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  1. i can confirm this statement as I reached 1 kilo with the a 600W -300W LEP setup.
  2. here´s a link which shows all my 3 plasma-hps grows:
  3. @ whazzup i just read this thread again and therefore have to say thx for all the information you provide here. i really appreciate it, because normally companies don´t make such infos public. now to my question: how did your last trials work? as you know i had three trials (250W HPS/ 300W LEP - 400 W HPS/300LEP - 600W HPS/300W LEP) and i achieved the best results with the 600W HPS combination. I would like to know which results you achieved with lower wattage HPS lamps regarding the yield (not the quality, which is imo in all cases better). then i would also like to knwo if you have new results regarding the leaf-temperature. thx and all the best
  4. hi my lovely growing community, first of all sorry for the late reply, but the last few month were quite busy. i finished this grow a long time ago and today I had time to upload the movie, which shows the plants one day before harvest. I wasn´t really satisfied because the plant showed signs of overfertilization. too much PK, so eskobar, you were absolutely right. now to the results: overall weight: 509 g. weight in lines (a line starts from the front side and ends at the end; line 1is on the left hand side, line 2 is the next one and so on): line 1: 119g line 2: 130g line 3: 132g line4: 128g as you can see we reached the highest yield with the third line, which was under the plasma. the plants in line 1, which were far away from the plasma, but directly under the hps reached the lowest weight. this was quite a surprise for me. finally, three months ago I started a testgrow with HPS 600W/Plasma LEP 300W and this grow is also already finished. I post that report in an own thread, but I can tell you by now that the yield of this grow exceeded all expectations. in my opinion it was unbelievable. so here the link to the movie regarding the 400W HPS/ 300W LEP grow: p.s. i know that the front credits are too long. I´ve already cut it, but it takes time until the amendment is saved.
  5. @ eskobar you´re absolutely right, the values are very high, but this strain loves these values. grüne hessin eats fertiliser like a tiger. @satyr you´re also absolutely right, but this time i wanted to check if there´s any difference when i start with both lights. the grow before i just ran the plasma during the preflowering period and i think there won´t be any difference. last, but not least, hi doc, my good old friend. wish you a safe journey to the states. so now the pics from flowering day 30:
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  7. thx, hempyfan. hi guys, welcome back to an update of my vegi-plasma-test grow. on the first 3 pics you see the plasma-field and on the last two pics you see the MH-comparison-field. after several months of testing the plasma I can say that they are more effective than a 400 MH. the plants can be cut earlier for about 3-4 days. this means a lot if you project this for one a year. further the plants grow bushier and much more evenly than under MH-lights. it was funny to notice that the plants hadn´t so much problems with the reflected light, when they got taller. as i mentioned above smaller plants and seedlings start to grow directly to light, if you only use one 300 LEP for one square-meter. when the plants have a nice crown, you cannot notice this effect anymore.
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