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  1. Will start mine as soon as my long lost order shows up. Cannot wait. This cross excites the hell outta me. peace bd
  2. Beautiful plants there. Lots of good stuff in this thread. I love this forum!
  3. Those are secondary branching. You will not see any sign of sex until the plant reaches a later age and then preflowers will form that will tell you what flavor you have. It takes time my friend. Remember though, if you have any night time light poisoning your fems will hermaphrodite. That you can count on. The above mentioned suggestions are good ones. There are literally thousands of pictures on the web showing preflowering going on. Check them out. Good luck Amigo!! BDRx
  4. Your Sugar Black Rose is a beautiful plant.
  5. There are many of us who do not post pictures or shows because we either don't trust the system, or don't care to. Either way it is a personal decision. My partner who is one of the best, most involved runners I know, very rarely posts anyplace and has not done so here. Whether a person is or isn't telling the truth is never going to be proven in cyberspace and really doesn't matter to me. This is a place of sharing and personal freedoms. The decision is yours, and the moderators if you are to stay, or leave. The choice is up to you. Many have flamed me on several sites because I don't post pics, and I honestly don't care about it. I however, do not choose to remain on sites that this happens on often due to the type of people who choose to flame or troll others tend to hang there. I choose to stay here because it is one of the places I feel most relaxed about and enjoy the most. The folks here are genuine, and for the most part, very informative and share lots of personal experience that benefits others. Here's hoping you are able to make a decision that benefits you. peace and good luck BDRx
  6. If this is in a yard, or anywhere there is any lights at night to influence the plants, such as car passing by often, house lights, street lights within any distance at all etc, you will be dissapointed. It doesn't take much to influence fems to toss nanners and turn full on herm. I wish better news but this is something you may want to take into consideration. Maybe a move into the country while still young is in store? The plants, not you. good luck bd
  7. With the amount of trichs Whazzup, I like to leave a few bud fans on em to protect the tender trichs. Always have. The sweet taste you describe is really coming on. Everyone loves this even the sativa heads. I myself love aged buds better than fresh almost everytime. Our great Flo strain is a better smoke fresh though.
  8. In Colo ya can get em for less than 50 bux.
  9. Two marriages later, I gotta say that if your not both in agreement and closemouthed, it will definitely NOT work out. Good luck.
  10. Two more weeks plus in the jar and this is better and tasties than before. The stone gets more even, deeper and definitely more medically beneficial. Oily coffee sweet green funk.I want ice cream flavored like this! heheheheh peace BractDr
  11. Ain't just the east half of Ks as I have driven across that state a few times into Colo and it is everywhere. Outdoor runs in the midwest always seem to have some seeding done. It's a rough patch to deal with for sure. Most wind is from the north or south though. Good luck bd
  12. How come no one grows Flo anymore? We have a tremendous cut of Flo that we have shared with a few med peeps in a few states. It is uber potent and smells very strongly of that good Flo stank. Best I and others have had. We have been searching for a worthy male cut to make new F1's with so we can do selection and replace the cut with new vigor. Most of the old Flo beans available are so watered down that it would take more time to work what we want. The cut isn't to the point where it has lost it's vigor and potency yet, but is coming up on two years. The new male cut we are waiting on is a special early DJ flo male that is super stinky in that good Flo way and purples normally. As soon as we have this cross made and some selection done, I will forward some of the seeds to Sannie so he can use them as he sees fit. Several of us will be working on locking down a true breeding Flo from this cross as well as keeping the gene pool open for future projects. It is that good. Peace Ya'll BD .
  13. For old seeds, and seeds that have a hard time popping, I scarify them. Take a piece of fine to medium sandpaper that when rolled into a tube fits inside of a plastic prescription bottle. Put your beans in there and put in your pocket for a while as you do whatever, walking around. If you only have a few beans, a few minutes suffices. For 150 beans, maybe twenty minutes or so. The sandpaper scratches the shell of the seed and makes it easier for water to penetrate and also gives the seed scratches where it can break away from the sprout. Good luck. BDRx
  14. Beautiful looking plants there. Thanks for the show. bd
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