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  1. Between this and the freebies, looks like Hella Dank wins.
  2. @gregsterI have tried both https://seedsherenow.com and https://www.dankseed.store. For Seeds Here Now I made 2 orders. One was right after that Trump stooge fucked up the postal service to stop mail-in ballots, so it took about a month to get from Oregon to Michigan. The second time, it was very quick. Hella Dank Seed Company is also fast — and they unexpectedly sent me freebies, which the other guys did not. (The Cream) Whichever one has what you want will work. They're honest brokers. However, I doubt they'd replace an order that didn't make it, if they were not somehow at fault. I would say anything crossed with his male Arise is going to be very potent. I have a couple of fems to try that obviously don't involve that male, but I haven't cracked them yet. This cross is definitely a Holy Shit kind of cross. It does not have nearly the lemon scent or taste of Smilestyle's Lemon Thai f3, but it could easily be twice as potent.
  3. It's time for my official opinion of Lemon Sunrise (Lemon Skunk X Arise; Irie Seeds), because its been curing for a couple of weeks and I just got high AF on it. I'll keep curing it for another couple of weeks, but my opinion doesn't need any curing. It is ready to go. For some reason, I didn't take a pic of my favorite plant. This is my second favorite, by only a slight margin: All three plants looked similar. The difference is in scent, with some slight variation in effects. All three are insanely potent. b I'll try to cover the typical items in smoke report, but I don't have a template in front of me and I'm high AF, as I mentioned, so there could be MISSING ITEMS that will annoy you. But there could also be ADDED ITEMS that will amuse and delight you. Or not. Scent: One plant, my favorite, has a significant skunk scent, very noticeable before the bud even gets to the nose. When the nose arrives within half a centimeter, it notices a lemon scent + 3-day-backpacking-trip-no-shower-armpit-stench bouquet, and it commands the mouth to ooh, ahh and say stuff like "oh man," and/or "ooh, baby." The other two plants had what are more or less a Lemon Pledge scent. If you've smoked Love Potion #1 or LSD, it's a similar scent to that. There is still the presence of a touch of stanky armpit, but not much. If I were going to rate the scent, it would be up there around 8 or 9, so using my sophisticated formula for arriving at a rating (WAY too complicated for me to discuss here! You'd never understand it!), I'll put it at 8.5. Taste: I notice a smoky taste with smoky undertones, with… oh, perhaps a touch of smoke in the background. I usually don't discern much difference in tastes unless I vape, and I have not yet vaped Lemon Sunrise. I'll have to give it a shot, but not this second, so back the fuck off. You're being kind of pushy. Potency: I will get this tested. I believe it's above 25%. On a 1 -10 scale, it's a 9, easily. Effects: If this were in one of my local dispensaries, they'd call it "75-80% sativa." Its very clear, mostly in the head (but with some body) and energizing. It definitely has a nice heart-racy effect. It's the kind of weed I could function fairly well on, but every once in a while i realize that, holy shit, I am high as all fuck. The lemon pledge phenos are slightly more racy than the lemon-skunk-armpit-stank pheno, which also seems to be the more potent of the three. Potency differences are very slight, though. This would be a good strain choice for someone who only cracks a seed or two at a time. Character/structure of buds: People who like nice, dense buds (Who are these people? No one I know, that's for sure.) will be pleased. As sativa doms, go, these babies are pretty solid. Not much in the way of tails. If wispy, airy buds are a 1 and put that bud in a sling shot and kill a squirrel is a 10, these are a solid 7. Bag Appeal: Good as fuck! What, you don't like it? Well TRY a fucking hit! Oh, now bag appeal doesn't matter so much, you just want it! But the price just went up, motherfucker! Sorry, I was arguing with some motherfucker in my imagination. I've had it with that guy. Anyway, no matter what that dick says, it's good. Don't even talk to that guy, you shouldn't be associating with him. In summary, I'm giving this an overall 9 or something really good like that. It is one of the types of buzzes that I have NEEDED in my grows. BTW, as the strain description mentions, this may be intense for new smokers. I would remove the "may" when it comes to new smokers, but you stoners will be fine, and thrilled — unless you have a tendency toward paranoia — in which case there is someone following you.
  4. What's the cross? Durban Poison x somethingorother?
  5. Too soon to tell. I got it for a 3 x 3 "mother tent," so I might not find out how good it is for a full grow. The mom plants like it. Heat is minimal — I just exhaust the tent into the room, right now. I may have to change that, though.
  6. My phone is now suggesting cannabis-related words when I text. I was texting a client today, to change the date of a meeting. "How about Thursday, instead?" became "How about Thursday, Indica?" Thanks Apple. That will be enough of your suggestions.
  7. That's the one I have. It's $10 less than when I bought it, a couple of months ago.
  8. It's definitely NOT iron. I don't know what it is, but rule iron out. The leaves would be distinctly "striped" (interveinal chlorosis). I just mentioned that plant because sometimes a freak plant can have an issue taking up one nutrient or another, or adjusting the conditions in its root zone to properly take up nutrients. It happens that most chemical micronutrient products also contain iron, so you might be trying it, anyway. Are the growing points greener than the rest of the plant? It kind of looks that way, but it's hard to tell in the pics. Usually that means N, but you also lose the lower leaves as they yellow with N.
  9. I've never grown SF, but I notice the light green one isn't as far along in flowering as the other two. I ran into a freak pheno of a plant (not SF) that had a problem taking up iron, and was only happy if she got supplemented iron every other feeding. So weak plants can happen.
  10. What brand? I'm going to try a small Mars Hydro.
  11. Good luck. I took 2016-2018 off. It took me a grow to get my head back in it. Now it's like I never left.
  12. Lower bud of the same Killer Cookies plant from Sept. 29 post. This one is at 11 weeks, moments before the snip of the executioner's clippers.
  13. Definitely looks cold.
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