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  1. Stars..... See y'all around...I'll be offline for a bit. Nothing bad just taking a break..... Peace...wpw
  2. Fuji Fine Pix S700...... I got this one when my 4800 was eating batteries..... peace...wpw
  3. The next grow I'll do will be more than likely... Tomatoes - Sweetooth Okra - Northern Lights Cucumber - B-52 Squash - Dementia Peppers - Hellfire Blueberrys - BBI Grapefruit - SPG For now it is all up in the air....might not be able to for a while....it just depends.... Peace...wpw
  4. Ok...I managed to find some UC and other Mole-lation pics from the archives..... These will be of the Uranium Cranium, UBC Chemo, Fruitbowl, Concussion and Sourbubble bx3 all done under the metal halide in the sky.... I dont remember who it was that did Fruitbowl, SPW....I know Try Comb was one that had her as well as Peregrine Took.... Here we go on a Mole adventure.... First up is Fruitbowl. This one was 37" tall on May 30th.... Here she is in July... Another Fruitbowl.... Here is Fruitbowl and UC on Aug 26th... Here is Concussion on Aug 26.... And the same Concussion on Sept 12th.... Here is UBC Chemo sometime in June.... UBC Chemo mid July.... UBC Chemo mid August already 10' + tall UBC Chemo end of August.... UBC Chemo Trunk... Uranium Cranium....end of July.... 1st one is natural 2nd one is tied down a bit After a lil trimming in August....you'll see the stalk in a lil bit... Yes he grew real trees! Here are the Original UCf1 seeds still in the bud.... A nice UC bud a few weeks before harvest time....the end of September.... The stalk of the tied UC.... And the stalk of the natural UC...after harvest... Last but not least.....a nice Sourbubble bx3 budshot.... This was the mother for the Sour Chronic that he did and was one of my favorite plants.... As I find more pics I will share them... Peace...wpw
  5. I wish I had my other machine w/ me....but I will try to recount the developement of Uranium Cranium..... The UC as we know it was the culmination of a 22 year breeding project. The Mole had a cousin that was out in Cali. This cousin would keep all the seeds from different bags he got during the year and send them to Mole. These seeds were known as the "alphabet strains". They were labled F, H, G, and W. Some were bred w/ the same as the HHHF and HHHFW. The culmination of breeding over the years led to the Uranium Cranium w/ the final combination being the HHHF x HHHFW. Mole was interested in developing a plant that would EASILY do OPOP outdoors. He nailed it w/ the UC. It not only would do One Pound One plant easily but it also had the heartiness to withstand uppermidwest US conditions. UC cuts will root in 5 days in a bubble cloner, 7 days in peat pellets and 10 days just stuck in the dirt. She is not a neavy feeder but if ya do want to push her she will take all you can give her and reward you well... No UC thread would be complete if there isnt at least this pic in it.... This was Capt. Skunks backyard UC bfore it got ripped. 151 days in the grownd in the upper midwest of the US. That is a 5gallon bucket in the front of it for size comparison....and YES..that IS a single plant! I'll try to grab others as I can find them and post em here Peace...wpw
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