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  1. when you harvested did you take it with amber or milky trichs?
  2. lbezphil2005


    okay updated pics from last year and this year including current grow.
  3. bummer. I just got some of the chem 91 bx2's from isp, along with cantalope skunk, mendocino joe's skunk, orange skunk, and jackies skunk. Oh well, guess i will just grow them out, lol.
  4. Well, maybe one of the males will be good enough to f2 a lone female?
  5. It won't matter if he puts "you do so at your own risk". the first time something didn't show up there would be threads popping up all over the internet about how sannie was taking peoples money and not making good on it. If you want the seeds figure out something, we are all very resourceful, or supposed to be. There are a couple of other sites that use the sign for track and trace. Sannie - thank you for not cutting us out. If we leave a note on the front door saying we authorize the delivery person to leave the package and sign it would that take care of the being present to sign? its the post office who delivers it anyway so I don't know what the fuss is. unless you've already screwed up and they are watching your mail. I've had clones, cured product, edibles, and a boatload of seeds shipped. and not one missing shipment. crushed, sure - but not missing. and my money only came up missing once at seedbay. I had copies of the money orders though, thank god.
  6. Awesome news Sannie!! Frigging Awesome!! You are getting a very special place this coming year, sannie - I've got around 14 of your's and esko's strains now, I've got 2 partners and 2 spots with room for 298 plants - all legal. gonna throw my whole collection out, pretty much, and see what's what. One spot is at the base of the foothills, no neighbors, on a 25 acre chicken/pig ranch from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. we used to grow out there when we were kids, 13 and up - no amendments, nada, just well water and some molasses during flower and maybe epsom salts. his dad was an old school biker, lol. the second year he panicked because my buddy had bred a Columbian Gold male to a really killer pure afghanistan, ended up with 15 ft tall plants and buds the size of vw hubcabs that would stick to you - after being cured, one hit quitter stuff.We had to move this tree - yep, took a backhoe and scooped out a big hole and moved a tree over in front the the barn because the branches were sticking thru the roof and his dad was afraid someone would see, lmao! he lost it in 86 in a raid on his dads place. Anyway, just thought id give you a shout sannie, and thanks for redoing the herijuana - i love that plant!!! Waiting patiently bro - your work is freaking perfection,(your helper knutsel too - lets not forget him, lol!!) I among many others really appreciate the hard work you do bro! especially when it comes out so well. I think these guys have a good idea though, id love to see some info on your selection process, what you look for, etc..as well as any pics you have, please :jump: :hug: Should be very close to the new release, chomping at the bit, lol!! how close are we now?
  7. Man I'm glad i stumbled across this!! nice grow, bro!! very nice, logged for the duration!!
  8. Yes!!!! Just in time, got around 20 of these to run and find some mothers and a good breeding dad or two - got some pure indica from uzbekistan, kaui electric x m10, and a couple of others i'd love to hit with a nice Jack - especiallly a Sannies,Jack!! Been looking forward to this a long time sannie!! Padawan - nice work bro, keep the faith - you've almost made it!! when she's done you will definitely be happy - this is one of those strains that really lives up to its rep!! (or so I've been told by everyone i know - can't wait to find out for myself)!! Only 10 to 15 days to go!!
  9. looking good bro, subscribed for the duration!
  10. That's a typical "true sativa" type plant. They start with fat, indica type leaves to store energy, then as they grow the leaves thin out to allow light to the lower bud sites, I believe those are traits from plants from the Afghan-Pakistan area, something I read in a botany book once. oh, and hey, theduns!
  11. You can't feed killing fields like all your other plants bro. Also, mine stalled on me at 12/12, (was a cross of kali mist and killing fields) but when I dropped to 10.5 on 13.5 off, she blew up, 7 inch diameter cola and almost 7 foot, wrapped around the back side of my closet, lol. Go light with her feedings and see what happens first, or maybe ask someone who's grown her out before, as you can see there are plenty of folks here willing to answer you and help you. Coming out dissing a strain like killing fields right out the door is just proclaiming to everyone here that you are (a) a newb ( going to argue with everyone about your methods and all the stuff you've growng out that was "perfect". It also could have been a light leak that stalled its growth (open door during dark period, etc.) you come in "shouting" but give no meat to your argument - no grow details, only about the other strains you are running are probably indica's or mainly indica hybrids, and you can't feed the kf like that. And it very well could be bad medium - I'm dealing with a bad batch of ocean forest right now, the point is go to the breeder first and ASK questions.
  12. that answered my question, dangit - now to wait for the stocking of the rest!
  13. well, that told me what I wanted to know - how soon till you get it straightened out, esko - I'm ordering based off freebies, once again, lmao!! god I love you guys, you breed the best pot on the planet - unique, beautiful, medicinally effective, and productive - you just can't ask for anything better, fellas, thank you!!!
  14. Ouch, only 6liter pots? I've seen people lose between 50-80 grams in harvest weight going in a smaller pot to save money on soil. next time, especially with the loss of the males, up pot to a 15 or 20 litre pots before flower, with some fresh goodies for later on in flower and those plants will blow you away. amazing difference!
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