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  1. Hey now SPW. According to the packaging Perkins Cut BX is Chematonic x Cannatonic #4, goes 8-9 weeks. I haven't run her in a bit, and when I did I gave away most of the bud. I'll get around to her again, just isn't in the rotation for now. Currently, Selene and Oaxacan Fem are in the tent, with Selene and Green Manalishi HHP (NAW freebee) males starting to drop pollen for limited seed making.
  2. Thanks for the update, Cristalin
  3. Hey now Cristalin. I am constantly checking Sannie's for your restock, Amnesia and Ouzbékistan are calling my name. Any word on when they will hit the shop, or is Sannie keeping them for his self.
  4. Thanks for your sage advice, GA.
  5. Based on the advice of others that are keen on CBD plants, they are best taken on the earlier side. Without lab testing, I gauge effect testing buds at 7 weeks and go from there. One problem with that, imo, is a true feeling for the effect comes only after a good cure. Hey now, organically challenged. These seeds are untested accidental pollination of Huckin'Heri by Perkins Cut BX. I have not grown them, but you should have very frosty ladies, heavy buds, 8-9 weeks. I figure the effect to be stoned pain relief. Hope that helps. You've convinced me, I'll be running ^^^ next.
  6. Hey now RAS-T. I have not run the winnings yet, but they were in my hand 2 weeks ago as I decided on what to run. I chose Green Manalishi freebee from NAW, Oaxacan FEM from Eskobar, Selene F2 from Indican. Thinking about hitting Oaxacan cuts with pollen from each and hitting a GM cut with Selene. If I get a male from anyone, that is. 9 Tell you what, one of yours is next. Which do you recommend? Hey now SPW. If you are talking about clear/milky/amber, I did not take notes and don't remember. If you are talking trich density per mm2, they were average, frosty girls.
  7. Dammit Rhino! Sell it already!!!
  8. I appreciate the praise, Toker, but I seriously didn't "work" hard on Cindy. I femmed Joey Weed C99 with diy colloidal silver and got lucky. Regardless, I am happy you and anyone else are digging the beans.
  9. Hey now MrG. Around here the fire department gives them away if you ask.
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