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  1. Jeez, talk about digging up an old thread! The original poster left this Earth about 8 or 9 years ago.
  2. After 2 weeks of stretch, the tent is beginning to look a little jungle-like, but not out of control. The vine-like lemon sunrise was moved to the corner, where she can be monitored. I get complaints from the other plants, "Lemon Sunrise is touching me! Tell her to stop!" I've threatened to turn this tent around, but they know it's an empty threat. So LS has been tied and pruned. That back corner has a couple of shorties in it — my whorled phyllotaxy Blueberry Butcher and my short Scarlet Begonias. Both looking good: The tall phenos are playing well together. Here they are with their bound-n-gagged Lemon Sunrise sister: Everything is going well, except fungus gnats have never been worse. The nematodes are not controlling them. I think I'm going to try both Bti and a predatory mite. No real pests, though, just these nuisances.
  3. https://www.marijuanamoment.net/germany-will-legalize-marijuana-and-promote-drug-harm-reduction-governing-party-coalition-officially-announces/ I'm eager to hear the details.
  4. Just before I flipped them and walked out the door on Sunday the plants looked like this: Then, after 5 or 6 days of stretch, no big deal: The only misbehaving girl is the Lemon Sunrise clone. until a few weeks ago, I forgot that when it is topped, the first internodes of the resulting branches grow to be about twice as long as they would normally grow, completely destroying any height-restriction from the topping. She's going to be trouble, as usual. She grows more like a vine than a pot plant. The Roots Organics products seem to be doing a good job. The lights are at about 85 or 90%, no sign burning or cupping at all. We'll see how everything tastes and smells, soon enough. There are plenty of additives I wonder about — kelp, amino acids, etc. I recently interviewed a bunch of farmers (not pot farmers), and one of them was sold on amino acids. I wonder how much "bro science" exists in real-farmer world?
  5. Yeah, it's pricey, but since I run a soil-related business, it came out of the business account. Their regular pH pen is supposed to be great, and it's the reason I was looking at Bluelab in the first place. I hate watching a pH meter slowly work its way to the reading. It makes me avoid taking pH.
  6. For portable pH pens, Hanna and companies like Oakton (or Oak-something) were pretty much it for a while. I had heard about Bluelab being rock-steady and was going to get a normal one, then I saw this thing. My old soil chemistry professor, if he's not dead and rolling in his grave at the existence of this thing, would drop dead and roll over at the existence of this thing. Getting soil pH without doing a slurry was not possible 30 years back. It's not cheap, but it's only about $20 more than my Hanna pH/EC pen. But I'm writing the fucker off as a business expense. I'll take a few pH readings next time I'm in the field.
  7. I was not thrilled with the Hanna pH/conductivity pen I've been using — takes forever to come to a stable reading, so I splurged on a Bluelab soil pH pen. Not only can you use it to measure pH of liquids, you can put it directly into the soil and get good, stable readings. Anyway, after using it, I'm now thrilled. It got just about the same pH putting the probe directly in the soil as the slurry pH. I have a feeling I might go off on a soil pH reading-spree.
  8. I think you've literally medicated everything now.
  9. My job takes me away from my grow for up to 12 days at a time, so I've been through this sort of thing before — even during stretch. It's just been a while, due to the pandemic. I use Blumats for watering when I'm away. They work well for as long as the reservoir lasts.
  10. Aha! That would explain why you seemed like Kanzeon! And had his avatar!
  11. Lights out today will mark the end of 8 weeks veg. They have bushed out a bit. Some of the taller girls had a little super cropping and bending on their tallest branches, but height is not an issue here at the end of vegging. I'm going with my flipping as I head out the door option, leaving them alone for the first 5 days of flower. They'll probably have just woken up from their vegging slumbers when I get back, and no unreasonable stretch will have occurred by then. (I said it. Now it's up cannabis karma to slap me silly.) These girls are poised for greatness. I can feel it in my bones. They got beneficial nematodes this past week, along with a dose of microbes. Everyone is over-joyed, except this bitch: But she seems to be improving. This seems to be extreme Mg deficiency, related to pH. She prefers more acidic soil. Here sister here has similar problems, except she's very vigorous, in spite of my apparent inability to keep acid-loving cannabis plants happy. I may have over-compensated toward making things acidic. But I'm not fucking with this one strain anymore. They're going to be flowered with the rest. There has been a bit of a fungus gnat problem. 10 million nematodes later, I put up a fresh sticky trap. Let's see what it looks like in a couple of weeks. It just occurred to me that when I first started doing grow reports, I'd try to emphasize the positive. Now I highlight the unhappy plants and speculate as to why they failed me.
  12. Now it looks like I'm leaving Sunday night and returning Friday. Flipping a week before I leave is OUT. The other two options are not as worrisome.
