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  1. That definitely looks like D. What may have been my "A" had odd buds that were all tails. Finished in 11 weeks and was great smoke, but I didn't keep it. It didn't look like any of these.
  2. And I would take the name as a personal insult, bad mouth it behind its back before reluctantly admitting it wasn't so bad, once you got to know it.
  3. A friend was visiting from Illegal Land last weekend, and he wanted to see how hash was made. I used a small amount of trim to make a couple of grams of Holy Princess hash, but it was destroyed in a series of fires before I could break out the camera.
  4. I look forward to the smoke report on CVC!
  5. It was in my favorite dispensary for a couple of months. I ignored it until the last couple of weeks they had it, because of the obvious lack of creativity in the name. Half of everything has the word "kush" in it, plus so many new crosses have some part of the Girl Scout Cookies family name in it. I said, "Kush Mints? Fuck you and your damned Kush Mint Cookie Breath bullshit!" Then I tried it. Then they ran out and it was never to be seen again.
  6. I think Santero's Lemon Bubba would be a good mate for Willie Nelson. 3/4 sativa might help tame Bubba and shorten flower time a good bit. Of course the nightmare scenario would be a heavy indica that takes 18 weeks!
  7. This is the Pheno D I had, about 5 years ago.
  8. I figured one of the two short ones was D. It has a very distinctive pineapple JUICE scent, as opposed to the pineapple candy/skunky scents the others might give off. It happens that pheno D was not for me, but it is a gorgeous little plant that would please people who prefer a calmer smoke than I do. It would work well in a SOG. I don't think I got a B at all. There was definitely no skunky smell in the grow room that time around. I think I got a C and a freakish A with taily buds. Both smelled like the sweetest pineapple candy, with maybe the C being sweetest. Anyway, next time around I'm looking for a keeper of A, B or C — any combination or a single one.
  9. @douglasfurtrapperWhere did you get the Kush Mints? Is it available by seed? I tried some from a dispensary last fall. Great example of an "energetic" indica. I'd love to have a potent specimen.
  10. Had it for a week and a half update: This is still the best vape since sliced bread. Ok, you may now return to whatever it is you were doing.
  11. I wonder what a "solid extract" is? Hash?
  12. Your package from Amazon arrived.
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