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  1. Hello everybody, Here are some pictures from the harvested plants. It isn't much, but it is ok for a testround We are gone change something about the lights, and then we can really start growing BS1 BS2 Kind Regards LL
  2. Hey, I added the river sand. It is to keep the top layer of the sand more moist. Otherwise the tope layers dry out faster then the bottom layers. Indeed we have the same reasons, and it is always nice to see an other women Regards LL
  3. Heeelllooooo everybody The sun is shining and the plants look lovely There isn't a lot of change. The ladies are beginning to smell, so it was a good idea to put the filter in as soon as we could. I can't wait until they are ready Here are a few pictures The Blue Streak 1 The Blue Streak 2 The Lowryder Kind Regards LL
  4. Ok, thank you. I was beginning to think that I was wrong.. Regards
  5. No, a friend ordered it for me. I can check were he ordered it. I'll also check if I made a mistake or something
  6. Hello, The Lady's are looking beautiful They are flowering very nice. The lowryder is almost done, I think she will be done in 2 or 3 weeks... The Blue Streak is forming beautiful flowers, but she still has a few weeks to go The pictures will follow next week, Teiwaz has my camera this week... Regards LL
  7. Hello everybody, Here is a little update. I started with Bioflores (3ml/l) and we have put a layer of river sand on top of the soil. It keeps the soil more humid. It helps a little bit. Here are some pictures Blue Streak 1 Blue Streak 2 Lowryder Regards LL
  8. Hello, I have a little cab that is seperated in 3 different spaces: -flowerroom (36,4x42,6x70,6 (0,16m², 0,11m³) - room for the electricity ( 20,0x42,6x34,7 ) - pre-growing room (20,0x42,6x34,7 (0,09m², 0,03m³) In the flowering room there are 8 times 8watt tl in it (one is broken at the moment) There is a topic about the growroom and can be found here Now the plants: I started with 4x Blue Streak, 2x Lowryder and 2x Lowryder 2. Now there are 2x Blue Streak and 1x Lowryder, the other plants were males so we put them somewhere else. The plants are now 46 days old and lovely. I use biocanna flores (2ml/l). The temperature is around 25°C and the humidity is around 30%. The soil is a mixture of soil and cocos. If you have any questions just ask, here are some pictures: Blue Streak (number one) Blue Streak (number two) Lowryder Regards LL
  9. Hi I've known this forum for a while, but now I have my own plants I want to contribute to the forum. I hope that my posts will be usefull for some people! Regards, LL
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