that special. Yesterday, I tied down the Petrolia Headstash, she´s taller and gaining height faster than Blue Lemon Haze. smile
  11. Tomorrow,the 7th week 12/12 is over. Today the Durban Thai Highflyer showed that he´s a boy. Without knowing this strain by lungs and brain, I don´t keep him. The last unsexed plant is Chocolate trip bx from SAN It´s the third time that I try to get a female of this strain, all I can say is: Chocolate trip bx males are good looking and smelling. The siblings of the last CTbx had shown their sex days ago, so there is hope... Petrolia Headstash has wide internodes for a 100% afghani. But I know that they have strains there, which can grow large. It depends on the region and the environment. Very strong stems and broad rounded leaves making her a looker. Blue Lemon Haze is half of the size of the Petrolia Head stash. She´s light green, Hybrid leaves tending to the sativaside and strong, short sidestems. The rest of the grow gives of a potpouri of odor. Chocolate Rain is clearly on the chocolate spectrum. Huck´kush x Snow Queen, has an intense sweet and fruity smell " with a touch of berry" as a friend of mine said. Sour lemon haze is the "Dank" strain: big,heavy,sticky , sour/lemon/pineapple smelling buds- wonderful! ... and only two more weeks for the Sour lemon Haze -10 days before Xmass, she´ll be ripe. The timing is good this time. smile
  12. Malzilla top at 47 days 12/12. Shackzilla x Malawi Gold or vice versa; bred by F.O.T.H. smile
  13. Malzilla top, 47 days 12/12.
  14. Congratulations. That is a really fine strain. Is it the f2 sold on seedheaven? smile
  15. Yeah, you´re right, F.O.T.H. Thanks for the link with the cal/mag. I´ll study that problem. smile
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