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  1. Stringy Pete

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Story goes the strain had been closely inbred by a family in Serres. While visiting the family, fatrasta tried to negotiate a trade but they refused because they had no interest in the Dutch genetics. So he bought some (110 grams, I think?) bud to smoke on. But the son accidentally gave him seeded buds instead of the sensi. 14 seeds he said he found. He also says it has been in the family for 100 years. Which seems far fetched, but maybe there was some confusion or miscommunication. I have no idea. Either way, whether the story is true or not, this strain has me hooked. She truly is a goddess in my eyes.
  2. Stringy Pete

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Athina, seeded clone. Smelling even more pungent than her unpollinated counterpart. And this pretty little critter
  3. Stringy Pete

    My sweet spot

    Looks like one of those spots where, when you go check up on the ladies, you run the risk of being carried away by mosquitoes haha. I like to think of it as extra security. I mean sure, you can always train the local bears to hang around the grow by leaving them food like that story they had on the news last year.... But people can get past a bear. Nobody gets past a swarm of mosquitoes
  4. Stringy Pete

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

  5. Stringy Pete

    (Kali Snapple × SSH f3) Male

  6. Stringy Pete


    Fatrasta's Athina, #1
  7. Stringy Pete

    Fatrasta's Athina Landrace Greek or not?

    Forced flowering, close to a month in maybe a bit longer. Just now starting to see growth worthy of being called buds, starting to stink and also beginning to form visible trichomes. Until now, I've only ever grown Athina using the "chop and drop" method with various plants including chicory, dandelion, burdock, black locust tree, nanner peels, etc.. And once with general organics bottled nutrients. Smell and taste of the finished product has always been consistent- skunk and limes. Friends say they smell diesel, I don't. This round I've been using Earth juice bloom, with occasional light top dressing of rolled oats, and she's smelling different than ever before. Skunk, mango and coffee are the smells I can pick out. It's still very early, so there's no telling what it will evolve into. Pretty cool though to see such a drastic difference. She was vegged wayyy too long for being in a 5 gallon bucket, in my opinion. As a result, she gets hungry pretty quickly. It's been raining for just about a week straight out here, yard looks like a swamp, and my plants have obviously been drenched. So, they haven't been fed as much as they'd like. If this rain keeps on I'll cut out OSB discs with slits cut to the middle, to slide over the containers and help control the saturation.
  8. Stringy Pete

    Hemorrhoid cream

    Hey man, maybe you should consider switching to a more "hoppy" beer. Hops have quite a few medicinal applications, and share a lot of the same terpenes as our beloved buddage. Not sure if it would be any easier on the rear compared to other beers, I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing hemorrhoids yet so I have no idea if it would help. BUT, regardless, why not drink some good with the bad? Know what I'm sayin' ? A local brewery out here puts out a brew called "Hopsolution" or something like that. To me it tastes like a mouth full of fruit, flowers and a hint of pine. Girlfriend hates it, but I looooove it. Sorry for the beer ramble, mizz Garden. I'm from the backwoods, beer talk gets me excited lol
  9. Stringy Pete

    Fatrasta's Athina Landrace Greek or not?

    Mizz Athina this morning, soaking up some sun. C'mon, guys! Dig those seeds out of your vaults and get 'em poppin'! You know you wanna..... I can't be the only one growing this gal!
  10. Stringy Pete

    Kinky Blaze x Silverfields

    Perfect timing, too. I'd imagine that SiFi Blaze could be some great yard/garden work weed. A joint of some nice upbeat weed is one of the most essential tools when working outdoors. I need to get things rolling in the garden over here too by the looks of it. Been bitching about the cold weather, but now that it's warming up.... I don't have an excuse to put it off anymore! Damn it!
  11. Stringy Pete

    Kinky Blaze x Silverfields

    Toss some schisandra chinensis berries in the mix, your body will thank you. At least mine did. Especially good for the liver, great for those of us who may have overworked that poor organ in our young and careless years. Plus, I personally love the taste. Make sure you bust open the seeds too when preparing, lots of the goodies are "locked" in there. Easily cultivated in most climates, too. Chicka chicka yeah!!!
  12. Stringy Pete

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo that stares at critters when I'm stoned . Take the time to enjoy the little things in life, folks. Sorry, I have nothing far enough along in flower to share... Gimme a couple weeks . Beautiful buds, everyone.
  13. Stringy Pete

    I'm complaining

    I feel ya bro. It's been a rough one out here in my corner of the woods, too. 60° one day, snow the next.
  14. Stringy Pete


    I agree with everyone on the edibles. They always guarantee me a nice long deep sleep, whether I want it or not.