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  1. Details: I did not bother weighing the fresh trim. However. After four days of drying under ultra violet light, the pre-cure weight came out to be 4.7 ounces. The top most cola is on the far right side of the photos. The harvest photos...
  2. Details: Considering this strain has two landrace sativa "Fathers" and a landrace indica "Mother." I would say this strain is Sativa dominate. Going off of research some categorize this strain as indica dominate. All in all I am not sure which phenotype this plant turned out to be. The flowering phase photos... The last two photos were taken, before harvest, when the plant was receiving just ultra violet light.
  3. Details: I transplanted and swapped out the main light source early. The vegetative phase photos: The last photo was just before pruning.
  4. In contract law 101... the word "Shall" also means "May" not just "Must." Certain conditions are required before the meaning of "Shall" becomes "Must." Until the specific conditions are met, the meaning of "Shall" remains as "May." Ask any lawyer about the meaning of "Shall" and look it up in the Black's Law dictionary.
  5. The grow itself is now complete and I am currently letting the harvest dry out more before weighing it. I'll post more details and photos after I have the pre-cure harvest weight. The feeding routine was similar to the what I mentioned during previous grows I have posted. The plant itself grew to about 2ft(60.9cm) tall and was wider than my grow space. I am not sure of the phenotype though. Going off of looks... the initial harvest weight seemed like 4-5 ounces. Although I have never tried Skunk#1 before this grow. The floral aroma is sweet and somewhat sour, which is said to be typical of traditional Skunk#1. While trimming, the sticky plant sap resins kept making me think of a sour lemon flavoured cotton candy. I can understand how the strain gets the "Skunk" name. However if you have ever been downwind from a recent skunk spray, the pungent scent in the floral aroma is nothing like smell of the actual animal's self defence spray.
  6. Rayne

    LED question

    While you are learning about LED... put time into researching PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density). In short the more light a traditional LED unit puts out, the higher the PPFD is within a particular grow space. Especially with dimmable "Drivers" custom made LED units can put out more light than traditional production model LED units. If you are new to growing with LED, there is nothing wrong with starting out with a traditional production model LED unit... just do not stop there. I do not use my old 48 diode x 2watt LED unit any longer. With my current understanding I would need to upgrade the drivers inside the traditional unit before using it again. Inside a 21in x 21in x 60in (53.3 cm x 53.3 cm x 1.52m) grow space. With 1.4A and 143v my flowering phase, custom made, LED light array puts out upto 1500ppfd.
  7. Once again, I am definitely not stoned and for the fun of it.... If you have any outstanding loans... Ask the banker/loan officer to state the "Source" of the loan. (Explanation: Contrary to popular teachings. According to fractional reserve banking regulations. Banks are not allowed to loan out/"Source" funds from other deposits/bank accounts. If banks sourced funds from other deposits "New money" would not be created and the money supply would not increase. The particular banking regulation was previously published in a publication called "Modern Money Mechanics" by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The publication is no longer printed, but you can find a PDF file version on-line)
  8. Granted I am, definitely, not stoned at the moment. However just so that you have the knowledge to tell others about this... 1. When referring to or talking about the physique and the different "Body types." Ignore any implied psychological character traits. 2. You can ignore the implied psychological character traits because there are 16 psychological personality types. Eight of the personality types fall under "Extrovert" and the other eight fall under "Introvert." Personally speaking. I have one the introverted personality types.
  9. When looking into LED especially the ones like what I am using... Research PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) My LED unit for vegetative growth My LED unit for flowering growth If I ever get to rebuilding the flowering light, I would use similar heat sinks to the ones used in the vegetative light. At full power and within the small grow space, my vegetative light pushes around 750 ppfd and the flowering light pushes around 1500ppfd. 6500k is about the same as "High noon" and 3500k is about the same as "Golden hour." Our solar system's sun emits about 5% UV. Here is a video for more information...
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