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  1. SUP SUP EVERYONE !!!!! Heres a quick update on the Maid. Its really starting to look like a jungle inside my rubber maid I love it. My cloning was a 100% !!!!!!!!! By the way :-D There are pics of the pairs of clones that had one of the three.. -Liquid -Liquid+Horomone -Horomone They pics are pretty decent, really can see the root development without a problem. The JUST horomone one really was the winner by far... The clones were only in the "last" rooting home for about 5-6 days!!!!! Pretty damn good if you ask me hehe. Now i got all my clones in a little DWC i made, so now their roots will really take off :-D O ya another thing, plants #2 #4 was a male...dont know how it started to flower, because my lights were set for 20on and 2 off... lol O well guess any dark will trigger it. Never the less, I feel that the other three plants #1 #3 are all females ! Would be nice to have atleast 2 mothers. Also #3 is the plant i really want to be a female hehe :-D Thanks for all your help guys, enough typing, PIC TIME
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    Military's Grow Show: Part 3, New Setup
  3. Thanks both of you very much :-D DrDee: I have personally (hehe rule...phhff ) grown some plants in soil and just rinsed off the roots and turned them into hydro plants. Come to think of it, I happened to have done that with all of my grows..( the 2 i have had so far) I didnt see any harm done at all, besides the fact that once I put the plant into the DWC the growth rate was about 3-4x faster :-D But anyways, yes indeed Im going to have to make myself a good cloner for sure, like actually go out and pick up the perfect container, instead of working with what i got around the house :-D Always trying to keep it cheap you know heeh Thanks again guys
  4. DrDee: thanks man for the input, you've really been some help for me lately :-D Very appreciative indeed. I've made this same post on 2 forums, so i got 2x the input, and I think that I will have a better success rate now.. See now i know that the most important thing is patients :-D I've waited 5 days and checked my cuttings being disappointed with what i saw.. lol Never the less Ill get it sooner or later, hopefully I can get it sooner now that Ive gotten my help :-D See i think the rockwool will work best for me, because Im going to be placing the cubes straight into there DWC homes... I would want to try and stay away from the more soil based mediums for now... Ill be sure to post my progress on my grow thread :-D If anyone else wants to add anything or share their style PLEASE DO !!! smoke on
  5. Hey there everyone... A few of you may know me, for the rest of you Im Military :-D Been around for quiet some time now, and just REALLY getting back into full swing with my new project. So here are my stats and equipment. Im using BOTH "Dip'N Grow" liquid rooting concentrate and "Schultz Take Root" Rooting hormone(powder)... So far this is what I have done. I took 6 cuttings.. 2 of them I soaked in the Dip'N Grow liquid for about 5-10mins then planted them in some soil mixture, 50% perlite 50% soil/cuttings soil(really soft stuff) 2 of them I soaded in the Dip'N Grow liquid for about same time, 5-10mins, then I "rubbed" the cutting in the Take Root powder. So these 2 cuttings have both the rooting hormones on them.. and the last 2 cuttings I only dipped them in the Dip'N Grow liquid only to make sure the stem was nice and wet, then I dipped it in the Take Root powder... All are in same medium. I got them in a clear container with plastic wrap over them to act as a humi-dome. Now I took very good care and paid much attention to how I was doing this, and made sure that there was atleast 2 areas on the stem that were "cut" so roots can come through, and made sure that I got them fully covered with the hormones. The "pots" i used for the cuttings are as deep as the stems are long.. So really once they or if they start to root... it should be no time till i see roots poking out of the bottom of the "pots" So my questions.. About how long does it take for the roots to start to develop?? And are there any ways that anyone knows of that is "simple" with nearly 95% success rate?? Also, I've seen people use JUST perlite as the medium, Im thinking about trying it myself, but what other good mediums are there? Finally, are rockwool cubes a very good way to start clones? (explanations on the above questions would be very much appreciated.)
