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  1. Just some of nature's finest growing in my backyard
  2. I heard this on some Youtube interview once: How much cannabis does it take to kill a lab rat? About 25 pounds dropped from about 25 feet. Haha!
  3. Hupla I think I'm in love with that first KF pic of your. Oh dear God that looks better than anything on earth bro!
  4. Thanx Nath! I am loving these jars of mine. Can't wait to taste when all is properly cured.
  5. Nice bra. Those bottom buds look FAT!
  6. Thanx bra Ronnie. I must admit I am one hell of a happy camper at the moment. Loving my mountain of jars in my growroom. Haha!!
  7. Bra Webe the indoor action is close as hell. Already bought myself a 400w hps with ballast. Now just to get thematerials needed for my cab and my nutes and fans. All these problems will be fixed at the end of the month. So next month the Killing Fields and Jack Herer ladies will start dancing. Congrats on that property! Now yer talking! Soon we'll see you and mrs Webe on Table Mountain in Cape Town. Or sharing a fat joint with some lions in the Kruger National Park.Haha!! Joker. It makes sense to me. Next outside grow I'm gonna remove all theleaves that blockthe sunand compare yields.
  8. Except for one medium sized jar, this is my total harvest of Winnie and her lil sister. So do you reckon the grasshopper will get through the winter? Hehe.
  9. This little girl was the runt of the litter but fortunately for her she grew in the only really safe spot in my garden. Her sisters have since been removed and she is the Bullet's last hope of any outside harvest this year. Better pics will follow when I get my grubby little mitts on a decent camera.
  10. Thanx Gentlemen. Webe, man some day somehow we'll share a beer and a smoke. After helping me through this one you deserve a beer and a smoke at the very least. Damn I can't wait to taste these ladies when they're properly cured. Smoking a sneaky one right now. Haha!
  11. One of the kolas after a week in glass: and a leeeeetle closer:
  12. Nice Saxo! That Skunk #1 looks beautiful! Wow!
  13. Whoop! Go SA growing conditions. Lekker bra, those girls look grand.
  14. Lekker Ramp. Niiiice and green. Hehe.
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