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    Drum roll, please...

    Greetings, Cannabis fans! I'm back and seeds are a sproutin'. I opened up my time capsule of a seeds stash, and chose strains by: 1. the kind of weed I think I've been missing and 2. the age of the seeds — The "youngest" seeds I have are over 4 years old. So far I started: 10 Holy Princess (all popped, but one committed suicide by jumping from my hands when I was planting it in media, and likely fell through a wormhole and is now in another galexy) 5 Cheeseberry — this was half a pack, leftover from a pack I bought around 2012. All popped. 10 Nepalma — so far, 7 have popped, one committed suicide, like the missing HP, two more are left that I still haven't given up on. 2 Shackzilla — 2 left from a 5 pack I bought in 2012, both popped. 5 Sweet Spot — This is a Santero creation (line 4.3) that was produced in February of 2014. All popped. 5 God Bud (JOTI) — I had these since about 2013, never tried them. I need an indica in the grow, and may add a few from Indican, that he sent me about 4 or 5 years ago. 2 Willie Nelson — These are the oldest. They are Reeferman's original WN — the stuff that takes 18 weeks in flower — and I purchase them before Reeferman's total meltdown, but that still makes them around 9 years old! So far, neither one has popped. I don't expect them to, but I had to give them a shot. When I grew them in the past, they took 4 days after soaking to pop, which is rather long. It's now been three days — I'll give them through the weekend. The HP and Shackzilla are two strains I feel I've been "missing," even though I never actually tried HP. The description's final words, "Like red fruits on speed," made me realize I miss racy weed. Shackzilla is a longer-flowering sativa dom, which you just can't get commercially in dispensaries. The WN is one of the speediest weeds I've ever smoked, plus, it's ancient and I need to see if it's still alive. The Nepalma was put in there because I feel I'm missing Nepalese hash, or something remotely related to it. I realize it's a hybrid. I also never grew a USC strain. Cheese Berry has an exquisite body buzz, plus it's pretty damned old. Santero's sweet spot is in there because… because. I'm always harkening back to days of popping Esko strains, and this remix of some Esko work just might be fun. God Bud is in there because JOTI does have a talent for indicas, and I always wanted to try it. Also, it's about 5 years old. What didn't make it this time? Smilestyle's Lemon Thai F3. I started thinking I was too sativa heavy, and since these are relatively young seeds I don't expect to be keeping any males, but who knows. Madmaster lives nearby, and he said something about doing an open pollination with the HP, but I might just hold onto the males and cross them with the best female I find. The "grow room," or grow region, as it is in this house, is still under construction. I have so many options that I've never had before in my infamous attic grow, that it might be a while before I'm satisfied with it. Yak atcha later, ladies and gents.
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    Growing Just Cozz

    I fill my own peat pots now, then tear the peat pot off when transplanting, if the roots haven't penetrated yet. I used coco pellets for the grow I'm doing now, and they were packed too tightly, so that the seedling would push itself out of the pot, instead of pushing the root through the soil. It's ridiculous. I don't see how any seedling could have pushed a root through those things.
  3. Misterdirt

    Explain to me what happened to Dutch

    I hope not. the 70s, in the US cannabis scene, was benign neglect. That was fine, but it was followed by Just Say No and decades of crackdown. This is new, and hopefully coming to a state near you.
  4. Misterdirt

    Most Odd Place you have Lived

    Was that you with the red hair on Six Feet Under?
  5. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    You really get to choose on a number of characteristics. But the one that has about 1 flower per leaf… It would have to be the most powerful shit on the planet for that to be a keeper. Hopefully it will frost up and I can just process it into hash.
  6. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    I prefer long-flowering sativa doms too, but there are a lot of hybrids that are 60-70 indica that are powerful and kick ass. Most purer indicas don't do as much for me. And those old Esko strains like chocolate cheese and Cheeseberry seemed to me to be a bit over on the indica side of 50/50.
  7. Misterdirt

    Growing Just Cozz

    That sucks, but the exact same thing happened to me. I used peat pellets for years, then I must have gotten a batch that had too fine a grind on the peat, or something. it just held water too tightly. More than half the seeds croaked.
  8. Misterdirt

    Explain to me what happened to Dutch

    In this state and probably all the other legal states, it's not going to become illegal again. It's like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. The longer it's legal, the less inclined people are to oppose it. That's not to say stupid political and bureaucratic bullshit doesn't occur. We have legal weed in MI, but no legal way to buy or sell it (you can just HAVE it and use it). We won't have that until sometime in 2020. We also had someone on some medical marijuana board (or, as they spell it in MI state government, "Marihuana") who was against medical marijuana, so he'd force arbitrary requirements on licensing growers, dispensaries, etc. and drag his feet in doing anything. Thankfully, the new governor dumped this entire board.
  9. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    It's JOTI's. A few years ago, I bought his Blue Hawaiian and they turned out to be some mystery indica seeds. He made up for it, but what I learned was JOTI has some killer indicas! Around that time, Esko said he was planning an indica breeding program, based partly on God Bud. I figured it must have some scent and flavor. I don't know if you've ever grown Heri, but the ones I grew were unfamiliar with the ideas of scent and flavor. They did have that dry coffee scent, but the coffee scent of reefer is probably the lamest of all scents.
  10. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    Here are my two God Bud girls. I fondly refer to them as God Bud A and God Bud B. They still have some pine in their scent, but there is also a strong, sweet fruitiness now. They're getting beefy. Not much in the way of burn from the tanning salon I provided for them. If I was only growing this strain, I might not know there was a problem with the UV lights. I did snap the main stalk of good ol' A, but she seems to have repaired herself. These are SHORT plants. A is about 18 inches, B is about 14 inches (45 cm and 35 cm). They branch only slightly, but might branch more if vegged longer. I think this is probably best grown in a SOG, which could create problems if trying to stay under a legal limit. I think I'd want to put 16 in a 5' x 5' tent (about 150 cm x 150 cm).
  11. Misterdirt

