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  1. sounds dope! how bout some pics?
  2. GET MO


    Its been a long time since I been on this site, but had to come back to say GOTDAMN!!! I grew another kronicaine out this year and it had a unique pine and sweet carrot funk to it, one of the first plants in the garden to finish and grew and yielded NICE, whole lot of orange hairs and sticky lime green buds. The smell tho, so unique. Almost like some kind of cleaner spray, but different than other strains ive smelt with pine or cleaner smells. The high on this tho.... I smoked it late night, like "ah might as well taste it then hit the bed. ... TWO HOURS I was up cleaning the house, getting places we been putting off for months, I just kept going and going. No PAIN! My body felt good, I could keep working. After two hours I said thats enough, and decided to go take a shower and go to bed, and i came down fast. No, didnt come down from the high, I came down from the SKY. I was still floating but my body got a little more heavy and it was time for rest. So comfortable. Major props on this strain yo!
  3. These plants have some of the most potent and unique sweet cinomon clover smells I ever smelt... pheno 1: pheno 2, less foxtail and more resin, this one would be the keeperXbreeder I think...
  4. they in a greenhouse bout 39 north. if they do finish probly wont be till like december/january. I think they will, Ive ran panama outside here once with some great results, n it took a while to flower, Id say this one will take longer tho judging by everybody else experience.... time will tell!
  5. Nice! My plant will be in a greenhouse so will get progressionaly lower amounts of light, so hopefully will finish by christmas!(hopefully). Lookin forward to ya smoke report man, thanks for documenting this grow!
  6. Yo LaVien, heres a pic of mine comin up, let me know if it aint cool to post here n Ill take it down. Columbian Gold X Jamaican Lambsbread
  7. Lookin nice man! I got some uh them jamaican x columbian popped, along with aces golden tiger, and some pure malawi, swazi, and durban on the way straight from the mother land. bought a greenhouse so I could grow um at 39 n but I bet aint nothin like island grown. Jah bless!
  8. thats wuts up jah, I popped 2 seeds, lookin forward to what they do.
  9. OK but hasnt the breaders grown them out?? If I was a breeder Id take pictures of all my finished stuff...
  10. How come no pics of finished buds or dry buds for this strain?
  11. The only bennefit I saw was that sannie doesnt offer the seeds over here.
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