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  1. Hi, this is a sleeping lemon. No , it´s me. I ´m looking for testers. Pleae PM me smilestyle
  2. Welcome to opengrow. I saw some introductions here. From " Just Sprouted " to " Grow Teacher " in two posts is rare. smile
  3. It seems that you ´live in great harmony with your environment. In my hps world a critter, a fly, a mite is connected to danger and immediate flexible defending.Every summer I got visitors: bees, butterflies, ladybugs, grashoppers, spiders,wasps. They are all... not really welcome... there and I don´t fuck with them. But the small ones are enemies. You let them do their thing and they show you how silly one human being can be. In the end they eat your plants and you smoke the crap from your dealer. smile
  4. The small guy on the last pic, I know from another forum, I guess. smile
  5. So, it´s the very last grow report from you? That´sad. I hope you change a lot in your grow room. It´s the best chance to see more "last" reports from you. smile
  6. Yes. Limonene is the most common terpene in cannabis (landraces) overall. With a widespread variaton. Lemon Thai is one of the strongest tasting strains I know. It varies from intense lemon only,.over grapfruit to sweet morrocan hash dipped in lemon juice. As far as I remember was the lemonThai f2 by fusion NOT described as "speedy" , but very useful for musicians and artist as it turns on your creativity. smile
  7. I had friend starting to grow indoors. She had token me as her councellor, knowing that Iwas growing for years. Once she asked me about defoliation. I told her in short the pros and cons...and to leave enough fanleaves on the plant. She heard me, but didn´t understand. The next time, she showed me her garden, ALL fanleaves and bigger leaves were gone. The plants looked unhappy and I wasn´t shure, wether they would recover. They did, but it took some weeks and yield was small. I told her to use bigger pots, for bigger buds. But year after year, she used small pots. I told her, how important circeling air is.... not for my friend, complaining about bugs and diseases. Cannabis councelling is bitter, sometimes. smile
  8. @Misterdirt I wouldn´t say that. Although I can´t wait to harvest, everytime I start a new grow. When I bought LT, the long flowering time was a minus and I was thinking of Lemonberry instead. None of the LT I´ve grown went longer than 12 weeks. If you want a crazy, speedy, sweating,paranoid trip, cut LT at 10+weeks and you´ll get it. The taste is there, but after1: 30 hours your journey is over. Short,strong and lemon.If you do the same with most other strains you may have a hangover, but LT fades out and that´s it. smile
  9. Shit happens indeed. It´s probably more fun to live with a possible accident type of guy, than to be alone. You two laugh a lot , I suppose. smile
  10. She´s a foxy hairy one with pink/purple calyxes A different structure than my LT f3. At the end most of the leaves were yellow & dry. Easy to pull, a pain in the ass to trim. smile
  11. A problem to have... Funny, Lemon Thai f3 seems to have a shorter flowering time than Fusion Lemon Thai f2 (Flowering:11 to 13 weeks) smile
  12. Lemon Thai f3 crossed by me and SANs LemonThai IX.They look like s isters . Sorry for hijacking
  13. It looks ripe to me.At which week are you now? smile
  14. I don´t know. I have never seen it on Lemon Thai. Bud rot comes from inside out. Maybe it´s another fungus or corvid 19. Hopefully not. smile
  15. Your Lemon Thai looks great. If the smell is so strong lemon,the smoke should be too. You once raved about the Love Potion strain. This should be equal. smile
  16. The Motherplant of this cross had mutant leaves and additional buds on some sites. smile
  17. The "crazy leaf" pheno is new to me and I never had the micronutrient problem. But I had a Nitrogen defiency in my first grow. In my later Lemon Thai grows, I started earlier with "bloom" nutrients to avoid that and it worked. The leaves turned yellow either but slower and later. All your plants are looking healthy. Good luck with your "mess". smile
  18. @baqualin The first pic is in for "bud of the month". smile
  19. Lemon Thai allways shows some variation and many phenotypes. From stretched Sativas to mostly Indica types. , But the high is allways there, only the taste varies. You´re right, the tall ones are often males. smile
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