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  1. Uh-oh. Stoner Alert! All seeds germed, but for some reason, nothing came up in one of the Supa Durban pots. I scraped away soil slowly, only to find no trace of a seed in there. Then, this morning, in one of the SD pots, I see this: OK. Clearly that other SD seed made its way into this pot. But where did the 3rd seedling come from??? I use the paper towel method. I KNEW how many seeds I had taken out of the packs and germed. All germed. Now it seems that I have a record breaking 112.5% germ rate! Wait, whut? Where did this extra seed come from? Maybe that one on the right isn't cannabis. [Uh-huh, whatever you say, Mr. Dirt.] Well, now I have to grow these out, don't I?
  2. They're going to swallow Ukraine and the cold war is on again. Not sure what else is in store.
  3. You have to apply. Not that it's difficult. I sent him an email and next thing you know...
  4. Well, this grow might change abruptly. A breeder (couldn't be Irie, could it?) was looking for testers, so I volunteered. He's sending some mystery fem seeds. If I can get my act together, like by adding 12 hours to each day, I might have this grow going along with the test grow. Well, we'll see what happens, but I strongly believe Motherlode, not being huge plants, will stay. Supa Durban's chances are somewhat lower. It could be fun or it could be hectic trying to do all this. Sure hope the tester plants ring the bell.
  5. BTW, I stopped using my old 8-tube, 4' t-5 light in this 2' x 4' tent and replaced them with two HLG 65W V2 lights, while they were on sale last month. We'll see if it's enough to get them through 3 or 4 weeks of veg, which the t-5s were able to do. I should have grabbed one of those HLG Blackbirds for my 4' x 4' at the time, but cheaped out after spending too much during the holidays.
  6. While I usually avoid posting seedling pics, what the hell — for the record and science! Everyone has come up, except one of the Supa Durbans. I know it germed, as I use the paper towel method. One of the Cinnamon Rollz elongated its stem, as if it wasn't getting enough light, but that might have had something to do with a seed shell that it couldn't shed for a while. Anyway, 100% germ rate. Cold is slowing life down in the grow. Clones are rooting, but slowly. They should be in pots by the end of the week. BTW, I'm done with winter. To the snowstorm on the horizon, later this week: bite me!
  7. Why don't they vote out the sheriff and Board of Supervisors?
  8. Sometimes I need the cayenne pepper TP.
  9. You must have snagged that orange-gasm a number of months back. Irie fems are nowhere to be found now. I hear they will be out again in a couple of months. I may have to see what Lemon Jeffrey is about. When a guy names a strain after himself, that could mean something important.
  10. Sounds like a lot of the businesses lobbying to release the reefer are from the Bay City area. That's where my brother buys his weed (unless I give it to him, which I have recently done).
  11. Jeez, what horse shit. I haven't bought flower from a dispensary since before the recall happened. I'll keep it that way. Do they mention the shops that pressured the state? Probably chains, like House of Dank.
  12. It's tough to choose which unknowns to depend on, with only one "production tent." I need to get 2 production tents going at all times — one for tried and true clones and one for new-to-me seed plants. When I add the circuit for that, I'll take a lot more risks in seed exploration.
  13. The 5 x 5 tent is lonely, so I had to start another grow. A couple of Motherlode fem seeds, a couple of Cinnamon Rollz fem seeds, a few of Dynasty's Supa Durban seeds (regulars), along with clones of Scarlet Begonias, Peyote Pancake and maybe Dark Hollow (we'll see how many seeds pop and are girls before DH gets back in there). Motherlode is, of course, available at Sannie's. Supa Durban SHOULD be available at Sannie's. I saw it on another seed seller's site and grabbed it. Cinnamon Rollz is a freebie given to me by another seed bank, from a breeder called LIT, for Lost in Translation. It is Pancakes x Runtz. I know nothing about the breeder or Pancakes, but Runtz seems to be a fad in the US market now. Maybe not to the extent of GSC, but every dispensary seems to have Runtz or Runtz crosses on their menus. All seeds looked healthy when I began their 24 hour soak, though a couple of the seeds in the Cinnamon Rollz look like they're immature and won't pop. If they weren't freebies, I'd be pissed: The birds might like them. The clones going in: Scarlet Begonias was the star of my recently completed grow — High flying sativa dom without danger of newbies having paranoid breaks from reality. Whenever I do a hit, it cuts through whatever buzz I've got — even when doing edibles. I can't say that would be true for med patients who use a massive amount of edible products. Peyote Pancake was from Sannie's, a few years ago, but the breeder never restocked. A good, powerful, no-mind-spark/cerebral activity indica dom. Great for sleeping purposes for me, but a friend of mine likes it during the day. Dark Hollow is maybe a 60% indica dom, but has significant mind-spark/cerebral activity along with a strong body effect. I like it, though I can't say I will be keeping it forever. Maybe for crosses when I start crossing LT F3 to likely candidates. I seem to prefer three kinds of weed buzzes: 1. Powerful sativa doms with edgy, racy aspects. 2. Powerful sativa doms WITHOUT edgy, racy aspects, that are major mood elevators (Scarlet Begonias, for example!) 3. Knock-out indicas. Dark Hollow doesn't fit. I may have to develop a liking for it. Lemon Sunrise is not appearing this grow. I'm thinking the Supa Durban might satisfy my edgy, racy sativa dom needs. I have a jar full curing, at this moment. I find I no longer go to my go-to sativa, since Scarlet Begonias came along. This lineup may change, depending on when clones root, seeds sprout and numbers of females in the Supa Durban seeds.
  14. I'll do actual smoke reports soon, but I took Scarlet Begonias, Blueberry Butcher and Dark Hollow to a family get-together this past weekend. SB supply was finished by midday Saturday, so that should give an idea of relative popularity. B. Butcher was out by Saturday night, Dark Hollow stuck around until the end. Someone else brought a Runtz cross, from a dispensary. There was plenty of that left.
  15. Larf can be important when that's what you've got.
  16. Blueberry Butcher (Blueberry Cookies x Jack the Ripper F2) Scent is pine/menthol with a fruity background. This one also has a touch of a nasty stank. Powerful, energetic and silly buzz, though the yield is no more than average. It can definitely induce paranoia in newbies.
  17. That's what we're talking about. See the link in the first post.
  18. What's the best method for making hash? Ice and filter bags? By "best" I mean the product.
  19. Uh-oh, terrible news! According to the article: "We tested THC. It does not work. Furthermore, when we added THC to CBD, it prevented CBD from blocking the replication of the virus," Rosner said. Fucking great, THC! You rained on my parade! Oh, I suppose I can forgive you...
  20. I'll run cuts in 2/3 of the tent, and a few fems I've never grown before in the other 1/3. I can't get enough of the mystery of doing seed runs. Eventually I'll have another "production" tent going, and I'll do seeds in one tent and clones in the other.
  21. Taking a break from my usual intelligent conversation threads to say, "Who's a bunny?"
  22. If this was an in vitro study, it would be pretty hard for lay people to figure out. What dosage does it take to bring CBDa concentrations up to the needed level? I wonder if directly applying it somehow to the places of entry — nostrils, mouth, throat, would do it? Well, who the eff knows. (Eff, because this is a family pothead website.)
  23. They probably don't have recommended dosages yet, but I'm sure people are trying to figure it out. Too bad I gave away my Blueberry Quintessa seeds. I really have no idea how much CBD they had. The plants I grew out had very little THC, that's for sure. I would think dispensaries will start selling CBDa in raw form, as they do THCa.
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