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  1. I got up this morning, checked on the girls, and they were staging some kind of walk-out protest. I don't speak their language, so I don't know what they were whining about. Since they were out anyway, I took clones from each, changed the carbon filter and did some light pruning/defoliation. It worked out for everyone. Or me, anyway. And when you're dealing with members of the plant kingdom, that's all that matters.
  2. Looks like an interesting project. Never occurred to me, for some reason.
  3. With both of those strains, there are winners to be found, but there are also some freaks (I think polyhybrids x polyhybrids can do this). In my recent PF grow, I had 6 girls: 2 keepers, two that were pretty good, but I'm not keeping, and two freaky ones that have shitty buds and low potency. If you pop a couple of seeds and get freaks, you could get the wrong idea about the strain. Something similar happened with my CCK grow, years ago. One pheno was stellar, the other was a bunch of cabbage-like buds that were almost all leaf. It made fantastic hash, but again — if you only crack a couple of seeds and you get the occasional bad pheno, you might be turned off the strain before you find gold.
  4. When I got there, I parked on the outskirts of the area where the cars were. By the time I got out, my car was surrounded by hundreds more cars. I lost all my landmarks! Then I noticed a remarkable number of people out for an aimless stroll...
  5. I flipped them on Sunday or Monday (sorry, I can barely remember to eat lunch, lately), so it seems like time for a Meet The Girls post. A cotillion of cannabis debutantes, if you will. I didn't know what "debs" or debutantes were, until I lived in the south. I still kind of don't know what they are. It seems like there's some custom, among high society in the SE USA, to have a big party when a girl/woman is considered eligible for marriage, or something like that. Weird crap, they get their pics in the paper, blah, blah, blah. But anyway, on with the coming out party. First, @santero's Killer Cookies: Yes, it's my lovely basement with great lighting. The red level on the left is exactly 2 feet long, for scale. There seem to be 2 structural phenos — tall and spindly vs. somewhat shorter and heavy-stemmed. This might become meaningless as the grow continues. Here are the two on the right, to give a better idea. I didn't top any of the Killer Cookies, because they were cracked later than others, and I figured they'd have a better chance competing for light if they had one main stem. Obviously the spindly one branches much more readily: I'm guessing the one on the left is Killer Queen dominant and the one on the right GSC dominant? I've never grown either strain. So there seem to be two of each structural phenotype. Here are the other two: And now, Pink Lemonade. As I recall, I got these at Mosca's booth at some medical cannabis cup event here in MI, before I had a med card. Yeah, I got hold of a wrist band, greased up the hand and next thing ya know, I'm in there, stoned as all living fuck on free dabs, and I'm buying seeds — even though I had no place to grow them at the time, and wouldn't for another year and a half! Did I mention free dabs at literally every fucking booth in the place? Anyway, getting off topic. I'll tell you about the search for my car in the parking lot another time. OK, here we go. Look at these two. Using my intimate knowledge and experience with cannabis over many decades, I'm going to say we have a short pheno and a tall pheno here. The one on the right is the tall pheno. Any questions? Now for the Irie strains. This is Storm Front, the cross between White Widow and Rasta Jeff's magical, everything's gonna be all right Arise male. Very uniform structure to these two. The main difference you see is that I topped the one on the left. It reduced the height by about 5 cm, compared to the untopped one. I don't sense ~trouble~ from these two. I think they may fall into my category of well-behaved indoor plants. The next three are the Lemon Sunrise plants. Irie has a fem strain called Lemon Jeffrey. I listened to a podcast on the fem strain, and the advice given seems like it applies to this one. It's a bit stretchy. Each has been topped, and as soon as that happened, the first branches to come out had extra-long internodes, kind of negating the height-reduction effect of the topping. Looks like I'll be doing some LST and stalk squashing on these girls. Maybe early pruning, as well. As mentioned in the podcast on the fem mother, this strain seems to be a nutrient hog — especially with Mg. There is 1/4 cup of dolomitic limestone per gallon of soil, for a total of 1.25 cups of dolomite per pot, and they STILL got Mg deficiency symptoms on the lower leaves. Thats 0.3 liters of dolomite per 19 liters of soil, for those who don't use what we so fondly refer to as "the English system" of weights and measures. And finally, in an encore appearance, Peyote Pancake. Her clones branch out like crazy. Grown from seed, she wants to grow as a single cola, with smaller branches that parallel the main stalk. I guess this is another strain I'm due to write a smoke report for. Or did I do that already? Did I write that or just think it? I'l find out after I hit Submit Reply, I guess. Edit: After re-reading this, I think you deserve to know that today's writing style was brought to you by @ProfessorP's Pineapple Fields, pheno C! So go to Sannie's Shop and buy some seeds!
  6. I don't know. @smilestyle distributed them after he made them, and that was years ago. As mentioned, this will not be the end of the line for this strain. If I get something worth keeping, the seeds will be widely distributed.