  6. HEY HEY EVERYONE !!!!!!! Here are some updated pics of what I got going on :-D Just made 8 cuttings and put them into a bubbler i made. With a ...7watt heater or something small like that. These pics were taken about 5mins ago from this post. These clones are going to by my sexing clones so I know what I have to work with. I really want #3 to be a female, those leaves are a huge sign for INDICA pheno or whatever.. And I really want to get a quick maturing mother about 7-8weeks. :-D PIC TIME Fork for size comparison You can see my labels, 1A-1B , 2A-2B, ect... "MOM" #1 "MOM" #2 "MOM" #3 "MOM" #4
  7. O ya hey there everyone :-D Update this weekend. The babies are about ... 3x the size of my last update.. they are really starting to shoot up. Going to transplant them into some ... 4-5inch pots.. most likely going to be there last home. They are also very ready for some cuttings, so Ima going to make my bubble cloner also, and take 2 cuttings from each "mom" Should be a good show ladies and gents :-D Keep an eye open hehe Going to be a GRAND show indeed. Smoke On :-D
  8. Quick update guys :-D As you can see, these four darlings are doing just FABULOUS!!!!!! and they are all soil :-D Which makes it even better. Really soon I am going to transplant them into there final homes. I already topped them a while ago, only one of them was a successful topping, the others had to be topped again to force 2 main colas. I'm yet to sex them, but thats going to happen after I take clones, root them, then throw them straight into 12/12 light. Perpetual grow is slowly making its way :-D
  9. Update update update !!!!!! :-D Been long time indeed. Hey there everyone, finally posting an update after 2 failures with DWC AND SOIL...the DWC i had just got way to hot a few times while i was at work... so those plants for all messed.. I've really been working on my soil skill lately, because I have a little mother/vegging rubber maid now, and I dont want to have a DWC setup plus a Bubble cloner in the maid.. would take up to much room, so i have to get my mommys in soil which is much easier space wise :-D I got these 4 babies going now, 3 are from really good dank/nugs and the really small guy is from just normal marsh bagseed. any pheno details or race and shit i have no idea... BAG SEED!!!!!!!! so never the less here are some pics on the little maid setup :-D They are in order when i took them..these pics are over about a ..2 week period. The last 3 pics were taken about 1 week ago. Ill take some updated pics shortly. I want to let them get a little bit bigger, pushing 3"+ (6cm+), right now they all have there 2 pair of "fan leaves" :-D
  10. HEY HEY HEY Guys Today going to take some pics of my 2 babies i got going atm.. Sex both unknown atm. Going to grab some clones from them really soon and Flower then So i know whats going on with my next grow still.. Things been kinda slow, shit getting really busy with me with Summer coming just around the corner. So Ill be updating for sure once i get this shit up and running full force again :-D Good seeing you guys. Be safe and take it easy.. PS>> BK where hell you been man ? I PMed you a while back, dont know if you got it though ..Whats going on man? lol Smoke on people :-D
  11. hah good topic :-D Worst experience. Was first time I ate weed cookies :-D Only ate 2 of them... and I guess each cookie had a shit load in them. It was pretty intense let me tell you lol. I couldn't lay down, i couldnt drive for the life of me, everything was spinning like mad and I had the "waa waaaa's" really bad lol. One of those things where you just gotta chill lol and dont let people mess with you ;-D I wasnt on anything else but weed :-D Best experience...No idea what kinda weed i had or anything like that. But i dont really have any "REALLY GOOD" experiences.. Id probably say the COOKIES were my WORST and BEST experience as i look back on it now.. Because I always want to get SO FUCKED UP from smoking it but I just never get to that point lol. Id have to add a few beers into the mix :-D
  12. very nice indeed :-D Gotta love growing the MJ lol I do :-D haha Mine little ones are coming along just great cant wait to get to were your at. GJ SMoke On
  13. Ok quick update people. The 2 plants i got in my mini DWC CAB are growing GREAT!! looking at them now and they are about.. 3-4inches high already :-D BUT I went to my local store just a min ago and bout my elbows and TEEs that i need for my REcir system DWC but they were out of 3/4in tube. SO, gotta wait about a week for them to get more then Ill be back in full swing :-D Hope to see you all soon :-D Take it easy Smoke On
  14. dam WPW your pics look great man. I LOVE the crazy large assortment of strains your using. Thats neat indeed ALready pulled up a chairs for dropins haha Smoke On
  15. Thanks BK Ya Its def way better then my last setup no doubt about it. Hey there guy. Ya I forgot to mention that I have a 160-170cfm inline fan, that seems to really push some air. We will see though. I fucking broke my thermometer but from what I can tell by my feel, I think the temps will be good ANd ya Im aware of the light reduction with a cooltube, BUT I have to use it since Im growing in a CAB, gotta control my heat. And 20% even 25% isnt bad imo lol. STill have 300watts Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes its def way different No doubt about it. BUT dont think its done.. because I still have to hook up my Recir System Tomorrow going to pick up rest of my parts. Hey hey there HD, Unfort I am growing from BAGSEED so strain is unknown, but some people have said that some of my bagseed looks like a type of hush... BUT who knows lol. This is my 3rd grow now, and All of mine have be successful no doubt. Each time obtaining better quality smoke and a little bigger yield. I grow hydro style and MINI and I consider myself a pretty good grower :-D Thanks everyone for the comments I love them so much hehe Might be a little bored today, But tomorrow my CAB should be 100% finished...
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