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  1. Misterdirt

    My dog ate my homework!

    I once had mice that were eating seedlings almost as quickly as I put them under the lights. They were coming in through little 2" PVC elbows that I had for air intake vents. While I was cutting pieces of wire mesh to put in the PVC pipe, I set down a few of those sticky traps under the intake vents. Just about 5 minutes later, two mice are hopelessly trapped. The next few days was just a mouse bloodbath. It was strange — this was in the attic of my house. We had no mice or signs of mice downstairs. They just seemed to come into the attic when the weather got cold. And this particular time they found I had set out a salad bar and was replenishing it as they ate. BTW, if I were a mouse, I'd rather die in a traditional trap than in a sticky trap. Also, those seedlings were clearly defective, being irresistible to your dog. Maybe Sannie will send replacements.
  2. Misterdirt


    I think strain also comes into play. Some sativa-dominant strains stay clear for a long time. It seems longer-flowering strains (12 or more weeks) don't care about these rules.
  3. Misterdirt


    I had a nighttime cold problem in my old grow room. (Normally dropped to 50 F when the lights went out.) I would say it sets flowering time back 1-2 weeks, but it didn't seem to have an effect on potency. Another thing it seemed to affect was trichome color changes. They seemed to stay clear for a long time and rarely went cloudy. They'd just be clear, then I'd start seeing a few amber trichs pop up. [Sorry to send the thread off on a tangent. Heading back toward relevance now.] As far as Lemon Bubba goes, I'm always willing to check out what could be a high-potency hybrid. Since this is a real F1, I would guess all your plants were similar? BTW, my brother has a new test for whether he likes a strain or not: If he turns his head too fast after doing a hit, he wants a little brain matter to leak out of his ear. Otherwise, he's moving on.
  4. Misterdirt


    Weedstradamus predicts at least one Lemon Bubba grow and smoke report on Open Grow, by autumn.
  5. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    Is it safe? Are they gone yet?
  6. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    I noticed the difference in potency when I didn't use lizard lights in my last grow (2015), using some of the same clones from previous grows with lizard lights. If using LEDs or other lights that already include UV, I wouldn't bother with supplemental. I popped these killer, death-ray lights on for 1/2 hour yesterday. The plants seem OK with that.
  7. Misterdirt

    LED vs.....

    I'm building a little framed "grow stall" for a 600 watt HID. Probably a good time to try LED, side-by-side. With the totally adjustable exhaust fan I found, I may be able to suck less heated air out of the house and adjust the fan to only deal with the smell, rather than heat + smell.
  8. Misterdirt

    LED vs.....

    I was recently reading the literature on an LED growlight website, after reading stuff here. That website still said HID lighting will get greater yields in the same space, even though the gap between the two types of lighting is narrower. If I can find the site again, I'll post the link. This was definitely a pro-LED site. They pretty much said that if heat and/or power usage was an issue, LEDs could be the superior solution. But the bottom line was that for sheer yield, HIDs are still the best. I have no dog in this fight and I've never used LEDs, but I'd be interested in trying them, just to reduce electric bills. Ah, here we go: https://www.growweedeasy.com/led-grow-lights#leds-vs-other-cannabis-grow-lights
  9. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    What a coincidence. That was my reaction, too.
  10. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    In case anyone was wondering what UV burned plants look like, see below. Aside from the upturned leaf edges, which you get with too much heat and light, the growth became 'wavy' and the leaves went shiny. Lizard lights weren't nearly strong enough to do this. I could have them within an inch of a plant for 12 hours and there was no ill effect. When I try them again, it will be for a half hour a day, rather than 8.
  11. Misterdirt

    NAW Test Center

    What I'd like to know is the combination of the various active Cannabis constituents that results in a certain kind of high/effect. Then we can look at the genetics that get us there. I'm going to splurge on a few total analyses of my favorite plants or plants with what I consider to have unusual effects. (when I know which are my favorites), including terps. Let's see if we can connect some of the dots.
  12. Misterdirt

    2019 octopot first run

    Oh yeah. Sorry Papalag! Jeez, what a bunch of stoners.
  13. Misterdirt

    2019 octopot first run

    Talk to your grow shop or shops. Maybe they want to get in on something good.
  14. Misterdirt

    Repot smart pots?

    I start my plants (after being in some kind of plug or another) in 1 gallon Smartpots. I have two kinds — one that is made for transplanting, with Velcro holding a seam together, the other you have to sort of peel down and it comes off inside out. (Not an issue. The transplanting ones are easiest, but the others are not much more of a hassle.) I recently got a few of another brand, for free at my local grow shop. They were taller and slightly narrower than smartpots, and I had to cut them off the plants to transplant. I can't say it would be bad to start a plant in a big smartpot. That is essentially what Jetdro suggests with Octopots, which are 6 gallon cloth pots. But I've never done it. At this point I go from 1 gallon to the final size.
  15. Misterdirt

    The Mouse House

    Everyone should have a container full of trichs.