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  1. if i miss you cos time diff , plz leave conveinient time for me to pm, i harlley sleep s , but i go to comp a couple times a day,are you interested in the thai funny is advertised as ,iwould take alook  for info,but you dont need to buy cos i got 3 packs, it  is pure thai ,of best quality , bred high in swiss mountains badgerd em downto 12 wk bloom ,cant waitfor last3 to show like i said iwl lhave seeds befor too long to share the love that we all have for the same plant!   onelove    sunstone,

    1. Hempyfan


      PM is like an email kind of thing.  You can write and send it and he will see it when he comes on.


      Click on his name, go to message at top right of screen on this personal page.

      Write message and click send.

      All good!

    2. sunstone


      your right  i fk up again  yea now you remind me, thanks hempy fan. sorry my is mashed.i keep doin stuff wrong, naer mind.

    3. Hempyfan


      All good!  Keep on, keepin on!  

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