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  1. HELLO BEACH BUD, Sorry for the delay and you did not have a good germination rate on LGT x DC, but I just re browse your report and your mysterious unknown is undoubtedly the LGT X DC. Selected these long leaves, looks good to those of a lemon I am convinced and looking the picture of the breeder, there is a big similarity to your central bud and in the descritpion, subject to notament ratio leaves / buds (breeder pics) (your pics) Would you notice hermaphrodite features on your plant or was she good female throughout the flo? (for information) Your journal is still tidy thank you for all these postponements and good continuation in this direction see you
  2. hello beachbud, Very nice facility and plants are beautiful I'm glad to see where landing, the lemon thai x deep chunk good luck and I remain a spectator in a corner of the box. see you
  3. smooth


    Hey saxo, mister and agreenpassion, Thx My favorites are the # 2, # 9 (I have pollenized) and # 15 for its big big colas, and I would be more once I'd tasted bye
  4. Thanks Charliegreen, I wait to taste and tell you which is better So hard to choose The # 2 is a rather "the one" phenotype diesiel smell I look more amn├ęsia style as the # 4 and # 1 SSH
  5. and some pics of Sugar punch between 5th and 7th weeks bye
  6. smooth


    Hello here, some pics of Drizella between 5th and 7th weeks see you later
  7. Hey lver, it get very good here pretty big, dripping buds ^ ^ I take a seat and sit for the further adventures vibes
  8. hehe thank you for lot of black domina Very good budporn robogro
  9. Hi all, thank you still lavienrose and organizers have been given this new competition. So I would like to participate, but also add a gift in batches for the winner For I have received a lot thanks to you and this game here is my entry this summer: Hazeman seed : P.O.W aka Prisoner of war / Pacific pow:
  10. hello, thanks Jamaican bud Here the P.O.W A 71 days 12/12, there's been a big soucil fattening for some. Odor level that can range from vegetable peelings (but I think this is due to problems fattening), cat piss in spicy citrus that looks not bad at the critical mass I find except peelings see you
  11. Hey thanks hiwatt , Lack of fattening at the end of growth, I tried and bam caught on fattening especially POW who have eaten too much. Finally I'm not sure I understood your message ^^
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