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  1. RhinoCBD: Yeah, luckilly it is much harder to fool People today(like b Marley sings You can fool a few sometimes but not fool all People ALL the time... Few days ago B Gates Says the truth is much easier to find today and will protect itself... Obama says smthn similar... Im with you, RhinCBD, those Idiots wont succes at all, altrough they try sooooooo hard:) Haha
  2. Poldergrower: THX, the Karma is with you! Organic is defiately the way to make plants superhappy, it is so easy to see and they give it back to us direktly. Cant go wrong the natural way.. BTW I wish you(us al) the best and hope your "Train" will upgrade to a spaceship and one day, someone can read this strain description: "Airborne Jack (prae 2049) x Sugarpunch F78 -the AJ clone I got from Poldergrower before he moved to neptune and the genetics degenerated there (not enough light...) and is a favourite in the Underground Scene on Janus... Sugarpunch is grown and lloved all around the sunsysthem and the F78 was developed extra for the Mars atmosphere and builds massive buds, even if grown with Zero gravity... " Hhaha Sry fr Im stoned:) but hope U know what I try to say:) The
  3. Thx, Mr Goodfellow, this is verry true! A good start is often the hardest thing to pullup, showing (and proofing) a better way to others even harder but they do great! Hehe, Who could xpect that a few marijuana-Smoking, egoshooter Playing nerds can do this?
  4. I``ve poped some, their birthday was yesterday:) I mean Los Andikush... cant Quote correctly yet,
  5. Hi there yesterday, 6 Los Andikush babies put their Little heads up to the lights for the verry first time... I´ve high expectations on those LApureKush/KaliMist/GM genetics, also hope to find something for my backspin Problems, will update on this in some time (5x green manalishi HHP selecion and evtl some few GM f2 will also be sprouted as soon as they arrive...) It is easy to find plants that helps me IGNORE or even FORGET about the pain, but finding one that simple :ph34r:KILLS IT is waaaay harder... my first try with some G13 genetics, lets see what they hide in their DNA... BTW I was verry impressed with the DCxBH freebies and will write about them in an extra thread, can only recommend them to anyone who think is able to controll their crazy vigor/growing potential as both can overwhelm one easy, despite all warnings on the boards here haha. -but it is definatly worth it! BTW2:THX to NAW and the whole Sannie-Team for your hard work and the love you put in, both can easly be seen and felt in every plant I ve grown from your stock thus far. Also THX for sharing all those great Genetics with us. And the Biggest THX for your honest, fair and transparent Kind of doing buisness - As most others, The older I get the more zynical and desillusinated i am with the world our children have to live in the future...if there is anyone: Putin, Trump, Mansato, planet Pollution etc etc.... But see here! People not only make buisness without ripping anyyone, no, they also spread love and peace and pain relief around those world! This really brings some new hope in the human nature, atleast for me so BIG THX!!!!
  6. I get my 95% Alcohole (it is Food Quality and drinkable) from poland, you´ll pay about 16 euro per litre, available in supermarkets. Dont know abut other coutries, but In gemany, only way to get this is when border-custommers confiszicate it and sell on their own auctions (for much more then 16e)... As far as i know, this is the cleanest stuff to use beside Chloroform, aether or iso-prophyllalcohole ... and those are even harder to get (ever asked for aether in an apothecary? hehe).
  7. THX, Saxo! good to know, Im a (near) complete noob to this... but will learn quik:)
  8. As far as I know, there will be no herms uder the produced seeds as Long as the Pants were forced to hermie (by Chemicals, stress etc) and not do so by themself... most plants will throw bananas when overripen... and when the pollen is viable (often it is sterile) you can pollinate the same or another Girl with it to get FEMseeds. What I wanted to Point out is that my Jahlicieus didnt seem to have hermie genes.
  9. I have grown a pack of 10 Jahlicieus without any hermie-issues... At the Moment Im stressing the hell out of two of them (at Flowerday 60...) without any success so far. Initially i wanted to make some F2`s but loose the collected pollen so when read about the hermied plats i thought i would at least try to make some FEM seeds or S1... postponing harvest and light stress had no effect so far, next maybe try some root-trimming.
  10. Test Test Test Me and my wife have loocked into this great Forum for a year or two so it is time to give some experiece back i think... BTW a happy new year to all OPENGROW mem,bers!
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