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  1. If all the random seeds you find in a bud or bag here and there turn out to be girls, they're probably from female plants that popped a male flower at some point in the grow.
  2. Damn! I should have read this before I decided to grow Lemon Bubba over Killer Cookies. Next go round...
  3. Plants that size are bad for my legal limit.
  4. Another source of the random seed you find in a bag of weed is a hermie flower that popped somewhere in the grow. They're always "feminized" and can often be great self-pollenated plants. I'm thinking of growing a seed from a GMO or Garlic Cookies eighth that I bought that was absolutely fantastic. It will have to be watched closely for hermies, but the lab report on the bud came out at over 29% total THC, so...
  5. I should really put them in the big tent under an HID and quit fooling around in this tiny tent. But you might have heard tell that I am a stoner, so I haven't done that yet. This weekend for certain, said the stoner, and I'll transplant any that are looking kinda girlish, which is about 5 as of this morning. It amazes me that at times I've had 40 em-effin plants in this 2' x 4' tent, until they showed pre-flowers.
  6. A few of these babies have some primordial pre-flowers appearing. Two Pineapple Fields are starting to show. One looks like a male, the other is unknown. One Lemon Thai kind of looks like a girl so far. I'm not axing the "male" yet, since I've been fooled before. This is a group shot. The three in Smart Pots had an issue with some reused soil that was too hot, but they recovered after replanting in fresh stuff. I was thinking that they aren't very far along for their age, but looking back at the beginning of this thread, the oldest ones are about 4 weeks. A few hadn't even sprouted 4 weeks ago. Pineapple Fields is on the right, with some Peyote Pancake next to it, which is next to Blueberry Quintessa which is next to Lemon Thai which is next to Miss U Jack which is next to Lemon Bubba on the left side. Peyote Pancake looks like it will be a big, sturdy indica-looking plant. The BQs all have purple stems.
  7. They run the range from short to tall. All of them seem to share deep teeth on their leaves. One has a sort of "crinkle leaf" deformity, but seems healthy. They don't look like "out of control" sativas, but I know Lemon Berry could get pretty big. The number of females I have will determine how large the pots will be and how large the individual plants will be allowed to get.
  8. I've been looking forward to Lemon Thai for a long time. I must have had the seeds about 5 years now.
  9. I'm done with reused soil for weed. It will feed my tomatoes in another couple of months. I was planning a raised bed and the amount of used canna soil I have should take care of a lot of the raising. For a "weed," reefer is amazingly finicky.
  10. I will be reusing the rest of the soil I have, but not on Cannabis. It's way too valuable a crop. I also figured out why only these three plants were affected -- Almost all my soil was from female plants I had flowered out and stopped giving nutrients about 4 weeks before harvest. A small amount was from a few clones that I had decided not to keep. That was the shit that was too hot. I used it to fill in a small amount of the pots because I had run out of the soil mix I was using. There could be pockets of hotter soil in the rest. Fuck it, I'm putting the former Cannabis soil out in a raised bed garden this spring.
  11. They're in new soil, in 1 gallon smart pots. Whatever the issue, I think it's been dealt with. I hope the rest of them don't develop anything. Now to find my hand lens and start looking for preflowers.
  12. It is recycled soil. It's been a while since I've seen the effects of over-watering, so I thought I'd ask. Odd that it's only these 3 though, which makes me think I'm drowning roots. I'll start with a fresh batch of promix and make a new soil for them.
  13. Yo! I transplanted a bunch of seedlings, around 4 weeks old, on Saturday and Sunday and I think three of the Pineapple Fields plants are drowning. I'm going to transplant them today, into airy soil, but if anyone recognizes anything else here that I'm not picking up on, let's hear it! Oddly, only three of the PF plants were affected, and not any of the Miss U Jack, Lemon Bubba, Peyote Pancakes, Blueberry Quintessas or Lemon Thai. Either PF is more sensitive (I wouldn't be surprised) or I somehow over did it on these three. The last pic shows a Peyote pancake next to one of the affected PFs. Anyway, your 2 cents is welcome. I may not act on ever 2 cents, but who knows?
  14. This setup looks great! Interesting about the Mg deficiency. I wonder if going to brighter light triggers the plant to produce a lot of chlorophyl, beyond the ability of the plants to draw up Mg through the roots, temporarily.
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