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  1. I was thinking, "Damn! Look at the size of those buds, with no support!" Then I noticed the plant was taped to the wall. Looks great.
  2. I think it's pretty certain the number of cases is undercounted, so the death rate that I calculated is way too high. They can probably figure out the approximate number of people who caught the virus eventually, using models, and get a death rate that way. But it will probably be way after we're all lined up for a vaccine.
  3. Anyone who knows Indy is not going to change his/her opinion of him. Anyone else will see two anonymous people - one clearly triggered, the other mostly ignoring.
  4. The death rate from a disease is not calculated by dividing the number of deaths by the population of the world, it's the number of deaths divided by the number of cases, and then multiply by 100. As of this morning — Confirmed cases worldwide: 6,405,000 Reported deaths: 380,773 That's a death rate of 5.9% That's using data from here: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html It is likely that there are more cases than reported, so that death rate is higher than it should be, but that's what we have, until they can model this disease, after the pandemic is over.
  5. This is my favored pheno A plant of Pineapple Fields at 9 weeks. She's getting chopped this weekend, at 10 weeks. No new nanners appeared. It seemed like she attempted a few quick male flowers and then gave it up. Good girl! I'm going to leave a lower branch and reveg to get a clone from her. For some reason, some of the PF is just a little finicky about rooting for me — particularly the pheno A plants.
  6. It's been a few days since I clipped off any buds with the necrosis thing going on. No more have appeared. The plant is more toward the middle of the tent now, directly under the main light. It had been in a corner, directly under one of my death-ray UV tubes. Not getting any more of these dead areas on the same plant, or any others in the tent, makes me think it has something to do with the UV somehow being directed intensely in a few spots, due to the corner position and the reflective material on the tent walls. I'll have a look under intense magnification (I saw nothing fungus-like under a 20X hand lens).
  7. @Toker: Do you have a blue tooth speaker? If not, get one and download an app on your phone, called Sleep Pillow. I got used to tree frogs when I lived in the Carolinas. It took me about a year to believe that a little frog made a noise like that.
  8. Today marks 9 weeks in flower. The Lemon Bubba came down last weekend, she's still drying, but close. The advanced taste buds have been great. It's worth smoking, but low yields. The Blueberry Quintessa that hermied also came out and is hanging. I think I'll chop the other two, soon. The BQs look like I should make hash out of them, but I don't want CBD hash. The one that hermied seems to have little THC. My favorite Pineapple fields (pheno A) popped a few nanners that I tweezed out. I was debating chopping her, but I'm giving her one more week. She's got about 1/3 cloudy trichs and a few amber ones are appearing. The other pheno A is coming along, and will also probably be chopped at 10 weeks. Another one of her buds was mysteriously clipped, so that bud will be available to me next weekend. The other pineapple fields plants are coming along well. The two suspected "roadkill skunk" phenos (pheno B ) are definitely that pheno, but I think rotten fruit/stanky underarm sweat pheno would be more descriptive. They'll go another week or two, judging from an advanced taste of one of them and the look of the trichs. The two pheno C plants (pineapple candy scent) will definitely go 11 weeks, if not a little longer. Miss U Jacks will go 11 weeks, I think, as will the Lemon Thai, so there will be plenty of company for the longer flowering PF phenos. After cutting off any of the buds that have the weird, maybe fungus situation, I noted the terpenes have developed much further than the intense limonene scent I was getting initially. There is definitely more to her than lemon, but I didn't spend time contemplating what I'm noticing, so nothing much to report. The same is true for the Miss U Jacks, except for the short pheno — that one is still very lemony. I'm thinking of leaving the Peyote Pancakes in there another week, but they could get chopped any minute. The week 7 taste was not impressive, so it does not seem to be a short flowering indica. 10 weeks seems generous enough for an indica, though. I am not seeing amber trichs, only cloudy ones and clear ones. Scent is unimpressive. Of course, the same could be said of the scent of Herijuana.
  9. We all know how it is. I was debating between firefly and lemon sunrise for one of my selections. It doesn't seem like you could go wrong. Lemon sunrise won me over because he mentions pine scent. Lemon + pine and my heart is off to the races. I heard him describe the strawberry starburst scent, and it sounds like that is a plant I'll need to grow at sometime or another. He should sell on Sannie's site, and become known in Europe.
