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  1. > Sorry Betatester, didn't mean to offend, just thought I was missing something important, I smoke enough weed that that happens from time to time. Wow, hard luck on your grows, sorry to hear that, it's SOOOOO frustrating when a grow craps out and you can't figure out WWWHHHHYYYY from experience I can tell you that soil and nutes are maybe 10% of your results, the other 90% are hard work, attention to detail, knowledge, skill, and last but not least, good genetics. Allow me to disagree genetics is 80% for me. Evenm if you have the best growing conditions, myco tabs, suepr good water and ferts, PH, RH,EC, if you grow a bad seed your pot will be WEAK. And this is the worst that can happen to yo9u, believe me. A Big Healthy plant with close to NONE thc in it... this is the worst man, believe me! genetics is 80% for me. so 15 % is left knowledge and 5% for some luck - just - look at my first grows in my signature - 75 grams dry from one plant. LOTS of important factors neglected. anywayz back on topic i wont buy this COCO coz i dont know anything about coco growin. Just recieved some 20 gramms of dryed and cured uberkush from a friend to get me through the hard times so i have time for experiments again OK so i decided to will buy 75 liters of my own current soilessmix, 50 liters of canna aterra pro (no plus) and 50 litres of plagron light mix. and i will run them in different pots just like some dude showed in a pic. No nutes the veg weeks, only roots stimulant perhaps. Than slight doses on nutes after third week of lfowering. ntil then pure PH-controlled tap water. let me tell you - after some research i am kind of -sure- that my spoilless mix from Greece will be on par with the expensive ones from Holland etc. Yesterday i smoked Sugar Punch grown in the same soilless mix, only 58 days in stead of 9. 10 weeks and it was all purple and sweet and strong... this soils is super. this means the culprit was my High PH and not the soil But i will do a test sort of I still have some bag beans and s1 and sts's, so i will experiment with them. ( Dont want to waste good Sannie beans )
  3. well, I don't know to be honest?! i Still havbe the soilless and it;s my current growing medium. A little background: last grow I - Scrubbed due to mites last grow II - went BAD - PH Lockout - 3 gramms of dry bud after 6 weeks of flowering - waste of time and resources I got fed up with problems - aquired back my PH meter and then i started wondering... what else can be the culprit of my problems: -My tap water is ph 8.1 and soilless is best fed at ph 6.0 (some one told me here on the forum) I think correcting the PH will solve my problems along with a longer vegetation. But i have already flipped the switch and im too lazy to re veg. so for my NEXT grow i will use seeds from sannie and they will cost me money (now im using s1 and STS's) and i wanted to have a commercial brand MADE EXPLICITLY FOR GROWING POT! so i can take out al the wondering out of the equasion..... this canna terra pro stuff sounds just like this i wanted some one to tell me" dude, use THIS soil, its super." I have already grown super pot in this same soiless, also my friend who uses it for other stuff (not pot) swears by it so i think its good so in two words i think my current soilless mis is just as doog, as long as i: -DON'T over fert (it has nutes for 4 weeks) -DON'T over water -and as long as i dont veg for too little I think the culprit that i was trying to use too young plants (no internoding leafs yet) for flowering..... rhis was my main problem, and also too low ver time, too low humidity and over fert
  4. they have this but not canna terra pro plus only pro
  5. OK found it... i just got lucky its in a shop newly opened - 30 minute drive from my home 12 euros for 50 liters, but i grow only a few plants so it doesnt matter my next grow will be sannies gear in this soil! yes wish me luck! and also recomend me some strong indica from Sannie's current catalog? I love the uber the most so far but it got cancelled/suspended due to issues with self-pollination i have tried Heri x Big White, Chocolate Berry, KO Kush F3 and F4, Herijuana, Killing Fields, Sugar Punch and Uberkush. For me the best is the uber, hands down; KO can't even hang in there and compete... I like the bag appeal of the jerijuana the most - its super pretty, but delivers kind of low yields Please give me a hint on what to order next i have like ~50 - maximum 100 euros for seeds, i need them to be feminised so only FEM suggestions apply. EDIT:i dound a mad scientist and some new kush i will buy. both fem i will make a grow journal
  6. I can buy only ATAMI or PLAGRON brands. I have had terrible expirience in the past with plagron royality mix - OVER FERT from the slow releasing nutes in it. I did as directed on the package - heavy initial flushing - no nutes added - "easy to grow mx for begginers with enough nutes for 6 weeks" "it takes care of the plants it self bla bla" - i will never buy ROYALITY mix again its bulls**t for me. this time i want to buy a neutral medium thats will be acustomed to my set of nutes i dont want to rely on slow releasing nutes. i want a LIGHT mix. on a side note do you think my current soil is good enough? its priced at less than half of the plagron s price for 70 liters but i will buy better if needed its pete mixture (black and blonde) and perlite and i usually ad a bit more perlite
  7. it turned out that my current soil is soilless (pete moss bla bla) and i guess its better to buy some product that is 100% good for my next grow operation, i'm not growing many plants - 3-4 ant it won't be super expensive ATAMI JANECO LIGHT MIX or PLAGRON LIGHT MIX i will use mineral nutes after 3rd week of flowering if everything is OK i am having problems with my current soil and i decided to buy some nce brand also my water s ph seemed kind of high - 7.9 so i lower it now a bit but i plan to buy some femmed sannie seeds ( i used s1's until now) and i have a slight upgrade in my grow cabinet so i plan to: 1.clean my room 2.install new equipment 3.buy good soil, seeds 4. veg for at least a month or when i see internoding branches 5. flower and be careful with mineral nutes 6. make diary in order to track problems (if any) early do you have more suggestions? i hope i wont run into any issues this is why i decided to choose some light mix soil my local shops sell plagron and atami soils
  8. I usually veg until i see internoding branches, no matter sativa or indica. I love indicas and grow mostly indica plants most of the time. I read about an experiment with lots of smaller plants straight to 12/12 and decided to test it, as an emergency grow so to say. i havent payed money for those seeds and i wont feel to bad it if is a waste of time, but my next grow will be with more watts/lumens and real sannie gear (femmed) so i will veg for at least a month, for abntter harvest, better root system, les stress - internoding branches is a good general idea of when its ready for the switch. so no space will be left for mistakes
  9. here is a pic i have lots of males i think at least 3 - 4 more not 100% confirmed yet, removed two already. those are all ko kush x uber or uber s1's so i need to water with 6.0 PH'd water, is that correct? (sorry for me being so demanding, this run off thing gotme super ocnfused for a minute there) i must a big thanks to all who read and replied to my (crappily written) thread!
