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  1. My order was shipped feb 13... Still waiting... Don't think they are going to make it..
  2. 1 some sites are invatation only... you are here... you're welcome... Guest can see the thread that explains how to join...if they don't have the time to read this do we really need them to be here.. 2. See #1 3. if you really want to be part of this family you don't mind knowing why a tread has grown to it's end point... but that's ok I've been grownin sannie's shit for years and I still don't feel like I'm equal to this class of growers...just lucky to be here...
  3. Hey Ghost I know what you mean, I'm at the same stage with my Chemistry seeds.. 4 just came up and I'm waiting for the last one...
  4. Damn man I'm lucky if I can get vector where I'm at... I know " Bleu Magic " has a facebook page.. maybe you could just ask where the closest distributor is..
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