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  1. Hey now Toker. Cindy is looking good, you got some chunky buds in the making. I recently smoked a joint of the C99 grew in the solo cup challenge. Holy hell I forgot how strong she was.
  2. It's been bit, took a little break to regroup. Gotta a few pics. The group consists of Yeah Buddy, left rear and front right. Front left is Indican's Quintessential Kush. Hiding right rear are 2 Perkins Cut. Yeah Buddy, 46 days, 7 gallons vs 2 gallons. The 2 gallon gal has been eating her fans for a week. Buds are thicker on 7 gallon girl. Perkins Cut in 2 gallon bags. They probably won't yield much. I forced them to show sex, which took forever, and they wouldn't revert back to veg, so they are gonna be stubby chicks.
  3. I agree with losing flavor, I just have a thing for joints. That said, I mostly smoke bowls, hitting a fresh corner each time.
  4. Hey Toker. This is all you need for perfect joints, everytime. I started getting frustrated rolling, haven't looked back. I do not give a shit of it is "cheating", it works every time. BTW, those are Yeah Buddy x Chocolate Thai seeds.
  5. Hey MrG. A vacuum flask takes care of the speed issue. I use the air pump I use for make teas and put the hose on the intake. Works very well.
  6. I do have a distiller and a vacuum beaker for fast filtering, so I just need another big bottle of Everclear to go with the one I have. If I recall, after initial filtering you winterize to help settle out the lipids and other crap, filter again and reclaim?
  7. Hey GA. How much alcohol would I need for 1# of trim?
  8. Just got my guitar back from the local shop. Paid $57 for a setup, replace the tuning peg, repaired the neck and reset the bridge. Apparently it was worked on long ago and the action was all wrong, strings too high off the fretboard. They put on light strings, Fender 010, to take it easy on my fingers as I learn. I have read that Silk and Bronze and Silk and Steel strings are good for that as well. Thanks for everyone's input.
  9. Perfect. My mom has been bugging me for brownies for night use. Thanks GA.
  10. I was doing a bit of cleaning and came across a couple pounds of trim in ziplocs that were closed up in a brown grocery bag. I have no idea how old it is but I figure it's usable. What do you think would be the best method of using all this trim?
  11. If you could give me some insight as to scents/taste/effect so I can try to label them it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. JC, the eagle has landed, but I fucked up. Unsealed pack, everything moved. Gonna have to play the guessing game. Nice looking buds, my man. Thank you very much.
  13. What Justcozz said. Stunning flowers.
  14. JC says we both win, where do I send my donation to the contest?
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