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  1. Looking good, bro! How was the stretch? @The_Organic_Obsession What's going on Duder? The league office release the dates of the next round robin yet?
  2. Thanks guys! Here she is at day 29 of flower. Plenty of frost on this girl, and the smell is really coming in fruit and banana. She's leggy, I'm not sure if she'll yield a whole lot. She is a moderate to heavy feeder, and I over vegged her a bit so some of the plants yellowed their fans leaves a bit. Got them on vegamatrix to finish the run. The girl in the 7 gallon container faired well, so she will be my model for future runs.
  3. Getting back at the journal now that the holidays have passed, here she is at day 29. Plenty of frost developing, and the smell is classic lemon skunk with sweet undertones. The stems are rock solid, no real need for support but I will still tie them up for training. She's stacking well, too, as each of those colas is roughly a foot long Ps, I can't seem to rotate the picture, sorry
  4. These girls have stretched to about 1.25x their initial height. Brushing past them, I get a slight whiff of what's to come. She's got rather long internodes, and her lowers should develop well now that they have been pruned
  5. Day 15 of flower. They've stretched to about double their initial size. No trichomes yet, but the hairs on the leaves are visible so they're not too far off
  6. Glad to have you all along for the ride! Here they are at day 8 of flower. They're stretching pretty good right now
  7. Tried to get a decent shot through a pair of method 7s. Here they are at day 8 of flower. They're stretching just a about an inch per day
  8. This is my first time running this girl. She is a cross between orgnkid's Banana OG and Cookies and Cream. Cookies and Cream is Mystery Cookies x Starfighter [Lemon Alien Dawg (Alien Dawg x Lemon Kush) x Tahoe Alien (Tahoe OG x Alien Kush)]. I gifted a few of these beans to a friend and got this cut back. The bud smells/tastes like banana with some cinnamon and a touch of kush. They are under 600w hortilux hps lamps, and they are in a modified supersoil. Here they are at 4 days flower:
  9. I'm going to resurrect this journal from the dead. I just recently flipped some Lemon Meringue #3 girls in my main flowering room. Temps stable at 71-74, 40-50% RH. I chose to keep the #3 cut because I found the smell/taste combo to be just like the lemon oreos with jelly in the center. The high is about 60/40 sativa. She is also very stout structurally. She's flowering under 600w hortilux hps bulbs, and planted in supersoil modeled after Subcool's mix, though modified to up K and focus on plant based fertilizers. Here she is at 4 days flower:
  10. Well, I ended up running them 11.5 weeks. I went on vacation the entire month of June, and they suffered some heat and drought stress in my absence. The #2 pheno and #3 pheno faired pretty well, the #1 pheno was not as fortunate. On the plus side all 3 survived and did not hermi, stress test passed with flying colors Here is pheno #3, she smells of sweet lemon. I'll be multi topping this cut when I run her in a 5 gallon container
  11. Hey sorry guys, I've been away on vacation. My roommate is handling things while I'm away. I'll get more pictures in a week or so
  12. Good looking canopy, bro! Can't wait to see how they finish
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