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I was born one morning in 1995. Next to a crystal clear stream in a wooded area near Stellenbosch in South Africa. I will never know what weed it was that we smoked. Though I will always remember how right it felt. How I suddenly felt the universe's rhythm for the first time. How green everything looked. The fresh, slightly rotten moist smell of wet trees. The gentle lingering sweet stench of marijuana.


I started travelling that day. Even if I didn't realize it yet. Since then I have wandered all over the globe. Took up the Herb in many fascinating places with many fascinating friends. This humble, yet oh so holy plant has been my constant companion through life and love and birth and death.


These days, I am more settled. I have a wife and child, dogs, cats and even a hamster. I live in a beautiful little house. Filled with love and laughter. My garden is a place where I can escape. Where I once again, can smoke a joint on the wall around Jerusalem's Old City. Swim in the warm waters of a Pacific Island. Vegetate in the midday heat of a sweltering Dahab. Even if it's only in my mind's eye.


I can stand there for hours watering the flower beds and vegetable gardens. Traveling all over the globe of my memories. Don't get me wrong. I love my life and fully appreciate the cyclic nature of man. My wife and child are the centre of my being. The universe of weed and the universe of family have fully converged and there is no more dangers of collision.


Sometimes I just have the need to be somewhere else. And a decent joint takes me there. A bit of mind travel keeps me there and my love for a woman and a little girl brings me back again. Everytime.


I am Thandise. The African Bullet.

I love and am loved.

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