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  1. Yeah man, #8 was sweet orange. Are you doing C99 outdoors? I'd interested to see how big the can get.
  2. Hey MrG. The BBS all had some neck snapping to fit the tent. They were in veg about 45 days, sprout to flower tent. I did not top, only bend to fit. Next time around they will be topped multiple times to fill the box more efficiently. They still have a clean sweet smell that I can't quite describe.
  3. I decided to cut BA#2 yesterday. She was at 58 days, so a little short of desired chop. She was having issues with mold, I found a couple more spots after cutting out the previous offender. I washed the plant in lemon juice/baking soda, washed visibly affected bud in h2o2 bath. I found rot in only a couple buds, they are trash. BA#9, front left, joined the party after pulling Ms. Moldy. She is rather big, hopefully the added fan will help. The BBS buds are filling in, I guess they have another month or so.
  4. I have a fan up top blowing all the time, obviously not enough.
  5. Black Afghani is at 49 days yesterday. Checking the buds I found a large area of mold just below a top. I cut off the top, it was very sad to see such a gaping hole at the edge of the bush. I guess I need to add a fan down low.
  6. Kinda figured. Looked it up, BAS for sure.
  7. Hey Baq. Is that cover from BAS?
  8. You guys are pros at marketing. Please release your goodies so you can take my money.
  9. Absolutely beautiful!
  10. Sorry to hear about your dog. I know the feeling, a big kick in the balls. Good luck with your A11.
  11. Like a cat's tongue
  12. Koma Kreations Blueberry Sativa IBL, 30 day in flower under 400w COBs. She smells sweet and clean, nothing really stands out.
  13. Happy birthday to your son!
  14. Hey oldschoolsg. I should have put something down for perspective, that print is only about 4" long. It may not be coyote, but I don't think it was rabbit. I used Google to search, I am not a pro when it comes to animal tracks.
  15. Free manure to compost, can't beat that.
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