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  1. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Some more pics from the balcony: Bagseed Sativas (probably Amnesia and AK47). They were planted later then the other plants. Manipuri. Burmese landrace. Malawi Gold "Golden Wedding" (Colombian Gold 72 x Malawi Gold) Strawberry Creampie was a male and is gone. smile
  2. smilestyle

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Malawi Gold (afropips)
  3. smilestyle

    Newbie here

  4. smilestyle

    "Crazy" Crystal Haze

    Crystal Haze is a strong Haze with a woody, incence flavor. A smooth smoke with an oldschool taste, long lasting and no burnout. Taste:8.5/10 Smell: 8/10 Buzz: 8.75/10 For Sativa/Haze lovers, it´s a perfect choice. smile
  5. smilestyle

    Sour Lemon Haze

    Sour Lemon Haze strikes in the taste department. It´s á very strong smoke too and a good yielder. I can recommend it to anybody, looking for a strong lemon tasting strain. smile
  6. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Some more plants from the balcony.... Manipuri, burmese sativa (The Real Seed Company) Bagseed, probably Amnesia...in the background probably AK47 . The other plants have grown big during last week. I´ll show pics later. smile
  7. smilestyle

    Looking for lemons

    Lemon Thai f3 @Mr Goodfellow My next Grow will include some Lemon Thai from different sources and different generations of Lemon Thai to held the genepool as big as possible. Beside I see some "Golden Wedding"(Colombian Gold 72 x Malawi Gold), Kerala (South Indian Sativa), Atomic Jam (NAW Seeds), Mango Thai, and others... smile
  8. smilestyle

    King Hydro(hidronesia)

    Nice one. Hidro and me made a good decision to bring them together. smile
  9. smilestyle

    Great White Shark

    Great White Shark Skunk/Widdow Hybrid Looks / Bagappeal : It looks like it should be. Big dark green spearshaped Buds. 8.5/10 Smell: Sweet Forrest 8/10 Taste: Sweet indica 8/10 Effects. Calm and relaxed waves through body and mind. Little to no burnout. Very strong. 8.5/10 Overall: 8.5/10 Good strain for the evening at home. smile
  10. smilestyle

    Looking for lemons

    yes, this thread lives through the posts of you all.... @StankyDank30 Feel free to post pics of these crosses. It´s a "lemon thai &hybrids" - thread after all. smile
  11. smilestyle

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

  12. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Yes,the seeds are from me and I made the CG x MG cross. My Colombian Gold or Malawi Gold cured like other buds (in paperbags in my case)are drying faster but held their aroma and taste. I think he climate caracter play a big role for the quality of the cured bud. Malawi Gold "Cobs" , the traditional way to cure ganja inMalawi, is another interesting way to keep things fresh. There´s a thread on opengrow,with an enthusiastic member mimicing the whole bananaleaf way. smile
  13. smilestyle

    Looking for lemons

    My SilverFields x Lemon Thai (Lemon Fields) tasted spicy and hazy from the SSH in Silver Fields... ...and Lemon/Grape from Lemon Thai. Good yielding,exclusive buzz & taste...very strong..but no unwanted side effects. Just a bit dizzy next morning... coffein helps. Recommended. smile
  14. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    @Mr Goodfellow That cross is new and you look at the first plant -ever- grown out of these seeds . It´s also the first Malawi Gold from fresh seeds. smile
  15. smilestyle

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Hi opengrowers, the pics are taken at the balcony of a friend of mine. On the left is a Malawi Gold repro, On the right "Golden Wedding" (Colombian Gold x Malawi Gold) and below a "Strawberry Cream Pie" by the Cannabella Seed Club.