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  1. It is so hard to believe the time that has come to pass. It all started here. I guess irony would dictate we would come back full circle again. There are so many journeys in this time. Drip, Santero, GreenDevil, RealDeal..there are others of course. We had some great talks. We have all seen happy and sad together and when we were happy all of us were happy, and when the sadness came we shared that together. We did so privately and the way men should even when we didn't all see eye to eye at times. In the end we are all still the same people and we grew together through these times. When all comes to pass, all of you are my friends and confidants and I would not trade that for anything. Eventually we all turn old and grey. I am happy to have shared so many days with all of you. If the world ends tomorrow, I know I have been a part of something special if only because of those who shared their journey with me.
  2. Ever thought about doing another run of The Mask?
  3. Very perceptive. He wants a chance at the White House and knows he has no chance without support from the left who invariably support cannabis.
  4. Juvenile? Certainly. Funny? Unquestionably. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/23/deer-farts-on-camera_n_4653026.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular
  5. The MissTwist cookie. Delicate. Stable. Long Lasting.
  6. I agree. This has been quashed. My apologies to OPG members.
  7. The red in the stems is a natural chemical in the plant that is used by the plant for pest control. I cant remember what it is called. It is emphoscianan (sic) or something like that. I found a video where it is mentioned. Video is from a growhouse in Colorado. Somewhere around 3:32 of the video it is mentioned. If someone knows how to spell this please correct this for me. I want to read more on this natural chemical in the plant. Can't figure out the video drop here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= RgWOQRCBWic
  8. I can piss all the way to Louisville if that is what you are asking smartass. Test me one more time and I am going to turn your life upside down.
  9. StinkWeed perhaps? Sorry for those who are not being able to get onto the channel. We have been fighting Jtv for some time over content. They are a conservative site and ban us regularly. We are examining another way to keep the stream running so the nutbags will leave us alone.
  10. What size has it been crushed down into? How big are the bags and the cost per?
  11. No he can't. You should go read article 2 section 2 of a document called The Constitution of the United States. This document, which is seldomly read by the citizens of the United States, includes all the powers of the Chief Executive. I am going to guess you have not read it because it is very clear with which responsibilities he has been duly charged.
  12. The words he spoke were very strong even if they were spoken in a subtle manner. There has never been a sitting president who has come forward on this topic and in such a way. He doesn't have to answer to the voters again and this keeps him safe. Many countries in our hemisphere have been discussing the legalization of cannabis for some time now. Latin American nations have grown weary of the US war on drugs and the impacts it is having in their countries. Having said this, his words are now reverberating around the world. He is the most powerful political figure in the world and he has now said we must move forward with legalization. Foreign governments are now going to begin discussing these words and taking actions such as the change of policy in Uruguay. Back in the 50's, US policy was to strangle out communism in southeast Asia first because it would cause what would come to be referred to as the Domino Theory. This theory states that by commissioning change in one country, surrounding countries would be forced to change on their own. Unfortunately, this theory could never be proven because the Indochinese wars were nationalistic wars and the existence of world communism did not carry any monolithic force. The Sino-Soviet split that began between China and Russia had already begun on its own and unaided by this particular outside influence. In reality, these conflicts were caused by nothing more than disagreements between the two that escalated to other nearby countries. What little spread of communism happened in this region had more to do with the war in Vietnam and Vietnam's political ambitions than a direct involvement in or direction from the regional hegemony. What is happening with cannabis can more likely be described as a Reverse Domino Theory rather than the more commonly known Communist Domino Theory. The Reverse Domino Theory is applicable to cannabis because in entails a political influence in the region rather than an induction of military aid. The influence in this case would be a direct reduction in crime involving those who traffick in cannabis and the eventual collapse of the of the criminal organization. Money raised by and for the sovereign state also has an empherical influence that once examined has a positive and intrinsic value. These values can be seen and studied and depending on success, have the power to influence surrounding sovereigns and induce the prescribed change within their own borders. As you can see, when examined scientifically, it becomes obvious that change can be directed within a country or set of countries with little to no military force used. The POTUS as the world's most powerful leader has the power in his words to cause such political change the same way he can cause an economic shift that are directly related to his foreign policies. Other countries, seeing the most powerful figure in the most powerful country in the world, will now be open to committing to their own change. It's like all the kids in the neighborhood wanting to wear the same kind of shoes the local basketball star wears because they associate it with success. These words of his were very powerful and are going to continue to reverberate around the world. Look for major discussions to begin around the world that will be directly related to his comments.
  13. For someone who was done some time ago, you sure do keep coming back. Do you miss me or simply butthurt?
  14. I am a badass and until you go into the cartel fields, you aren't. Very simple. How do you like the Oaxacans I chose? Have you seen the Guerrero and Michoacan yet? That's right, outside the circle. Well give it some time and you can buy them.
  15. Actually the ACA website woman is a Colombian national. She isn't a US citizen. Print my name right dickhead and stop your childish passive aggressive antics. To bad you didn't see me out of country. You really could have found out what type of person I am. So now I follow your orders redneck? You TELL me what I am going to do and what I need to do? Shut your weak ass up woman.
  16. My thesis was defended and published dickhead and the 100,000 I paid for my education was well spent. This is not about race. This is about you not understanding US law and saying things that others might believe because they are as clueless as you. What you are doing is passing misinformation and that is very dangerous. Obama can't do anything. 41 had the option to leave the federal medical program in place and one of the last things he did was kill it. I don't get paid to teach and never would try to do so. Some people are going to be ignorant no matter how softly you try to inform them of fact.
  17. He has no power as it relates to the rescheduling of controlled substances. Only Congress and the Secretary of HHS can do this. This is a country of checks and balances. It is done this way to prevent one part of government from having too much power. Stop blaming the black man for something that is beyond his control. In all honesty you should blame Bush 41. There was a great program in place until the Aids epidemic broke out and he decided to kill the program because of the number of applications that were coming in. The right wing and moral majority, if anything, are the biggest obstacle to legalization as we know it. He did more than any other president by saying what he did. Those words are going to be heard in almost every country around the world. We still have an international treaty that can not be broken and we must abide by as it relates to cannabis. A treaty I might add, that was created by right wing moral majority members who hated brown people.
  18. The POTUS does not have the power to reschedule drugs even under executive order. There is a set process in which the executive BRANCH can reschedule. The DEA must first accept a petition to reschedule. Then they must request from the HHS Secretary a scientific and medical evaluation along with his/her personal recommendation if the drug should be removed from the particular scheduling or continue to be controlled. The Secretary alone binds the DEA to the decision. In other words, the Secretary of the HHS has more power than the POTUS as it relates to cannabis. Their signature alone is all that is needed. The president has zero power to control this. If the HHS Secretary decides to deschedule, the USAG must follow his/her recommendation to the letter. I have a degree in Political Science and this is fact. Do not believe anything otherwise. Only the misinformed blame this on the president. Now you are informed to the letter of US law. If you continue to blame Obama, you are either racist or retarded.
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