  13. It's the end of 7 weeks of veg, everyone has been up-potted to 5 gallon containers, and these gals need to be flipped. Unfortunately I will be away for about 8 days during stretch!!!! It's like deja vu all over again. I have the choice of flipping them this weekend and being present for the first week of stretch and missing the second, or flipping the following weekend, missing the first week of stretch, but leaving them to veg another week. Which would be preferable? The third option is flipping around Thanksgiving week, after way more vegging than I've ever done. I'm leaning toward flipping this weekend, training, bending and twisting for the first week of stretch and letting them rip for 8 days, unsupervised. Regardless here they are. SB = Scarlet Begonias, BB = Blueberry Butcher, DH = Dark Hollow, LS = Lemon Sunrise. The pot with LS in it is actually two clones of a mama plant that went into flower. Then I revegged and took cuts. They're up to 3-leaflet leaves now. They're not going to produce much, but they will produce it a few days shy of 8 weeks. Not to mention I just love Lemon Sunrise. Structurally, Scarlet Begonias has two phenos here — tall and branchy vs. short and bushy/xmas tree type. The SBs in the center and center bottom of the photo are both the branchy type. The Blueberry Butchers are all bushy, xmas tree types. I've been told there's a tall pheno, too, but I didn't get it. The DH plants are both tall and branchy. The one in the lower left corner wants more acidic soil. I think I gave it to her yesterday, so we'll see if she improves. I abandoned the idea of doing a side-by-side of a lightly defoliated plant vs. an undefoliated plant. The BBs are way too bushy not to do some defoliating on, for both air circulation and uncovering growing points that will produce a nice bud if uncovered.. The lights are cranked up to about 80-85%. I'm going to try for higher. I seem to have gotten a handle on the increased nutrient needs to prevent burning them. Almost all will show slight Mg deficiency, in spite of Cal/Mag or epsom salts with every watering, and a good dose of alfalfa meal in the soil.
  14. We only have ruby throats. They migrate almost like clockwork: Males arrive in May > Females arrive a week or two later > Population increases > Males leave by end of August > Everyone else leaves by end of Sept. > stragglers through early October > Sad Mr. Dirt Drowns sorrows in marijuana > Males arrive in May...
  15. It's almost the end of week 5 of veg, and everybody seems to be happy. I decided to try some minor defoliating — just removing some of the giant fan leaves to let the light hit those lower tops. Obviously, that one right up front has not lost many of her big fan leaves yet, but her sister did: I left the fan leaves at the top. We'll see how she does compared with the one up front. Both are Blueberry Butchers. Obviously I'm not yet game for the kinds of massive defoliating I've seen people do.
  16. I'm going to have to germ some of these. At my house, the end of summer is the day we see our last hummingbird. It ended on October 2 this year.
  17. Sorry to see you go, but the place isn't what it used to be.
  18. It just occurred to me I haven't posted a pic of the whole stinkin' bunch. So here's the whole, stinkin' bunch, taken on Sunday, after I transplanted into 8" (20 cm) square pots: The four in smaller pots are Lemon Sunrise clones and a Peyote Pancake clone. The LS mom flowered in the mom tent, because not transplanting it from the tiny pot I had it in made it cry, so single leaflets are the order of the day. Since I'm vegging and there's room, why have the mom tent running? One more transplant before the flip and my tent should be full. If not, a couple of those lemon sunrises are getting flipped along with the seed babies.
  19. You can vape pollen hash in a Mighty. There are likely other dry weed vapes that will work, too. https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-how-to-vape-hash-and-which-vaporizer-to-choose-n1243 You can sandwich the hash powder between two layers of weed in the chamber to keep it from gumming up the works. It also comes with a metal gauze pad for this purpose, but I haven't used it.
  20. A while back I worked for the Dept. of Natural Resources in a southeastern state. We had a couple of game wardens (full police officers) who made some of the best moonshine around. Or at least that's what the other people who were sipping it said. I can't say the word good entered my head when I tried it.
  21. The final tally is: Scarlet Begonias: 4 girls, 6 boys Blueberry Butcher: 3 girls, 1 boy Dark Hollow: 2 girls, 1 boy All pH and other issues seem to have been cleared up by transplanting and switching to a different method of growing — still using organic products, but in a less-than-organic way. I'm not depending on the soil microbes to act in any kind of timely manner to deliver nutrients, the girls are getting supplemental feeds for the rest of the grow, with less added to the soil. I'll continue playing with organic, to see if I can find a mix that meets the demands of LEDs, but not this grow. My local shop has Roots Organics products, and I'm using a few of those (though not the entire lineup, which includes about a dozen products). They're in week 5 of veg, which means they're in week 5 of life in the way I count veg time. There are two scarlet Begonia phenos, based on structure: a classic, well-behaved Xmas tree type and a taller, wilder one. I have two of each: This is the Xmas tree type. The one in the back is one of the wild-assed ones. She had been topped about a week ago, because she was way taller than the rest. She was the same height as the boys. Here she is, at an angle that doesn't show how much bigger she is: But I can tell, from the look in her eye, that she will require strict discipline [insert sound of cracking whip here]. This is one of the Blueberry Butchers. She appears to be a classic Xmas tree shape, too. The Dark Hollow plants also have similar structure phenos — a tall wilder one and a classic Xmas tree one. The strain descriptions describe all of them as tall plants, so the stretch could be interesting. BTW, I never used kelp products before, but they seem to like it. The parts of the Roots lineup I'm using is Buddha Grow, Buddha Bloom (I have not cracked open that bottle yet), Trinity (which is one of their kelp products) and their Cal/Mag. No sign of burn, even in pots that received dry nutes mixed in with the soil, and no sign of any new Mg burn patterns. You can see what I am calling an "Mg burn pattern" on one of the leaves on the lower left of the plant in the 3rd pic.
  22. You don't need the dome. I don't have one and never lost a cut.
  23. I have one of these: https://hydrobuilder.com/turboklone-klone-machine-no-dome-24-or-96-sites.html?opts=eyJhdHRyaWJ1dGU1MzkiOiIzNTUyIn0= Pics 2-4 and 7 show the fan. It just attaches to the outside, barely uses any electricity. I have not lost a single clone with this thing, but I keep it clean — running 3% H2O2 through it, on occasion.
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