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    There's a much longer window for harvesting a sativa dom than an indica dom. I agree with everyone who suggested going longer. Unless you see trichs going amber and the only white pistils are at the tip of the bud, the window isn't closing yet.
  12. Misterdirt

    2019 octopot first run

    I love getting this trial and error tutorial.
  13. Misterdirt

    Growing Just Cozz

    You had a seedsitter? That could have caused a drowning, if they don't grow much in the way of weed. If those are peat pellets, they can often hold too much water for reefer seedlings. I killed a bunch a few years back. If there was a little water in the bottom of that tray, they could have been waterlogged without any oxygen in the soil.
  14. Misterdirt


    If that's anything like Lemon Bubba, it's going in my next grow.
  15. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    Remember that old Reese's Peanut Butter Cup You got your chocolate in my peanut butter commercial? http://instantrimshot.com/index.php?sound=rimshot&play=true
  16. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    And only 13 weeks to go!
  17. Misterdirt

    Missing Seed Order: Update

    The first time I attempted to buy seeds online was through Nirvana. A neighbor of mine split with his wife and he moved out. A few months later, she moved out and their house was vacant for months, so I used his address as my safe addy. Wouldn't you know, a week later HE MOVED BACK IN! So I hope he enjoyed the "AK-48" and White Widow.
  18. Misterdirt

    Drum roll, please...

    It's 5 weeks and 2 days into 12/12, so here's a little update on the strains less grown in the tent. The first pic, assuming they come up in the order I uploaded them, is the Willie Nelson girl. Exactly the kind of leaves you'd expect from an 18 weeker. The character/structure of the buds is great, as long-flowering sativas go. The next pics show the variation in bud structure of Nepalma. I sure hope the two with the nicest bud structure turn out to be keepers, but who knows? Most have hybrid-looking leaves, but one with what I would call the poorest bud structure has wide, indica-like leaves. Several of these plants look like good candidates for hash production. In all fairness, Nepalma is a 12 week strain. These gals are only about 1/3 through flower. Still, it's clear that some will look much nicer than others. Observations on using death-ray UV t-5 tubes: Some strains put up with the punishment without complaint — like Nepalma. No burn at all on them from the 1/2-hour per day treatment. The Willie is similar. Shackzilla has some leaf burn, but they stay dark green and don't want to let go of the stem if you try to pull one loose. Holy Princess and Sweet Spot both suffer more, BUT I think it's because they were slightly nitrogen deficient after a couple of weeks in flower. When I mixed the soil up, I put fewer nutes into the soil for most Holy P plants and Sweet Spot, thinking that Esko strains and strains developed from Esko strains would want fewer nutes. So all those plants suffered, EXCEPT for one Holy P that accidentally got a larger dose of nutes. So anyway, if using death-ray UV bulbs, nute-up!
  19. Misterdirt

    High CBD strain

    I've tried CBD caps, but I only bought my first CBD strain seeds a few weeks ago — Blueberry Quintessa. I don't think that strain would give you a high ratio, though. It's more like 1:1 and lower. A lot of weed back in the 70s had some CBD in it, and it's a familiar feeling to me. It was sort of a "so that's what made shitty weed feel like this!" moment. I don't personally miss it, but I could see making edibles with it for sleep.
  20. Misterdirt

    Honey badger haze. 77 days pheno.

    I think the lower cost Dynasty strains will be available as freebies. I either heard that here or high levels of THC made me think I heard it here.
  21. Misterdirt

    Growing Just Cozz

    Don't worry. Rats, cockroaches and disease-carrying mosquitoes aren't what's going extinct. We make good habitats for them.
  22. Misterdirt

    Hooking up my heatmat diy style

  23. Misterdirt

    First Car you ever owned and got stoned in :)

    I didn't actually OWN a car until I was about 23 or 24. I was the only user of the family 1965 Buick Wildcat when I was in high school. It seated 7 stoners, including the driver. The seats were like sofas. I believe it got about 7-8 miles/gallon.
  24. Misterdirt

    High CBD strain

    If you have a high ratio like that (16:1), no one is getting high. It should definitely calm her down. Just like THC strains, you'll get different phenos, some with high CBD:THC ratios, some low. Do all the Charlotte Angel phenos have a high ratio? For a sleep aid, my wife loves a 50:50 ratio.
  25. Misterdirt

    Oldschoolsg's Garden

    It's sounding like Holy P and me will get along well. I'm a fan of racy. Before Esko dropped out of the Cannabis seed biz, I got a pack of each. I had already grown a pack of CB, but I've never grown the other two, until the Holy P in my grow today. Eventually I'll have a good representative of each of the three strains. Oddly, the first time I grow Chucky, I popped 5 and got 1 male, 1 female and the other three didn't pop. The female has the same structure as the Holy P I'm growing now, and smelled just like the Holy P I'm growing now. It was racy as hell, and I loved it and lost the cut. Esko said it was just a C99 dominant pheno, but I wonder if a Holy P seed accidentally got into my bag of Chucky seeds. I guess we'll never know. So I take it it's a speed and crash strain?