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  1. FredyJohnSmith

    Best 4x4 (1.2m x 1.2m) grow tent?

    What about "Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent" that will suits your needs & budget.
  2. FredyJohnSmith

    How To Pass Drug Tests

    That's great mate. You just saved my time which i rather spend researching on the internet... Cheers
  3. FredyJohnSmith

    9 x Orange Diesel on 18ltr Mapito

    That's Great mate, looks like you made me fan of "NANO"..
  4. FredyJohnSmith

    First time grow, 4x4 and can’t decide which led to go for

    very well, looks like you accidentally solve my query too..
  5. FredyJohnSmith

    Strain Names

    what about silver cocoon or silver spider
  6. FredyJohnSmith

    Medical Cannabis Cultivation

    Agreed, It's you who decide what to grow, the growing method and the estimated harvest. Plus you gain experience from your last grow every-time.
  7. FredyJohnSmith

    what the hell is this?

    Wow, what a concept. I too never have seen such a thing affecting only the leaves tips.
  8. FredyJohnSmith

    Volcanic rock

    Pretty interesting
  9. FredyJohnSmith

    Amino acids in soil

    I guess compost will do the trick, Try it.
  10. FredyJohnSmith

    Don't Panic It's Organic

    Great looks like have to try my luck in organics. Thanks for the detailed information will try it.
  11. FredyJohnSmith

    Coco organic? I need help!

    Great idea of the living soil, Yes worms make the water and air reach the soil easily. They also help to break down the dead leaves and other organic material moreover what they left behind is a sort of fertiliser that will make your plant rich in minerals. Pretty helpful creature they are..
  12. FredyJohnSmith

    The Story Behind Opengrow

    It's the passion of the grower and the enthusiastic that keeps this forum alive.
  13. FredyJohnSmith

    Bopms - Breed One Plant Multiples Strains

    Great post bro, appreciated the effort and details to the steps.
  14. FredyJohnSmith

    Infused coconut oil

    Nice and delicious, Will try tomorrow. Thanks for sharing anyway.
  15. FredyJohnSmith

    What strains for Multiple Sclerosis

    Give a visit to https://medicinemanshop.ca mate they may have the right strain for your requirement. PEACE