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  1. I have wanted to try this, but I never coughed up the money for a FR bulb. I think you might see an effect without much FR light. 100W in a 1.5m x 1.5m area maybe? If you experiment with this, let us know the results. My suggestion, above, is based on a guess.
  2. Grobi — when you have major nute problems like this, those deficiency symptoms on the leaves that you have now will not disappear. The best that will happen is the new growth will not be affected. But I agree with Bigun's solution to the problem. I've never seen a change from healthy plants to this overnight — in soil.
  3. Good point. Overwatering can wash N right out of the soil.
  4. I think it's more Mg than N. The Cal/Mag products I've used all seem to have some N in them anyway, so a dose of that might do the trick. BTW, it looks like you've caught this early. Listen to Scone. You can probably just repot in a larger pot with an extra tablespoon of pulverized dolomite per gallon of soil, along with your other nutes, and all will be well
  5. A few years ago I grew an Esko freebie he called Blue Santa. One pheno had a stronger blueberry smell than blueberries themselves.
  6. This whole thread says there is a place for autos in some people's grows. It depends on what you want, the equipment you have and the amount of money you're willing to spend on equipment and the space you can devote. They open up growing to new people and new opportunities for some long-time growers. No one who prefers photoperiod plants would say that isn't true. What it boils down to is that if I find a keeper, I want to keep it. I can't do that with autos, but I can with photoperiod plants. I can't grow outside because my neighborhood is full of kids and there are no fences anywhere. End of story for me, in the situation I live in. If my situation changes, I might be thankful for autos.
  7. What brand of lights are these? I'm going to take a baby step toward LEDs by getting one I can grow a different (non-medicinal, totally legal) tropical tree under. I'll be interested to see your comments on it, as your first grow progresses — especially regarding difference in yield vs. reduced electricity use. 12 - 18 Kw/day/HID bulb can add up!
  8. So I won't have to depend on bringing in gummies, when I scrape up the money for the trip. I'll definitely be well-gummied for the flight. Believe me.
  9. I hate it when that happens. I've both: 1. ended up thinking a strain sucked, based on one plant, and 2. got a great pheno, and then let it go because I figured I'd get plenty of good phenos when I was able to grow out a bunch of girls.
  10. @PapalagAbout ten years back, when I was regularly being asked to pee in various cups to ensure I wasn't a cannabis-addled maniac, the word was that none of them worked. My brother used a Wizzinator, which is essentially a pouch with heated, artificial urine in it that you can dispense, as needed. It worked for him. They even have models with dicks, if you are taking a test where they are watching you do it. I think a Wizzinator would give me more peace of mind than some Miracle Detox Remedy. But you can buy some of the test sticks (look online — they're much cheaper than in stores) and test one of the Detox remedies. I bought about 10 of the test sticks, because I went the no ingesting reefer route. Each week I'd check. It took 4 solid weeks of abstaining from weed before the test sticks came out clear.
  11. Autos are fine if you want to roll the dice on getting decent phenos all the time. But now that I have the ability to keep my keepers, I don't see autos as being a direction I need to go.
  12. The fan I chose is both quiet and cheap. I never hear it unless I'm right next to it and there is no other ambient noise.
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