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  1. You know what they say — anything more than a bowl full is wasted.
  2. Here's a little shaver at the halfway point (5 weeks) Lemon Sunrise
  3. If your immunity is low, it's going to be less effective. I heard about one woman with an immune disorder who has NO ANTIBODIES, just 6 months after getting the two shots.
  4. 100%. I went through my favorites of my last grow a month ago. I'm smoking stuff I won't be growing again, now. (And it's AMAZING how I've changed my opinion of it! "Hey, this stuff isn't half bad!") But I still love the surprises of growing from seed. And I've invested a lot in surprises.
  5. I think the fruity nature of the terps will mix really well with that intense lemon of the Thai.
  6. I still love the mystery of growing new strains, so I will continue to do both. But it is nice to know every bud will be excellent. It will be another grow or two before I can say I have dialed in. Obviously more Mg and probably NPK for some. Calcium for others. BTW, I have 6 of your Amnesia x Lemon Thai seeds. They will be crossed to Golden Goat, too. Wait, maybe Amnesia x Lemon Thai is @hidronesia's?
  7. I don't think I could take on patients until I drop the job that sends me all over the place. But this is the end of week 5, so THE MASSES ARE CLAMORING FOR AN UPDATE! That gang: The fun begins, because scents are starting to develop. Here are three of the Peyote Pancake clones (same mom). The dark one had the Coast of Main soil. The difference may be Mg or a combination of N and Mg. So far, I can't say buds are larger with one over the other: Buds of Lemon Sunrise seem to be about the same, as well — though I THINK I see more bud sites on the CoM soil plant. It will be all speculation until I weigh the yield. The first is a FFOF: Maybe I should have used flash on both pics? Oh well. Here we have one of the golden goat girls who will entertain a Lemon Thai. This gal is tiny, but if her first run is any indication, she will stink up and dominate the scents in the tent in another week or two. And the "stink" is tropical fruit. Just as important, the potency is holy fuck. This is one of the other Golden Goats that will be mated to the Lemon Thai. She is more standard size, but not very tall for a sativa. Stretch was minimal — only added about another 50-70% of its height. Those are some FFOF Lemon Sunrise gals in the background. Until next week, this kiddie bud porn show will be over.
  8. Could be. Could also be Mg abundance.
  9. I saw an article in an online, click-bait rag called The Hill today on recent Covid 19 "delta variant" deaths in people who received the vaccine in Massachusetts. That information was in the headline. What was buried in the article was that only 0.1% of the people coming down with the variant were vaccinated. The media should just go directly, door-to-door, to set people's hair on fire.
  10. I did a bit of backpacking in the Maroon Bells area once. Got caught in an electrical storm/blizzard at 12,600 ft, but it was kind of my fault. We were up on a pass, in strong sun, watching a dark cloud come up one of the valleys toward us, with lightening bolts coming out the bottom. Our main interest was taking pictures and remarking about how cool it all was. Then it wasn't, but I lived to tell of it.
  11. I look forward to octopots, but I'm under constant threat of business trips still. I would have to leave it for a week or more at a time before even completing a first grow. I'm "stuck" with organic soil for the time being. If I want more weed, I have to add a circuit and a tent, which is in the works. I have the tent and fan, but experts say it will be a little dark in there without a light.
  12. All the PPs are on booster seats, as are three Golden Goats. There is another plant in a "hole" in the middle that you can't see. If I put her up higher, she'll be way too close to the light, with the various plant-kiddie-seats that I have. I'm thinking that I flipped too soon, or that I need to do more training next time — lots of second guessing this grow — but we'll see in a few weeks. In the old MH + HPS days (way, way back in 2020, I reckon!) I would have vegged them longer. But the sativa doms would have been out of hand and too close to the LEDs if I did that now. It's looking more and more like I will have to: Grow fewer plants at a time Veg longer Train the hell out of them Flip That means changing my stodgy, lazy ways! Dammit! If only I could blame some branch of government for my troubles.
  13. It seems like people paying insane prices for seeds, clones or weed comes in waves. A lot of people took up growing during the pandemic, so maybe newbies... With the checks handed out by the US gov't, I should have been ready to sell some "must have" products with fake reviews.
  14. Silverfields is one I've meant to grow for years, but it hasn't happened yet. Pulling up a chair.
  15. Since you grow both autos and photos, what is the advantage for you with autos?
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