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  1. Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  2. Buy and Consume in San Francisco

    This is the kind of business I'd like to run.
  3. Trump Changes Stance on Recreational MJ

    I think Trump can change his stance on any issue, depending on the last person he spoke to.
  4. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    HD has always been reliable for me, but they do say that if you don't get your seeds, tough luck. I was just lucky and always got them. There is no other seed seller/breeder like Sannie, who bends over backwards to make sure you get your seeds. At least that's my experience. PS: And regardless of the seed color, I've always had near 100% germ rates with all products from Sannie's shop. Even those Heri seeds that were about the size of a sesame seed.
  5. Reviews: Vaporizers

    Check out the vape critic website. I'm not saying the guy's word is gospel, but he is accurate on the devices I have tried (Pax, Firefly, Volcano). He's fallen out of love with the Pax3, in comparison with other portables. https://www.vapecritic.com/pax-3/
  6. Using advanced genetic techniques to put a ceiling on potency seems so wrong.
  7. Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  8. After looking into it, it is legal, in the US, to apply sales tax for non-Indians shopping on Indian lands, but it's state laws that do it, not Federal or Reservation laws. The reservations can charge their own sales tax if they want, but it's never been based on whether your a member of the nation or not. My guess is that if it were challenged in court, those state laws could be thrown out, but it's apparently of no interest to anyone. Probably effects almost no one.
  9. Reviews: Vaporizers

    I've read good things about the Mighty in other places. Has anyone tried a Ghost MV1? I've read a good review, but I don't know anyone who's tried it. https://www.vapecritic.com/ghost-mv1/ If you watch the video, the guy got a damned good hit! I imagine in was wax, though.
  10. Only if you have a valid certificate of Indian status.
  11. Willie Nelson x SFV OG

    The bud structure looks like the original WN — colas covered with small (1cm - 2cm) buds. It had a light lemon scent and thinner leaves.
  12. Hail from Canada

    Welcome. You can always pretend it's still illegal.
  13. Kind of odd that you can be taxed or not taxed, based on race.
  14. Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  15. In the words of Groucho Marx, "You go Uruguay and I'll go mine."