  7. Well, I've been working on some Lemon Thai F3 weed the last couple of days, except near bedtime. For me, it's a fairly unique plant, though I don't have a keeper this round. First, the great part — scent and taste. This stuff smells like you've shoved a straw up your nose and snorted dry lemonade mix. It is remarkable. For a while during the grow I was starting to sense other terps, besides limonene, but now I think that is pretty much it. And it is intense. On the way home from the field yesterday, I lite up a joint (rare for me, as I generally smoke bowls). This must be the best tasting weed I've ever smoked. So for scent and taste, 10 and 10. Bud structure is odd. If perfect, rock hard, indica-dom buds are 10, these would be down around 4, though they are much better than any other Thai dominant strain that I've seen. The buds are mostly tails — almost like claws, but the trimming is EASY. The non-10 buds are not really a big deal to me, but they could be important to some. If I like a strain, it looks the way it looks. For potency, I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10. None of the three girls I had was very potent. It is true that I have been smoking A LOT lately, and if I were smoking less that could go up to a 7. The buzz is high-flying and a little energizing. Definitely daytime smoke. In spite of the potency score, I really like this stuff. I don't have a keeper, but I have more seeds. All three plants were super-lemony, like this one. I will grow it again, with something that might kick up the potency in a cross. At this point I'm thinking of pollinating @santero's Lemon Bubba with a male Lemon Thai. Which reminds me, I'll have to do a smoke report on that Lemon Bubba. I did find a keeper (my only girl) on that one. REGARDLESS: @smilestyle made and distributed these seeds a few years back (at least 5 years) so there might not be many around anymore. If you have them, and you're into lemony goodness, you have to crack them. When I cross it with Lemon Bubba, or whatever candidate, I'll test them and send them out, if worthy. But that will be next year. My current grow will go through most of October, and the next one will hog the rest of 2020. BTW, while we're on the subject of 2020, I'm giving the year a 1 out of 10. I do not recommend 2020.
  8. Several plants from my last grow were keepers. The two pineapple fields keepers were: Pheno A, described by @ProfessorP as "50/50 pheno exhibiting traits from both parents and nearly a perfect plant. 9-10 weeks bloom, chunky buds/good yielder. PM resistant, purple hues and a amazing pineapple/candy/dank smell." I believe it's this pheno: The scent of this one was pineapple, melon and spice. It is not what I would call the "pineapple candy" pheno, because pheno C was much more like pineapple candy, but there is a bit in the scent. The effects are in the range of what the dispensaries around here would call a "60% sativa". It gives a smooth, heavy hit. Good for gatherings (of under 10, socially distanced people who are not sharing pipes or joints), outdoor activities, etc. Buds have a nice structure and are relatively solid. If rock-hard buds are a 10, this is a 6-7 Bag appeal is great For potency I would give it a 9 out of 10. Based on the dispensary weed with cannabinoid percentages from test labs that I've tried, I would guess this is around 23% THC and similar THC cannabinoids. I have not tested it, though might when I grow it again. The other one I really liked was a pheno C: "20% MsUniverse pheno that takes the longest to bloom (10-11 weeks) but the skyrocket high is well worth the wait. Pineapple/haze smells and flavors bless the senses when this lady is in the area." To me, this was the "pineapple candy" pheno. Very sweet smelling, very pineapple. The scent is, as you might guess, pure pineapple candy. Effects are soaring and racy. It is quite conceivable that a newbie could get a little paranoid with it, so as you can imagine, I REALLY like it's effects. A dispensary might call it around 75% sativa Buds have a nice structure, but they are fluffy. If rock hard buds are a 10, these are 5. Bag appeal is good. For potency, I'd say it's about a 9, as well. It might be slightly less potent than the other pheno I just described, but it's hard to say when the buzz is different. I have one other pheno to review here. That will probably come in another week. One thing to say about this strain is that it is a huge amount of fun to grow, trying to figure out which pheno is which. There is big variation within the same phenotype, in the way of potency and bud structure. But out of 6 females, two were keepers. If you get a pack, grow them all out.
  9. The final count is 12 plants, unless my preflower identification superpowers have failed me. 4 out of 5 Killer Cookies seeds were girls 2 out of 3 Pink Lemonades were girls 3 out of 4 Lemon Sunrises were girls 2 out of 5 Storm Fronts were girls 11 out of 17 isn't bad. So far, the "ethylene treatments" seem to work in tipping the balance toward females. The revegged plant is still back there in the upper left corner. I'll take cuts of the rest of them this weekend, make sure my Pineapple Fields cut made it, and then she can visit the compost heap, with her sisters.
  10. "green leaf sprinkled grits w/cheese and garlic" Who makes that strain?
