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  1. Og raskal white fire og is on another level. I have been around this stuff a long time & this is amazing in all categories. I realize they are expensive but if his other offerings are anything like wifi it is totally worth it. I only wish he did some sativa too.
  2. sannie & esko have good stuff. I have had mandala hashberry- was nice. tga querkle was a interesting one. Og raskal wifi was off the charts good.
  3. I have tried ko kush & heri but I would recommend extrema. Great taste, knock out , deep penetrating stone. Right down to your soul ! I can also say that OGR white fire is out of this world for the type of smoke you are looking for. But dealing with Sannie , Esco & crew is the best. I would also look at Anesthesia . Read the reviews, Wuzzup has something special here.
  4. Pick up extrema fem. Great taste & indica stone to the bone.
  5. Update on the querkle. After curing for 3 months or so this stuff has improved even more. I would say the high is more potent now. It is in the upper end for petency. Maybe like a 7 out of 10. For sure it is worth a run. Interesting smells & flavors.
  6. When will sugar punch be back in the shop?
  7. Esco/Sannie have both the pre98 & katsu in there stable. I wish they would make some fems for us poor souls that have never had it.
  8. Ko is great smoke & flavor. Fast finish, short plant, strong INDICA high. I read that report too but that is not the norm.
  9. UPDATE: Ok the 3 phenos had the same high. The potency seemed to increase a bit after cure. I would say it is medium petency. The high is mostly in the head but is very inica like , super relaxing but you can smoke it in the day time with out messing up the whole day. One of the 3 phenos was a stand out. It was shortest & finished in 8 weeks, & has red leaves at harvest time. The smell is very strong, like a artificial fruity coolaid type smell. The flavor is very sweet & nice.. This plant is definitly worth a run. Not a one hit wonder but a good combination of looks,flavor,high, & taste. Only negative was a lighter yield, but for a nice relaxing stash it is very nice. Takes a while to revege & a bit harder to clone.. Next to try is vortex..
  10. Just checked out some querkle. 3 phenos, all purple with INSANE amounts of frost on them. Skunky fruity smells. Hard to tell if they will smell like berries after cure ( this was just cut) . I was hoping they would have the concord grape smell. Bag appeal is a 10+ , aroma - too soon to tell, but so far quick dried samples of all three are not very potent.. Takes like 6 hits to feel what I normally get from 2 of sannies stuff , or other good smokes. If it turns out to smell & taste crazy good than maybe it would be worth it, but I was expecting a lot more. More of a head high than I was expecting, don't think these are space queen dom either. Good high , just not strong really at all. Will report back after a cure.. The yeild was pretty decent.
  11. The soil is fine but it always seems to be infested with gnats. Because of the gnat problem it is not worth it.
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