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  1. Dogs are in-the-moment creatures. A quick correction is best. If you punish a dog long after the "crime," they just know you're mad without knowing why. There's not a lot of self-reflection in dog minds.
  2. I highly recommend beneficial nematodes for any pest that has a larval stage in the soil — grubs, fungus gnats, other fly larva, root aphids, etc. They definitely work. I tend to lay them on heavier than recommended, because I use it in an indoor grow that is definitely less than the 1600 or so square feet the smallest amount is supposed to treat. But a severe fungus gnat infestation, where gnats were flying in front of my face in any room of the house, was eliminated within 2 weeks. (The effect is not instantaneous.)
  3. I agree with Smoky. For air circulation, remove some leaves. I wouldn't worry about vaseline, however. Look at the second picture. All the lower leaves that are hanging down can be removed.
  4. I don't think it's called graffiti if you're allowed to do it. But if so, it looks like Georges Seurat has been out there, defacing public bathrooms.
  5. This is good news. I was thinking about buying an LED kit to replace my 1000W HID, because my wife notices the electric bill, but won't so much notice that I've spent $600 on an LED kit.
  6. Try the ethylene treatment for the first couple of weeks next time you germ seeds, and keep temperatures low. It's given me a high percentage of females each time I've done it. A ripe apple in a small tent is enough to produce the ethylene.
  7. I've got a couple of question for them: Who's a good dog? Who?
  8. Seed viability update: As expected, the two Irie strains, recently purchased, had 100% germination rates. 2 of 3 Planet of the Grapes seeds sprouted and 1 of the 2 Sugar Punch seeds sprouted, so I soaked another PotG and BeBop and both of those sprouted. Today, one week later, the other Sugar Punch sprouted. So the official tally: 3 Golden Goats (100%) 3 Be Bops (100%) 3 Planet of the Grapes (75%) 2 Sugar Punch (100%) The SP must be 7 or 8 years old. When one didn't sprout, I didn't think much of it, except I figured keeping it soaking in paper towels might be worthwhile. I did not expect to see a root this morning. it will be going in soil in another hour or so. That leaves space for only one more plant. It will be a race to see whether Peyote Pancake or Lemon Sunrise roots first. (Since PotG is described as a heavy indica, Peyote Pancake might have already lost the race.) Not waiting for preflowers before I flip to 12/12 will be a new experience. No SOG on stilts this time around. Update: I just got word my payment made it to Sannie's Shop. A little too late, I think, to get a Motherlode plant into this grow. I'm hoping for one green and one purple SP.
  9. I think the constituent that is created, and makes the buzz more sleepy, is called CBG, not CBD. The plant needs to have the genetics to produce CBD. One of the dispensaries near me had an extract that was high in CBG and they told me the plants were purposely over-ripened to get it.
  10. Oh, it's the cannabis billboards that bother them? Not billboards in general? Boo-effing-hoo. In southeast MI, the billboards are how I know what's happening in the dispensary biz — who is opening, who's business changed hands, which towns have decided to allow dispensaries, which dispensaries went from medical to recreational, etc. I haven't been to one in a while, but for some reason I like to keep up.
  11. He can be incriminated for aiding and abetting a marijuana crime. Be careful. The cops might blackmail him to wear a wire and testify against you. OK, I admit I've been indulging a little too heavily into some high-paranoia weed. But still, cats always seem to be watching.
  12. This one is actually a small aero-cloner I got at my local grow shop. According to the grow shop guy, "All the kids are doing aero-cloners, man. Get with the program. It's cringy to ask about DWC cloners now." And this one was on sale (BTW, in case you're cringy, it's the new word for uncool. Using the word uncool, itself, might be cringy. I'm not sure of all the rules on that.)
  13. That looks like an Mg problem to me. I don't see the clawing from N that you're talking about. The growing points look great, the deficiency symptoms are on the lower leaves, so it is a mobile nutrient in the plant. That rules out immobile nutes, like calcium. So it could be a pH issue, a deficiency of Mg in the nutrient solution or too much of another nutrient is interfering with uptake of Mg. (I think phosphorus can do that.)
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