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  1. Welcome back to opengrow. It´s still the sleepy village you used to know.
  2. Buy those sticky cards against insects. They won´t kill the laveas, but the adults. I had a massive problem with fungus gnats. Their laveas eat roots. The gnats were everywhere. I had to interrupt the grow. I´ve thrown away the infected potting soil and put the sticky cards in every lasting container. A few weeks later the problem was solved. You have to interrupt their lifecircle consequently. Good luck, Toker. smile
  3. Is it a purple pheno or grown outdoors? Greenhouse? Beautiful picture!
  4. The last picture with the nearly black leaves is impressing. I like the slo-mo-grow. smile
  5. Some beautiful flowers, there, Tread. smile
  6. Healthy garden, nice view!
  7. Some village voices are whispering through the last hours of the year. Happy New Year, opengrow.
  8. smilestyle

    Pic test

    Very rare phenotype. Wanted by many, but still unknown. smile
  9. I´m still lurking and posting. I´m not paranoid. That "ByBy" Titel In this section should be renamed. Moderators welcome. smile
  10. smilestyle


    It´s better to cross the offspring of your mother with a male plant. Why ? the genetic diversity is much bigger. From that point, you´re able to select in any direction (yield, flavour, flowering time) It´still a guessing game, but it makes more sense. More work, more surprises, more fun smile
  11. You are right and we had discussed that topic, entre nous. Only humor helps. Adsurb,absurd german cannabis politics: - The official group. German companies cooperating with foreign companies to produce medical weed in germany. For pharmacies. For patients. NO patient has the right, to grow his/her own weed, even if he/she is an official patient. The price is very high. It´s a good deal, for the involved companies, for the pharmacies, for the state (taxes). But, there is still a "small" problem. Ill people don´t have much money. You have to be serious ill, to get a prescription.Statutory health insurance pays for it.If you´re halfdead, because your pain is killing you since years and the other prescripted pills didn´t help. You have to find a " marihuana friendly" physician. No big deal in a big city.....but in small villages...nearly impossible. - Rich people. They "buy" the physician. Problem solved. - " dangerous homegrower". Return to santeros post. smilestyle
  12. I don´t think so. As far as I know, it will be an experiment. More like the dispensaries in some states. You can enter at the age of 21. There will be an " evaluation programm". It´s not bad at all. Thank you, "Deutscher Hanfverband".(Biggest german cannabis lobby) But it has nothing to do, with growing your own meds and tokes. If the evaluation, doesn´t show the "wished" results, it could be turned back in a minute. It´s one step forward. Growing your own is and will be illegal. smilestyle Luxembourg has changed to " 5 plants per address".
  13. Sativa leaning pheno of KC42.Young buds.
  14. KC 42 Indica leaning pheno. Topbud of the same plant.
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