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  1. OMG! I just love your sanctuary! *turns green with envy* I just have to ask, did you do it yourself?? Sending them off to pigheaven?? Not to judge you or anything (I'm not a scary vegetarian) just wondering... I don't think I could ever kill anything I provided for, had to kill a chicken once, found it hard. grtz Spewey
  2. Cool! Another Blue Top fan. I have 7 seeds left and 2 beautiful BlueTopmothers so I'm hoping for a nice potent male in my next run. grtz Spewey
  3. Nice set of candlesticks!! How does Miss BW#2 smell? Mix of widow and berry? Or just berry? gr. Spewey
  4. Ghehe, You're right. Don't know why though, guess I was raised that way... I only sign posts on WF and here, strange Best regards, () Spewey
  5. Outdoor 2008 First I planned to do an early run with The Church feminised from Greenhouse Seeds, NONE of them germinated, wich was a first for me, everything germinates here, even 8 y/o bagseed. Then I thought I'd just wait until TnT's Double Funseeds would hit Sanniesshop but Sannie started selling Basicseeds so I lost all my patience and just had to order Ierdbei. They're still in the fridge, next weekend they're gonna meet their pitpots and outdoor 2008 will begin. grtz Spewey
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    I know what it means, just thought we're on Opengrow, not Wietforum. Ah wait, I think you mean a section just for the "Wietforumguys". Sorry, thought you we're too stoned and had Opengrow mistaken for Wietforum, my bad!
  7. Spewey

    To Do List

    WF Beekaa? gr. Spewey
  8. Crystal clear Suffie63, nice! Thank you! Ancient Spewey who just found out the meaning of L33t.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Feels good to be part of this new global forum adventure! grtz Spewey
  10. Roteb-Terrier, just love that name! Nice to see you and your canine companion here! gr. Spewey
  11. High All, I followed my Guru (BeeKaa) here, he made me the micro grower I am today. The name is Spewey, 30 y/o, married and if everything goes well, soon to be father. MaryJane has put her spell on me over 12 years ago and eventhough I don't smoke her atm (we have a thc-ban for the duration of her pregnancy) I still love watching her grow and blossom in my own indoor garden. grtz Spewey
  12. Can't stop drooling over those last budshots Bon! And I do envy you, I just love your nicely filled jars!! greetz, Spewey
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