  10. betatestera

    Random bud shots

    random pictures of buds, i have bought/ smoked/ grown
  11. i can aquire PH down easily with almost no money involved. so this soil is like the royal;ity mix from plagron in terms of flushing. on the plagron bag it says FLUSH heavyly before first use - so i must flush my own soil with ph 6.0 and be happy? Do you mean that I am supposed to correct the tap water i'm using - from 7.9 with PH Down until it has reached 6.0? -Then i use it to water my plants. Also Do i need to test the run off? on a side note - I made some ISO hash oil from leafs i had left over - and i feel lkind of better now. i have used this same soil with terrific results before.. but i didnt over feed back then, and back then my tap water was @ PH 7.0 also i have it already running so no much space for correcting mistakes - i will post pics from my new operation soon i also have a new 600W HPS but i didnt turn it on yet, as i have only one confirmed female @ flowering week 3 and i wont waste watts for 1 plant. can some1 please enlighten me on wheater this statement is true (found on another forum 0- i think i t was thcf) is this true for soil grows? i guess not but please confirm
  12. I know about organic growing - its my favorite but i no longer have asscess to sub cool s super soil mix, nor do i have any means of buing all the ingredients that's in it and mixing it up. its a pain in the ass in my region to get epson salts, domolite lime, even the nomral shits i must buy them from a BONSAI shop online, very expensive bufer tablets i have never used anyways ----i am talking about a COMPLETELY NEW GROW---- -Same soil (cheap) -No ferts wil be added this time for 4, 5 even 6 weeks to keep from OVER ferting. Please some one knowledgable answer to my 3 simple quiestions because my last two crops were devastated i must survive with what i currently have and it is this soil 5.5 ph - 6.5 ph with nutritients for 4 weeks tap water = 7.9+ ph what do i do? do i need to adjust the tap water to 6.3 - 6.8 before watering? or do i leave it at 7.9 (isnt it too high)?
  13. ok i scrubbed this grow i don't want PH lock out again with my current setup and i have two quick questions I finally got my PH meter back, calibrated it with buffr solutions. Now i have to know how to proceed from now on: Without any intervention my tap water s PH seems kind of high - almost 8 - 7.9 PH (it used to be below 7 before) (i let it sit there for at least 12 hours, room temperature) If i put a few drops of lemon juice the water can be regulated (ph corrected) to lets say something between 6.3 - 6.8 PH. I measured the run off water as well from an empty pot, filled with the potting soil im using, with EXTRA perlite added by me. So put simply My tap water is PH 7.9. If i water my pot wit this water, the run off is PH 6.8 If i lower the PH of the watering water to 6.8, the runoff was 5.5. The soil itself if buffered at 5.5 - 6.5 PH My questions are: What is the best water PH for watering in soil grows - from 6.3 - up to 6.8, is this correct? Is the run off so important? Which one should i target - to have run off at specific PH, or to have the watering water at a specific range. I rad this in another forum WTH ....is this true? If it is true it means i need NOT to adjust my high PH (ph 7.9) tap water , because my run off is "OK" i am super confused and im mad coz i aint got nothing to smoke on grrr -Sorry no ECC meter - too expensive in my area - almost $80.-
  14. i think i overfed them, but the funny thing is i have used the same combination of soil / mineral ferts before, with terrific results. i might have overdone things a tad bit this time though. gotta buy the meters again i guess, i gifted mine ... the more funny thing is that i suffered from the same in my first ever grow attempt i used Plagron ROYALITY MIX soil (with ferts in, lasting sor 6 weeks supposedly) it and it burned the heck out of my plant.
  15. hmm i looked it up i think i may have overwatered I think the lock out occured by over watering, almost 100% positive on this, because i found som white fungus on the top layer of the soil - this comfirms my assumption of too much watering. Im hapy, thanks guys! I also spotted some white crap on the top layer of he soil, removed it. i once read a rul of a thumb "never water a wet pot" I was away for a few days and i was paranoid they might suffer from lackof water and i watered them good, eventhough pots were not still dry I will wait until the next watering, so the top of the soil gets dry Thanks!
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