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  1. A few years ago I exchanged emails with JOTI about a screw up in packaging (Which he generously made up for). He is a major indica fan, and the two indicas of his I’ve tried, so far, both had good keepers among them. I picked up God Bud when Esko mentioned he wanted to work on an indica variety, using it in the line. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get far in that endeavor, but I considered that a good recommendation.
  2. Just thought I’d mention that God Bud kicks ass. Great indica buzz that doesn’t put you out unless you want it to put you out. Fantastic scent. I can fully understand why a scent fanatic, like Esko, was interested in it.
  3. I told them to wear sunscreen.
  4. Sweet Spot, after suffering an unfortunate tanning bed tragedy during her youth.
  5. @Mr Goodfellow You bet I'm keeping cuts. And because I mistook a female for a male, I have two cuts of that female, as well as the one in the tent. I won't try her for a while, since it will be another 5-month, slow motion grow. I guess she'll be in the corner of the tent, while a couple of generations of other strains mature and are harvested in front of her. I was thinking today might be a mass axe murder of the Holy Princesses, but it turned out to be more of a Swiss Army Knife murder of one of the Sweet Spots. She's the one on the right. The girl on the left has almost all clear trichs and is actually producing more new flowers on the ends of the buds. As you can see, the Sweet Spots did not enjoy the UV sun bath. Most, if not all, of the nasty damage you see was triggered by that. SS and HP took it the hardest. Oddly, they didn't want to give up those fan leaves. They wouldn't pull out, and I didn't feel like invading the buds with clippers. You can also see that once the overcrowded tent started filling in, I didn't do much lower-plant trimming. Yes, I was negligent. Lots of material for hash and budder, though. Lots. This one smells like skunk and chocolate-covered fruit. The scent of the Planck cut, from the HP (Sweet Spot is HolyP x Cocoa Kush, I think) smells like skunk to me. And I mean literal skunk, not strains that are called skunk. But the Cocoa Kush really shines through. I look forward to curing and smoking this one. The others smell a little sweeter, with a little less of the skunky scent. Regardless, I think Sweet Spot is the winner of this grow's Best Scent Award. Don't get me wrong — the HP, GB and 'zilla smell fantastic. I just favor the SS due to that Cocoa influence.
  6. I bought a pack years ago that's still in the seed vault. If the SSHZ male Sannie uses is as good as the SSHZ female he used to make Shackzilla, there should be some serious potency involved. BTW, my vault is a plastic, food storage container. It's like Fort Knox. Really. You'd never be able to get into it (if you attempted to do it via telekinesis).
  7. It was Reeferman. Sometime around 2008 or 2007, when Stairway To Heaven and the original Over Grow site was taken down by law enforcement, Reeferman freaked out and moved to the Netherlands. In the process, he lost most of his breeding stock. Rumor has it he also had some serious, opioid-related personal issues, but I don't know if that's true or not. What I do know is people on his website started having complaints — white, sterile seeds, seeds that were supposed to be one strain were not and some low quality crap, as well. These are people I knew and who were all Reeferman fans, so it wasn't just a bunch of haters descending upon the guy. I, myself, bought and grew out some of his Hashplant seeds. They were literally the weakest plants I had ever grown, potency-wise. So anyway, he threw away his loyal customer base, disappeared for a little while, then came back on the cannabis seeds scene, bitching and whining that everyone was against him. He had some good strains, a lot of good fans. I was among them. I was sorry to see him fall, but with the attitude he has, it's hard to be sympathetic now. WN is the most electrifying strain I've ever smoked, hands down.
  8. The WN is from seed. I bought a ten-pack back around 2008, through Hemp Depot. I popped 4, gave 4 away and then sat on two of them for ten years. They were actually both girls, even though I thought I had a girl and a boy, initially. I still have two cuts of the one I DIDN'T grow out, so she'll be the next to appear in the tent. There was a new version of WN made by Reeferman, but since it has a reported flowering period of 9 weeks, it can't possibly be the same. All the Nepalma plants are odd! Every last one.
  9. A Good Friday greeting from Willie and her developing colas. The third pic is the smaller-calyx pheno of Nepalma. I say smaller, because they're not gigantic, like they are on the other plants. They are not small, though. My guess is that this may take after the Panama Red more. I think this plant and the Willie Nelson will be sharing the tent without any other tent-mates for a number of weeks. While the other Nepalmas look like they could finish by 12 or 13 weeks, this one could last a lot longer.
  10. I think the vines will reach the ground and run along it long before you see any melons developing. Do you need to keep them off the ground in the desert, for some reason? Would they steam themselves alive?
  11. I NEVER let the girls see me killing their sisters. Puts all that adrenalin in their sap and they taste terrible! They might have seen me burning the dried sex organs of one of their kind, though.
  12. Another Holy Princess is showing a number of amber trichs, along with the Cheese Berry. There could be an axe murder this weekend. It also looks like the Willie Nelson is going to really produce. The colas are shaping up, and it's got about 2 months to go. Once it's alone in there, it could take up about 1/3 of the tent. And this is in organic soil. Two in Octopots would probably fill the tent (for 4-5 MONTHS!).
  13. I am not a fan of fantasy fiction, like GOT, Tolkien, etc. It's just not for me. I tried watching GOT a couple of times and it just didn't work out. (My eyes rolled so far back in my head that they did a 360.) The last attempt was a few years ago. Some big guy was undergoing "trial by combat." Something distracted the guy he was fighting, and next thing ya know, the big guy squeezes his head and it exploded. OK then. What else we got?
  14. Who would have guessed worms don't like paint thinner? Oh. Saxo would. Never mind.
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