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  1. maximum pictures, upload a bit later, thanx for watching, and if there are any questions i hear it @devil seed yes it are seeds from sannie. feminised, they all came up so thats good as alwasy
  2. 28-7-17 2-8-17 9-8-17 10-8 19-8-17 20-8-17 21-8-17 25-8-17 27-8-17 28-8-17 1-9-17 4-9-17
  3. hi growfriends my last shackzilla was so great so it is now time for the new round. they are now on day 28 of grow and i will upload some pics right now day 24 day 26 day 27 day 28
  4. that's no problem, and thank you for the wonderfull genetica the gramm's from high to less shackzilla 1# b(iggest) 75 gram ook 1 van de lekkerste rokertjes van me home grown weed shackzilla 2# (litle) 40 gram killingfield 30 gram fairytale 25 gram purple haze: 25 gram
  5. where is the budporn!! nathalie
  6. i know to find you guys .. some info from purple haze : purple haze: 25 gram lovely smoke, and is now ready for curing fase (makes taste/smell/smoke beter ).
  7. good to see them online verry good work the lemon berry looks for me the first one im gonna grow.
  8. the ladies got today some feeding, bio bizz, bud candy. hope they will taste soon shackzilla 1# fairytale killingfield shackzilla 2# shackzilla 1#
  9. cant watch the video, because i live in holland
  10. wow nice bud's you have lol good luck with youre ladies, lady
  11. thanx all fairy tale is smelling nice i dont know where they sell those seeds 12 weken bloei
  12. hi africanbullet like all plant's i have, killingfield too
  13. hi there here i post some pic's of my almost done plants my tent is 80 x 80 x 160 the light is 400 watt dimmable fertilezer is bio bizz grow/bloom nutrients = advanced nutrients piranha bud ignitor bud candy shackzilla http://gallery.wietforum.nl/1298978596/gallery_17606_11234_875624.jpg' alt='gallery_17606_11234_875624.jpg'> killingfield shackzilla #2 fairytale
  14. nice to see it''s open agian.. grow the lady's lady
  15. good too see you back nathalie
  16. nice hup i'm gonna follow this one
  17. fuck that people, i like youre topic. can you please update it greetz ganja man
  18. hi bazz you got some beatiful balls there
  19. thanx all im feeling welcome already when the lady's are done, i popup some pics ofcourse i have some fat girls to share \ greetz ganja man
  20. hi bogart

    how does the killingfield smokes ?

    i think she''s fine hehe :)

  21. looks nice those buds you have good to see some music in the topics never see it on wf ganjaman NL
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