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  1. Misterdirt

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Glad to hear your preserving the Esko classics. Got some Sweet Spot going at the moment.
  2. Misterdirt

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    I will maintain any keepers of Esko's strains I find. Holy P and Cheese Berry are currently under lights. Chucky, Boudica, Kinky Cheese and a full pack of the Chocolate Mix are still in storage, along with a few crosses he sent me after I gushed about his strains here. I also have half a pack of Jalisco Jaze. (Jaze can be stupifyingly powerful, if you get a good pheno. It's like amnesia haze with a different taste and scent. I'll make F2s, if possible. If not, the keepers will be with me. I always found keepers when I grew Esko's work.
  3. Misterdirt

    A re-introduction

    You'll have to come by and give some input into the "grow region" of the basement. I'm thinking of one 5x5 tent, one clone/mama tent and at least one 6x6 framed "room" or stall, using tent material for walls.
  4. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    Greetings, Cannabis fans! I'm back and seeds are a sproutin'. I opened up my time capsule of a seeds stash, and chose strains by: 1. the kind of weed I think I've been missing and 2. the age of the seeds — The "youngest" seeds I have are over 4 years old. So far I started: 10 Holy Princess (all popped, but one committed suicide by jumping from my hands when I was planting it in media, and likely fell through a wormhole and is now in another galexy) 5 Cheeseberry — this was half a pack, leftover from a pack I bought around 2012. All popped. 10 Nepalma — so far, 7 have popped, one committed suicide, like the missing HP, two more are left that I still haven't given up on. 2 Shackzilla — 2 left from a 5 pack I bought in 2012, both popped. 5 Sweet Spot — This is a Santero creation (line 4.3) that was produced in February of 2014. All popped. 5 God Bud (JOTI) — I had these since about 2013, never tried them. I need an indica in the grow, and may add a few from Indican, that he sent me about 4 or 5 years ago. 2 Willie Nelson — These are the oldest. They are Reeferman's original WN — the stuff that takes 18 weeks in flower — and I purchase them before Reeferman's total meltdown, but that still makes them around 9 years old! So far, neither one has popped. I don't expect them to, but I had to give them a shot. When I grew them in the past, they took 4 days after soaking to pop, which is rather long. It's now been three days — I'll give them through the weekend. The HP and Shackzilla are two strains I feel I've been "missing," even though I never actually tried HP. The description's final words, "Like red fruits on speed," made me realize I miss racy weed. Shackzilla is a longer-flowering sativa dom, which you just can't get commercially in dispensaries. The WN is one of the speediest weeds I've ever smoked, plus, it's ancient and I need to see if it's still alive. The Nepalma was put in there because I feel I'm missing Nepalese hash, or something remotely related to it. I realize it's a hybrid. I also never grew a USC strain. Cheese Berry has an exquisite body buzz, plus it's pretty damned old. Santero's sweet spot is in there because… because. I'm always harkening back to days of popping Esko strains, and this remix of some Esko work just might be fun. God Bud is in there because JOTI does have a talent for indicas, and I always wanted to try it. Also, it's about 5 years old. What didn't make it this time? Smilestyle's Lemon Thai F3. I started thinking I was too sativa heavy, and since these are relatively young seeds I don't expect to be keeping any males, but who knows. Madmaster lives nearby, and he said something about doing an open pollination with the HP, but I might just hold onto the males and cross them with the best female I find. The "grow room," or grow region, as it is in this house, is still under construction. I have so many options that I've never had before in my infamous attic grow, that it might be a while before I'm satisfied with it. Yak atcha later, ladies and gents.
  5. Misterdirt

    A re-introduction

    Greetings old friends and total strangers! I'm an old-timer, who haunted OG from about 2010 or so through 2016. My last grow was the spring of 2015, when I had to rip out my grow setup to sell the house. I moved to a med state, finally got a house and have now started my first seeds in over 3 years. I'll start up a grow report soon. Maybe in a minute or two. Anyway, you'll be graced with my brilliant posts once again. I thought I'd warn you.
  6. Misterdirt

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    I don't miss that about the south. I'll change my tune by January. You going to be in Clio this year?
  7. Misterdirt

    3 day darkness at finish?

    Green Fire OG sounds great! I love a nice, powerful, sativa-leaning Green Crack. I never grew it, but I've tried a few versions in dispensaries. One was excellent, the rest had the same up buzz, but lacked the potency I require. It won last year's "NASCAR Heart Racing Award" of all the varieties I smoked. (This is an award I present, in my mind. You don't want to attend the ceremony. It's in a messed up neighborhood.)
  8. Misterdirt

    3 day darkness at finish?

    I've used lizard lights for years. When I start up again, this winter, I'll be looking for better options. I can't say I ever noticed additional frostiness, but higher potency without a doubt. My last run was without UVB, and I noticed a difference with the clones I had run before.
  9. Misterdirt

    searching the ultrashack

    I missed the boat on Sannie's Shack, but wish I didn't. Shackzilla is so good. Please consider giving some ultrashack to sannie to distribute as freebies.
  10. Misterdirt

    What is the best AK -47?

    Pyramid seeds has what I think is a fem version of someone's favorite AK47 cut. I never grew it, but got a couple of grams from a dispensary. It was very good, but I never tried the original, so I don't know how it compares.
  11. Misterdirt

    3 day darkness at finish?

    This seems like an easy experiment. My guess is that there is no advantage. I'd like to play around with UVB light. It's known to increase THC content and I'm convinced it works. I'm just wondering about how much UV at which stage of growth would be optimal, and which light sources make the most sense. I'd like to evolve from "lizard lights."
  12. Misterdirt

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Start the topic and see what happens.
  13. Misterdirt

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    You didn't want to be confused with flopdiflipdiflipeldipoopp. And with good reason. That guy is a dick.
  14. Misterdirt

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Actually, it was pretty big — the DTE Music Theatre, north of Detroit. We were in the 25th row, which was as good as we could get, without taking out a mortgage. I'm a major fan. I hope he continues to tour and live to an even riper old age.
  15. Misterdirt

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Madmaster and I decided Open Grow needed representation at the Jeff Beck concert last Tuesday. Here's a little sample of Beck doing A Day In The Life. IMG_4241