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  1. I´ll continue later .... still growing....picture follows
  2. Beautiful plants, baqualin. I love the way plants grow in octopots. Seems to be a nearly perfect method to grow like wonderboy. I attached some pics of DJ shorts F13, where you can see typical blueberry growth. (Twisted leaves,white stripes, purple stems and petioles.) smile
  3. @lumatekfan Nevils Haze behaves like a 100%sativa strain. Same stretch, same growth. If you have height issues, you should go directly 12/12.
  4. Lemon Thai Flowers around day 50 12/12. Colombian gold72 flowertip Nevils Haze (Mr. Nice) smile
  5. You look at the progress of 11 days, with much sunshine. From top to bottom: - Golden wedding. -Strawberry Cream Pie -Strawberry Cream Pie -Unknown Autos
  6. No she grows very tall, if you let her. I took two bamboosticks and put them near the base of the plant. I broke the mainstem at 1,10 m. All upcoming sprouts were bound and fixed around a vertivcal bamboostick, The canopy stayed around 140cm and I had no problem. smile
  7. I vegged them for 30 days. smile
  8. Guavi (Ace seeds) Colombian Gold 72 in full effect. Blueberry Sativa (Eskobar) smile
  9. "Golden Wedding" male, outdoors 2018
  10. @JetDroIt wasn´t one cola , but fat sticky nuggets along the hole plant, a bit more loose than Shackzilla itself. Here´s another pic of Malzilla in the Foreground on the right some weeks earlier. The other one is a Silverfields f2 . Malzilla is 125 cm long andSilverfields 105 cm. smile
  11. Malzilla (Shackzilla x Malawi gold) bred by FOTH smile
  12. @Justcozz Jamaican Grape is a Canadian Classic. Grapefruit Indica in there, is an anchestor of the later Grapefruit strains.Stretch is 3x to 4x, very good in small pots, SOGstyle. Super delicious taste ( grape, but not so loud),headhigh ( 2-2,5 hours) light bodystoned, no ceiling, light burnout, when overdosing. Old congo is very Sativa in every aspect. I cut her down early at 14 weeks, but she shure could go 18 weeks. Oldtimers Haze x Congo pointe noire. Go to the website of The Tropical Seed Company to get more infos. smile
  13. "Golden Wedding" is now listed in the freebee-section It`s an F1 of Colombian Gold 1972(USC) (f) x Malawi Gold ( afropips version). They were positiv germ tested and one plant is growing outdoors right now. Flowers of this cross should be treated with respect. The effects are strong, longlasting and unusual. smilestyle
  14. Jamaican Grape (Jamaican Sativa x Grapefruit Indica (Secret Valley Seeds) Old Congo smile ( ... aah,... memories..)
  15. Old Congo bud above, a Colombian Gold teenager underneath... smile
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