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  1. A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Thanks Damar. I think gardeners plants are looking very good. He knows how to grow weed, no question. I see a lot of passion, love and work on his pics. I grow on soil like him, but I top plants rarely. You know that I grow landraces. I bend and break to keep them in the room. The worst scenario was Dr. Grinspoon. Two of them ended at 225 cm while the light was at 175 cm. Great strain, but not so easy to grow. smile
  2. A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Did you grow bonsais first and than changed to cannabis? Me too, I bend and break, but I learned, that the combination of strain, timing and LST plays a keyrole.For example. I´ve grown Choc. Rain and Ice. Choc. Rain don´t like nutes much, but is easy to grow in all other ways. Her branches are growing slow, steady and floppy. I would veg her longer than Ice before topping her. Ice is a robust strain. I´ve grown her in 2004 or 5. Likes additional food, strong woody sidebranches, enough space between the flowers for a good airflow. I would always watch out for mold though. This is a 90s strain from NL. Nirvana sells a lot seeds to commercial croppers and Ice is one of their very few strains that even one prices. Topping Ice would be no problem. But Ice stopps growing, when flowered. I would treat her early ( after the 5th node, as you mentioned) and let her veg for another 4-5 weeks. " White" strains are great if you want to have strong and much weed, that weighs a lot. Ice has the advantage that you stay awake, but I would use it in the evening. The disadvantage is the "no taste" problem. It´s a light smoke, very potent , but nothing special in the taste department. I´ve grown Choc rain reg. from esko and an f2 made by others. The exeptional taste and warm, friendly rush, making her an all time favorite. I wouldn´t top sidebranches of choc. rain. The buds are so perfect as they grow naturally, that too much snipping would decrease yield. just my 2 cents smile
  3. Looking for lemons

    T.O.O. used big pots. I would recommend that. It increases the yield. I´ve grown LT in small and in big pots. Even in a small space I´would prefer big pots and big plants. Bending and breaking would be my first choice grow method, running her again. Lt has strong woody stems. smile
  4. Looking for lemons

    My Lemon Thai repro, grown by The Organic Obsession. smile
  5. Swamp Grow 3

    I want a fez and a moustache on the Turkish Maury, please. smile
  6. My New Mission Quest and an S.O.S

    Oh, I said to myself: Self, don´t be rude to gardenartus. Nice person, old member. Luckily I´m not a native speaker, I miss a lot of undertones, that others may hear. Remember your own first post. Normally you lurk around and than you decide to sign in and after a while you post "for the very first time" . I took it seriously and even posted personal stuff. Mike did the same. As a "pro", he deals with problems, most of us don´t deal with. I remember, a lot of discussions during the nineties/early2000s about growing and trimming methods. Many people tried to make money and used to bring up sophisticated, advanced techniques to the public..... and you never heard of them again. Example? Rotating grow systems around one or two lights. Anounced as THE revolutionary step forward and promoted heavily, it´s a niche product in 2018. Prohibitional national laws / state decisions are cannabis related politics and have their place at opengrow. Following this complicated matter in a foreign language and in a country, which is not mine and faraway is absurd and fun, normally.There´s a small chance that american politicians are even more nuts than europeans. smile
  7. My New Mission Quest and an S.O.S

    Welcome to opengrow, Mike. I have never seen an automatic trimming system, that worked on long distance. The " good" ones left the market and those who stayed, don´t show nice buds at the end or worked for one season . Good luck with your hunt! I didn´t know the name Jeff Sessions. Living in Europe , I couldn´t care less, honestly. smile
  8. Looking for lemons

    @Sunnyvale The Malawi Gold, I ´ve grown came from old afropips seedstock. I reproduced them and made some crosses, I still have to explore. Malawi Gold is legendary, afropips version is the real thing regarding flowering time, yield, taste,growth and effects. World Class sativa, easy to grow,stays small due to short internodes and has definitly big flowers. The taste varies from tangerine to landrace spice. Malawi Gold x Lemon Thai has a light spicy lemon taste. smile
  9. Looking for lemons

    I use Lemon Thai for the lemon taste, because it´s a very loud aroma. Lemon Thai itself has a strong,speedy uphigh. It´s not only the taste, making her a good breeding part. smile
  10. Looking for lemons

    The Mother of Malawi Gold x Lemon Thai and Lemon Tai F3 Don´t forget to share your own Lemon Thai and Lemon Cindy and other lemon adventures with us.... smile
  11. Critical Sour Diesel

    Critical x Sour Diesel Smell: It only smells,when it´s warm. Warm like your skin is enough, Sour Diesel, with afghan undertones smell. 8.5/10 Taste: good ol´ sour diesel. I like it... I want more,yes 8.6/10 Effect: Sour Diesel dominant , softened and calmed by Critical. Strong high of long duration.(3 hours) 8.7/10 Overall 8.6/10 Sativa dominant herb for the all-around smoker. The taste is fine & delicious. smile
  12. Cannarie's Trees

    It´s very common to have one plant out of many of the same strain, to react funny. I had that several times .Sometimes one plant reacted "sensitive" to nutes, or, one plant yellowed rapidly, being VERY hungry. To be honest, even a child could handle the situation. Giving some more nutes in one case and reducing nutes in the other is not THAT difficult. Reading your plants well is helping a lot. smile
  13. Ghetto grow 2018

    Another man tempted by SANs crosses.Nice, to see that... smile
  14. yurty

    Welcome to opengrow,Cannarie. I like the bird. smile
  15. Looking for lemons

    Pregnant Lemon Thai F3. Mother of Lemon Thai F4 and Very Lemon Cindy