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  1. thank you for the feedback, it is encouraging for my first grow with mars cob.
  2. Started my grow, this grow Ill be using: Pots: 2- 7 gal fabric pots from VIVOSUN medium : We're growing these babies in a mix of Pro mix Veg and Herb + Potting with added Perlite Ventilation: 2- 4 inch 190 / 210 CFM inline and exhaust from iPower and Vivosun 2 small Usb fans to move air around in the tent Light: Mars cob 100w
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    Gorilla Boom

  4. Just received the Mars Hydro COB!! The packaging is very solid. Measured the size of cob, it is 4.75 Inches Thick from the lense to the top of the driver 7.5 Inches Long 7.5 Inches wide. The COB itself consists The Main COB light and smaller LEDS of Red and Blue ( 4 Blue 12 red ) and the Lense is wide for better coverage. Had took many pics, but don't know how to upload. Anyone know that?
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    personal grow report
  6. Awesome man, those very useful
  7. Finally decided to go with Mars Hydro COB, it looks good many positive feedback from other customers. Thanks everyone
  8. For the first, I don't want to cost too much on the light, that why I considered viparspectrum , Mars Hydro.
  9. Thank you buddy! God, their price damn high, have you used? 
  10. Is that new brand, haven't heard it, could you send me a link? have you tried it? Thanks
  11. Thank you so much everyone! Really helped for me!
  12. I'm medical grow for myself, so no expect too much for the yields. What size of your grow space and what Platinum light you use? Thank you bro Thank you man, you are helpful! Thanks bro, will look the platinum LED.
  13. Just want to start my indoor grow, I heard that viparspectrum LED, Mars Hydro, MEIZHI are good, and their price seem not expensive. What led light should I choose? My cabinet is 4x2.
  14. Nice thread, great questions and answers. learned from it.
  15. I heard that led and hps together will give great result.
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