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  1. Misterdirt


    I remove shaded leaves. I also "de-buddlate" buds that are unlikely to ever get a direct blast of light.
  2. When there's no rain, and you've got well-tended plants, they can stick out like a sore thumb. Be careful.
  3. Misterdirt

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  4. Misterdirt

    Medical Marijuana a Hit With Seniors

    I think it would have helped my mother, but she was very anti-reefer. I would have had to slip it to her without her or my father's knowledge, and I just couldn't get by that.
  5. Misterdirt

    Medical Marijuana a Hit With Seniors

    It was a hit when I was a junior, too!
  6. Misterdirt


    Santero, who has grown an Esko strain or two, said he has no idea why Esko put that in the description. He didn't detect any lower potency.
  7. Misterdirt

    What size pots to use in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent

    You want to end up in the biggest pots that will fit in your tent. For soil grows, more soil = bigger plants = higher yield. But give the roots a chance to explore the soil before flipping to flower mode — some plants don't expand their root systems much after they go into flower. I agree with buddah fingah on this. If you don't use soft-sided pots, consider just one big tub or storage container, and put all four plants in it. Buy it based on dimensions.
  8. Misterdirt

    Damn!1! I just had a bear try to come into my house..

    I should go backpacking there. Whenever I've visited Colorado to go backpacking, it rained heavily, every single day.
  9. Misterdirt

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Years ago, I discovered there were a lot of people with my name, and about all of them were more famous than me.
  10. Misterdirt

    Damn!1! I just had a bear try to come into my house..

    I hope you have some unforested land around your house! Good luck.
  11. Misterdirt

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  12. Misterdirt

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    What about a GH with supplemental lighting?
  13. Misterdirt

    Damn!1! I just had a bear try to come into my house..

    I know what you mean, Mr. GF. Just yesterday I was grilling salmon, and a fly got into the house when I went out to flip it. Tore the whole place to shit.
  14. Misterdirt

    The end is near?

    I pretty much gave up on vape pens, because I never found one that was satisfying and I have no idea what's in them. But I recently got one for a relative that supposedly had a mix of many of the goodies that you'd find in real bud — assorted THC types and terpenes. It was pretty damned good, and almost like smoking the real thing. Anyway, they vary tremendously by brand. People have been smoking reefer for thousands of years and vape pens for only a few. Let's wait about a thousand years and see what the score is then.
  15. Misterdirt

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    I truly regret losing the first Chucky's Bride female I grew. I planted 5 seeds, 2 didn't germ (highly unusual for seeds from Sannie's, and the only two Esko seeds I ever had that didn't germ) 2 were boys. I had one, compact, C99-leaning girl that was unbelievably powerful and also made my heart jump out of my chest and run around the block a few times before washing the car and mowing the lawn on its own. In other words, my kind of weed. I figured this is what CB is like, and I'm sure I'll find a REAL KEEPER when I grow out a few more females. Not smart. I also had a powerful chocolate cheese girl that was just to the indica side of 50/50 with a body buzz that was positively exquisite — like the afterglow of sex, but with toast. And OH! A Love Potion plant… And OH! A mystery indica dom from a mislabeled pack of JOTI seeds... Regrets, I have a few.