  11. I've been burning the candle at both ends lately, but I'm almost ready to flip to 12/12. Started final transplanting last night and got a total of four, yes FOUR plants up-potted. I'll get the rest tonight. The grow, so far, seems to be: 3 Killer Cookies girls, 1 unknown, 1 male 1 Pink Lemonade girl, 1 unknown, 1 male 3 Lemon Sunrise girls, 1 male 2 Storm Front girls, 3 males 1 Peyote Pancake clone from the last run So that's either 10, 11 or 12 in a 5' x 5' tent. That's pretty much in the normal range — except I'll probably have to do some bondage on the Lemon Sunrise girls, or they'll likely try to kiss the bulb. The four transplanted are toward the rear, with the Storm Front near the middle of the tent and the Lemon Sunrises to the right and also the one directly behind the Storm Front. The ones up front are sexed and unsexed Killer Cookies and Pink Lemonades. Then there's the revegged Pineapple Fields keeper (probably the only PF I'm keeping) in the rear left corner. One of her clones rooted, so it looks like the zombie plant will finally be allowed die. Better start cloning.
  12. Ah, the advantage of soil… vacation! Get a set of Blumats and… extended vacation! Of course there's no way you'd get the yield.
  13. This site is a bit sleepy these days, but Sannie's Shop is as reliable as ever.
  14. Using 3% peroxide instead of water, either straight or diluted up to half, works wonders keeping the brown rot away and giving the roots a better chance.
  15. I've heard Quantum is a good brand, as Chinese knockoffs go, but I have no personal experience. Are you looking for a direct replacement for a 200W, or do you want a more powerful light? What are the dimensions of each, and will those dimensions work for your grow space? Do you have a tent? I just bought an LED light from Mars Hydro that I intend to use for mother plants and vegging, which also has the UV+IR LEDs. The spectrum looks very similar to the ones you're looking at.
  16. I'm not sure how many people take a magnifier to find the tiny, primordial preflowers, but one of the Storm Fronts is giving me fits. [Years ago, I thought everyone did this to sex plants faster. Then I found out no, most people have the patience to wait another couple of days.] If you look close at the micro-flowers as they develop, the girls develop a little cone-like spike, and eventually a pistil pops out. The boys develop a structure on a pedestal, that can either be long or like a ball. The outside of the primordial male flower has a lot going on, with overlapping scales curling this way and that. These flowers are much smaller than the ones you'll see on your buds. This storm front has a cone, but it has stripes on its sides. It is not on a pedestal, like typical male primordial flowers. I may have to flip it to figure it out. It hasn't popped a pistil.
  17. As far as edibles go, I generally use Wana brand gummies. They're 10 mg, and will keep me down for the count for 4-6 hours, using them for sleep. If I want a longer stretch, I'll go to 20 or 25 or as high as 50. But I haven't done 50 mg in a couple of years, so maybe I'm over it.
  18. That's the one I want.
  19. This seems complicated. Are they too wet, do you think? It sounds like a combination of symptoms, probably caused by one thing.
  20. 50 mg is what I used to use for long, overseas flights. One time there was some "mind spark" in the edible, and for about an hour before I zoned out, every bump or shake of the plane would freak me out.
  21. The two probable female Lemon Sunrise plants are definite girls now. The unknown Storm Front is probably a male, but those primordial flowers are odd looking, so it lives another day. One of the Killer Cookies plants is also female. The rest aren't telling yet. The ones who have shown will be up-potted this weekend and flipped the following weekend, or sooner. (Just looked at the calendar and saw when they'd be ready, so "or sooner.") At least I'll be well supplied before election day.
  22. That's the way it always is for me. This time the plant count will be 9 or 10, I would guess, after the revegging plants and the little clone dome thingy are out of there. But the Irie strains look like they can hog up room. The smaller square pots were recent purchases at a local grow shop. If you look at the front row, the smallest ones are 5.5" x 5.5". The one on the right is about 8" x 8". [None of these will be the final pots I flower them in. They will either be in fabric pots or 5 gallon hard-sided pots.] Then there are the two plants in the rear corners, that are revegging. The black one is a 12" x 12" and holds about 5 gallons of soil. The white one is 10" x 10" and holds about 3 gallons of soil. I got them online, 8 or 9 years ago. If you do a search for a "5 gallon square pot," I'm sure you'll find a zillion choices.
  23. Here's the grow after transplanting the older seedlings. A few minutes ago, I found they were all showing preflowers. The count is: Lemon Sunrise: 1 female, 2 probable females, 1 male. Storm Front: 2 females, 2 males, 1 unknown The Killer Cookies and Pink Lemonade haven't shown. I have way too much going on in one tent. There are two Pineapple Fields revegging in the corners, a little clone dome on the floor to the left, with cuts of the PFs that are hopefully rooting this time… My 3' x 3' is "on the way" but it's going to be a couple of weeks. It was good to give those three males the boot tonight.
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