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  1. It's cold outside where I live, gray and dreary, but this is a good day, nonetheless.
  2. That's a 5 x 5 in the first picture, a 3 x 3 in the second. Something seemed missing...
  3. HLG. One of their vendors had a sale last year, late November/early December, so I got an HLG-600H Quantum Board V2 RSpec DIY Kit - 620 Watt (Full-Cycle / Flower). That's my hope! The Bebop is going to stink to high heaven. The others seem to be more at a normal level of stink.
  4. It's flip day, so for the record, here are the gals at flip: Made a lazy-ass stoner mistake and must have added too much dolomite to at least one batch of soil I mixed. The pH of the soil slurry in the light colored plant, up front, was 7.15. I think she's zinc deficient, along with one other plant. Several others have slightly lighter colored tops, but they're much stronger cultivars (see @gardenartus! I'm learning from your diploma'd theoretical reefer growers!) than the two Golden Goat girls who are suffering the most. If Planet of the Grapes was given too much dolomite, they don't seem to give a shit. Neither do the Sugar Punch gals. The Bebop gals must have gotten some. I've been bending and popping stems all over the place to keep them at a relatively even canopy. When popping the Bebop gals, I couldn't help but notice the overwhelming stank. I think these gals will be putting the carbon filter to the test. On another note, the aero cloner is definitely a big step up from just putting the cut into spongy blocks, as I've done for a few years. These cuts have been in there for 4-5 days, still looking fresh. The only other exciting, grow-related event was the introduction of beneficial nematodes. I had/have a few thrips. No new signs in a week after hitting them with Nuke 'Em a few times, but since they have a portion of their life cycle in soil, why not? There were a few gnats flying around, anyway. Hope to show a few flowers in weeks to come. I have to get my lazy ass in gear and put my LED kit together. This will be my first partial LED grow.
  5. Rolling the dice is what growing from seed is all about. It's also about having a half dozen jars full of not-your-favorite-weed hanging around for a year.
  6. A two-year cure might be a little more than I'm willing to do, unless I just misplace a jar.
  7. I'm sure you're correct. When I lived in NC, about once or twice a year, they'd find a "big" grow of less than an acre. The rest were small gardens with a few plants. In my work, which takes me to places people don't often frequent, I've found a number of old, abandoned geurilla grows that were pretty well hidden. But they were small time operations.
  8. In North Carolina, they trained weed-finding pilots by putting a single potted plant in various settings to give them an idea of the pattern. Then they look for foot paths, which are very noticeable from the air.
  9. Looks great. Is aerial surveillance no longer a worry in NY?
  10. A guy on another site, who grew organic soil, until recently, said he thinks LEDs create a bigger demand for nutrients in the plant, and he doesn't think organic soil can supply those nutrients quickly enough. I guess I'll find out, soon enough. I have a couple of gallons of Urban Farm nutrients (the vegetable fert and Garden of Eden) so I can supplement, if necessary. I used to use Canna's organic line, to supplement during flower, but a lot of plants seem to show P deficiencies. Purple stems, purple veins — yikes.
  11. Spider Farmer seems to be popular on other sites. They use quality components. I got an HLG kit for $607 that is going to replace my 1000W HPS, though I'm interested in seeing how it changes the temperature in the tent.
  12. I have done that, but it was before I became aware that seeds were sold over the internet (a major revelation for me, about 16-17 years ago). What I noticed was that weed I grew from bagseed was almost alway (two exceptions) better than the weed in the bag. I once had a freak that had no trichomes visible to the naked eye. (My eyes were nudists back then.) The other freak looked great, covered with trichs, but it had a one-hit ceiling. I now think it was high in CBD, but who knows, at this point.
  13. Genetics-wise, Ethos has some good stuff. I have not tried any of the strains you mention, but I'm growing Planet of the Grapes now. Ethos strains are often on the menus of Michigan dispensaries. The word on other sites is that the guy who runs Ethos threw a dog out a window. So unless I find out it's an untrue rumor, I am going to hold off on buying any more Ethos seeds. I do have two other strains, though. I've never grown them but I'm sure I will.
  14. I would try the ocean version. Kite boarding is huge on the Outer Banks. Last time I rented a vacation home there, I promised myself that NEXT TIME I was going to learn to kite board. Of course, I never rented another vacation home there and have since moved about 1,000 miles away, so...
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