  10. A little more — it's only one of the plants. The other two — including the one that requires iron supplements, are fine. All buds with this "condition" were cut off. Yes it is. When I break into one of these buds, it's just the very surface, like it was burned somehow. Buds near the top of the plant are unaffected.
  11. I've been listening to a few select podcasts of his. I get the distinct impression this is a man who likes very potent weed or extracts. I SHOULD just pop the two packs I have and see how they turn out before buying more, but, you know. Me.
  12. I wonder if they somehow got burned from some unfortunate arrangement of the reflective tent lining and the UV death lights?
  13. I grew a Blue Hawaiian from JOTI a few years ago that smelled just like burnt rubber. Not the uplifting Hawaiian I was looking for, but it sure produced.
  14. So what is this? Mildew? I posted over on the sick plants thread, but figured I'd add it to the grow report. Whatever it is, it only affects the Lemon Thai F3. It's only on a few lower buds and doesn't appear to be spreading further. The dead tissue is only at the surface. The buds are not rotting from the stem outwards.
  15. I have 3 of @smilestyle's Lemon Thai F3 plants going. Tomorrow will make it a full 9 weeks in flower, so far. In a tent with 14 other plants in it, at the moment, the Lemon Thai ONLY has a few buds where dead tissue is showing up at the surface of a few buds. I tend to think fungus or some critter that only shows symptoms on plants susceptible to it (whatever it is). It is NOT classic bud rot. The dead stuff is only at the surface and it's only affecting small, lower buds that you would not expect to see bud rot on. Any ideas? Sage advice? Wild ass guesses? It does not seem to be progressing anymore. These showed up a couple of weeks back. Adding a fan on the floor of the tent might have stopped it, if it's a fungus. I do not SEE signs of fungus, other than the dead tissue.
  16. @baqualin is making me buy more seeds again. You know, even though we've never met, few people have gotten me to buy more seeds than you. Let's see - Silverfields, Pineapple Fields, two Irie strains (to be popped within the next two weeks) and who knows what else. Now it looks like I'm being forced at gunpoint to buy more.
  17. A free gram, but now I can't get a haircut until mid-June. It's Woodstock III over here.
  18. No, Indy is a real vertical grower. He lowers the bulb until the base is even with the tops of the plants. The bulbs are not above the plants.
  19. Indican is all about the vertical light grow. He'd be able to tell you if turning the plant or just training it so all the buds were on the lighted side (probably the way to go, or you might end up with plants full of mediocre buds, instead of a plants where you have great buds on one side).
  20. Another advanced taste of Lemon Bubba (same clipper-related incident, perpetrator still at large) reveals that wow, she's really nice. I was already buzzed when I smoked her before bed last night, but she's a really nice buzz — mildly awake buzz for a half hour before relaxation drifts in. Something else I noticed — my weed is much smoother than dispensary weed, and that's uncured. I don't get hard ash from the weed from the main dispensary I've been using, so I figure they must be flushing, but my organic soil weed just kicks butt on smoke-ability. I sure hope Octopot-grown weed can be as smooth. I'll find out soon.
  21. There are some strains where the trichs don't turn amber. I'm not sure if SJ is one of them, but with Shackzilla, you can let them go 13 weeks and never see anything but a clear trich.
  22. A few buds were amputated from plants last weekend in a freak, clipper-related accident. (We're reviewing surveillance tapes to try and understand how this could have happened. There is one suspect.) An advanced taste of my favorite Pineapple Fields plant (a pheno A) revealed that Holy Shit! I love this stuff! I won't be chopping it for probably another 2 weeks, but judging from the weed I get from dispensaries with THC percentages, it must be in the low 20s. I had been thinking that over the years since I've grown it, maybe PF became a legend in my mind and it won't live up to my self-created hype. I was wrong. This stuff kicks ass. I'll do full smoke reports on each plant after drying and curing. Edit: FYI It's the plant in the last two pictures, above.
  23. I think a 12 gauge shotgun would be most effective, but I have to hand it to this medieval fair guy, who took one down with a spear. I thought this happened in the US, but it's from Russia Today, so...
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