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  1. Sorry to hear it. Mine connects OK, but I heard Apple no longer carries the app on their app store (maybe they freaked out during the big vape pen bullshit). If I get another phone, it will have to be an android, I guess.
  2. Nice pattern on that ball-o-hash.
  3. Yes, the really long cures are impressive. I didn't intend to cure that long, but I never dry my buds fully — I leave them at curing moisture — until I want to smoke that particular jar. Holy shit!
  4. I LOVE my MV1 — and it's about half the price it used to be, just last year. Also, you can get incredible hits off wax with it, though I'm not big into extracts. I have a Volcano as well, but I never take it out anymore. With social distancing, it's pretty much my wife and I now, with an occasional brother thrown in. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.
  5. Now all I need to do is go down to my local grow shop and buy some Miracle Flowering Period Shortener so I can try these out. About how many weeks for the Lemon Thai? 12?
  6. OMG! So far, my favorite dispensary has stayed open. It's all online or call-ahead ordering, and they bring it out to your car. Too bad their parking lot is gravel. We could put skates on them.
  7. Here's the "crazy leaf" pheno of the Lemon Thai I mentioned. Odd behavior that I haven't seen before. The leaves below look normal, and the new growing points seem like they have more normal leaves. Hopefully it's no big deal. The plant seems healthy, otherwise. It would seem odd for one plant to be affected by a pest or an environmental issue.
  8. And now the Peyote Pancake girls. The two of them are relatively short, especially next to their sativa dom tentmates. The shorter one is branchy. The taller might not have produced a clonable branch without being topped. And now the Miss U Jack sisters. One of them is well behaved. Here's plant A, or Little Miss Well-Behaved: Plants B, C and D seem similar, but C especially looks like trouble. I may see about enrolling her in UConn's women's basketball program.
  9. Mine would probably turn a self-respecting lizard into lizard jerky. The makers of lizard lights know the light will be pretty close to the animal and that they'll get sued and lose business if a horned toad dies. There just hasn't been enough work done on developing proper UV lights for Cannabis plants. I may have a look at the ones you're using.
  10. @baqualin — The lizard lights? Yeah, you can't burn the plants with those. You can put them just an inch or two away without problems. I used the 10% without issues. It's the t-5 HO UVBs that can burn the fuck out of your plants. And now for the Pineapple Fields. It seems like I have a decent spread of phenos. I'm hoping for at least one pheno A and one pheno B, which is the roadkill skunk pheno. It doesn't seem like I have a pheno D this time, which is OK by me, as its effects were of the slow, dreamy sort, which isn't what I'm looking for. Anyway, here's 5 of the six. As a dedicated stoner, it didn't occur to me until after cloning almost all of them that I had six PF girls. plant A Plant B Plant C Plant D Plant E Plant F — this is one of the plants that got over-fertilized early on. The yellow leaves are now removed. If any of these phenos look familiar to anyone who has grown PF, by all means, toss in your opinion of what they might be. When I know my clones have made it, I'll be removing all the lower branches and growing points. There will be about enough room this time around for each plant to give me a few top buds. No point in letting it go to give me a billion, fluffy popcorn buds.
  11. Flipped to 12/12 yesterday, 3/28/2020. For the massive number of girls in a 5' x 5' tent, this is going to be a mess. I am going to have to go medieval to keep some of the sativa doms from taking over. All the Miss U Jacks, the Lemon Bubba and one of the Blueberry Quintessas will be trouble. But that's for another day. For now, here are @smilestyle's Lemon Thai F3 plants. The first is a little bushy one that had a severe iron or other micronutrient deficiency, the second is the crazy-leaf pheno, , the third is the "normal" pheno, that looks like… a pot plant. I believe the one with the deficiency (symptoms not very visible here, it's an iPhone camera) is also a "crazy leaf." These three are the Blueberry Quintessa girls. The one on the right was getting way too tall in the seedling tent, so was topped weeks ago. BTW, ALL were topped. The other two are "well behaved," as sativas go. I'm going to have to run in a minute, but this last one is my only female Lemon Bubba, from @santero's breeding experiments. She is one tall, strong lady who definitely wants to flirt with the light. I'll post the Pineapple Fields, Peyote Pancakes and Miss U Jacks later. Stay high, healthy and 6 feet (2 meters) away from all other human beings! Bye now.
  12. The final count is 13 males, 19 females. There's only one Lemon Bubba girl and two Peyote Pancake girls, so maybe the ethylene doesn't work as well on indica doms, or maybe it's just the luck of the draw. Come to think of it, the last time I did the ethylene thing, only 2 out of 5 indica doms were female. I'm going to take them all out to snap pics and take clones this weekend. Some interesting different phenos in the Pineapple Fields, which was expected, and the Lemon Thai, which I didn't expect. There seems to be a "crazy leaf" pheno of the Lemon Thai, where the leaves are kind of kinky looking. One of them seems to have an iron deficiency, or some other micronutrient deficiency. I gave her a cal/mag solution that has iron in it, so we'll see what happens.
  13. Suddenly my very isolated work situation is a plus. If there was one phrase to describe about 50% of the people in my profession, it would be ornery loner. The other half at least have to not mind being alone. If I get it, it will likely be because my wife brings it home.
  14. I was wondering: What's the deal with the toilet paper hoarding? Have people gone fucking nuts? Different supermarkets seem to have runs on different things, but all are out of TP. Do people figure in their downtime they're going to catch up on shitting? Ironically, the other things most are out of are bread and ground meats. That diet will not require a hell of a lot of TP.
  15. A little update on the ethylene treatment for @santero and @Hempyfan: Most of the plants have preflowers now and the numbers are in favor of the ethylene treatment. Pineapple Fields: 3 males, 5 females (2 others died after germinating) Miss U Jack: 1 male, 4 females Lemon Thai F3: 2 males, 3 females Peyote Pancake:1 male, 2 females, 2 unknowns, (but it looks like there will be one more male and one more female, though too soon to tell) Lemon Bubba:1 male, 1 female, 2 unknowns Blueberry Quintessa: 1 male, 2 females, 2 unknowns. So the male:female ratio is 9:17 so far. Assuming the 6 unknown plants will be half female, I expect 12 males to 20 females. Even if all the rest were males, it would be 15:17. This is still not definitive proof, but since it worked out this way the last time I did it, I am being swayed. No doubt that temperature is also important, but that's under control. Now let me get a keeper or two, and it will be all worthwhile.
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