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  1. So I'm waiting for a ferry, minding my own business, when this chatty old fellah comes up to me and starts yakking. I noticed the leaves on his jacket and I thought for a second that maybe this guy, in spite of his appearance, is cool. Then I remembered that buckeyes have palmate compound leaves, just like cannabis! Those deceitful bastards! Weirdness avoided! I did not strike up a conversation about his favorite strain/dispensary, etc. Get legal already, Ohio.
  2. I get a lot more red petioles with LEDs, it seems, than with HID. When part of a petiole is shaded, it doesn't turn red.
  3. I love the scent of HP, but the buzz kind of puts me to sleep. It seems to be the Santa Maria parent that tends to do me in.
  4. Looks like there's going to be a significant increase in yield compared to past grows.
  5. I like Bright Moments. The buzz reminds me of a Pineapple Fields pheno.
  6. Hey, it's almost 4:20 PM on 4/20. I might have to knock off early today, by about 40 minutes. Happy 4/20, people!
  7. Keeper update: The jury is still out on much of this grow, but there's no doubt I'm keeping all Golden Goats for another run before deciding which to keep. Golden Goat is powerful, like Lemon Sunrise, but without the edge. I love the edge, but I also like the variety of another kind of sativa buzz. I think most people would prefer Golden Goat over Lemon Sunrise, unless they're NASCAR heart racers. Bebop has one potential keeper out of three — the mix between the two parents. The Texas Chemical Plant Fire pheno does not float my boat and seems less potent than the Blueberry Cookies pheno and the "perfect mix" girl. The Blueberry Cookies pheno has a heavenly scent, but I have limited space for mothers and I can't see putting this into the lineup again soon. Planet of the Grapes is an odd one. Ever smoke reefer with high cannabinoid lab numbers, but for some reason it just doesn't get you high? One of the plants was like that (except I haven't tested it, so I really don't know if it has a high cannabinoid content, it just seems like it has a lot going on in there). Another was better, but still didn't seem to do a lot for me. The third plant, that I just trimmed yesterday, seems very potent. I have not tried it on a clean head, but I sure felt it on a dirty one. Sugar Punch has not yet been tested.
  8. I used to sometimes put a cut in my yard for the outdoor growing season when I lived in the Carolinas. They usually started flowering by late July, which is much less darkness than 12/12. I have heard that this is related to the far red light that outdoor plants are hit with each evening, which makes up for the shorter dark hours.
  9. The tent is now closed for the season. (Next season starts as soon as clones root.) The last two girls look a little rough — 12 weeks under too much LED and death-ray UVB. Once they're trimmed, they'll look good. The purple Sugar Punch: Not pretty, but still beefy. The last Golden Goat had bottle brush-shaped buds. At least one of the Golden Goats will be a keeper. The Bebops are not ringing my bell, though they're good (just not for me). Full smoke reports when all is cured.
  10. Give Lemon Sunrise a try sometime. It adds an intense, high-energy element. Great wake up and do something weed.
  11. @baqualinI think I'll be keeping one of the Golden Goats along with Lemon sunrise. The jury is still out on the Bebops.
  12. Interesting the way the IPA holds its leaves up, hallelujah-fashion.
  13. Planet of the Grapes
  14. Sugar Punch, green pheno
  15. Another Saturday morning sap-bath. Today it was the green Sugar Punch and one of the PotG girls. Sugar Punch just keeps growing. parts of the colas show amber trichs, but newer growth is all clear. Hey, it's the end of week 11 Toots, you're chopped! She needed no support until very recently, when I shifted her to a different part of the tent. She's 4 feet tall, from soil to top (120 cm). As Sannie's sativa doms tend to be, she wants to make giant colas, even though I tried to branch her out to make much smaller colas. She smells very sweet, maybe kind of like melon. I bought Sugar Punch when Sannie first dropped it. One seed went into an outdoor grow that was cut short when I moved. Two others were given away. This plant and her purple sister have been waiting a long time. Planet of the Grapes, however, wasn't waiting long at all. This one has about 5-10% amber trichs. Again, it's 11 weeks and you're an indica dom, sweetheart. You're chopped! Her sisters still live. They only have a few amber trichs on leaves. She and her sisters needed no support at any time. She's 3 feet from soil to tops (90 cm) There is some grape to this one's scent, but also a lot of other stuff in the background that I have not identified. Very frosty. She suffered from the LEDs being too close. All plant parts exposed to direct light turn purple/black. Looking forward to trying her out.
  16. I just inspected the plants. One of this girl's sisters has some amber trichs on calyxes. And, wonder of wonders, so does one of my Sugar Punch girls. For some reason, I can stand to have a couple of long-growing plants if I get to chop others all the while. But 12 weeks will be the limit
  17. There once was a bitch who refused to amber up. (Planet of the Grapes-73 days).
  18. I'm at an odd time in this grow — six plants left (two Sugar Punch, three Planet of the Grapes, one Golden Goat) two days into week 11 and there's about 2 amber trichs in the entire tent, and those are on leaves, not calyxes. The three PotG plants have "looked done," based on anything but trichs, for at least two weeks. Two are getting cloudy trichs, that's about it. The PotG's days are definitely numbered. Waiting more than 11 weeks for an indica dom to amber up was not in my plans. At least one is coming out to make room for some vegetable starts, at the end of week 11.
  19. Looks like a bring-your-own situation.
  20. That setup looks like it will kick ass. It might be another grow before I get the hang of my LEDs. They do make some of my leaves look bad, but the buds, so far, are amazing.
  21. I would thin the canopy a bit for air circulation.
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