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  1. RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    The shoeless household has been sick as a dog for a week, still are, so very little time tending to the garden. Here are two shots taken yesterday. I ended up with 3 males and 5 females. They have been in flower for 17 days and male flowers are beginning to open. It's the dog's annual vacation to OBX starting Saturday (hopefully), so it should be a full on lovefest in there when we get back a week later. I'll chop the males to make room for the ladies soon after we get home. There is no discernible difference in scents, just young weed. Of interest, I took cuts of the females, and #6 is starting to show a few dozen root nubs after a week of just sitting in a cup of water. I have changed the water to keep it fresh and hope to have it root as is. I have no way of caring for the cuts while we are gone, so I am hoping to come home to roots. If not, no big deal, but the seeds from #6 should have the trait. Gotta hit the nyquil and try to beat this nasty fucker. Heavy chest congestion, periodic waves of cramps in my gut (nothing coming out of either end), and a lovely headache, it doesn't get better than this.
  2. NAW's Green Manalishi.

    Mr Whipple said "Don't squeeze the Charmin" on commercials for a long time.
  3. Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  4. RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    Thanks hidronesia. Next time I'll try STS. Femming is only a side thing, so no worries here.
  5. RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    Hey GA. The Huckin'Heri seems to have a strong aversion to change. I do have more seeds, and a mother, just trying to fem to keep my C99 fem seeds company.
  6. RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    Here's a shot @ 3 days of flower after 41 days of veg. They will be flowered 2 per 2 gallon bag, 8 plants total. In the middle is a Huckin'Heri that I was trying to fem with CS. She will not throw a dick. This is my second attempt at reversing this cut and it ain't happening. Used 3 different batches of CS, one commercial, two I made. Oh well.
  7. CBD

  8. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Sorry to read about your hospital visit. I hope you are doing better, Papalag. It's good to know the docs figured it out and you are on the mend. @Mr. Goodfellow... Good luck with your knee replacement.
  9. RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    Thanks for looking, SPW. This is my first go at a true seed run. The smoke is secondary to making seeds, so I will be following your advice. I have enough in jars to get me through the year, so there is no need to hurry this along. Besides, I can sneak in a head stash run while waiting for the next batch of seedlings to do their thing.
  10. RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    I cut the heads off of everyone the other day. A couple are more pole in structure and may take some time to respond. The branch ones are rolling right along. As of yesterday there were 3 potential females, no others showing anything. They are over 35 days of veg so we should know who's who soon.
  11. Sinister '18. Still underground

    Breakfast in a bud. How can you go wrong?
  12. Sinister '18. Still underground

    Sweet buds, Indican. How berry is that berry?
  13. RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    Thanks for looking in. Not sure how many ladies yet, they are all a little shy. I will probably top them and veg for another week or so. The flower tent still has a week or 2 left, so it'll all work out.
  14. RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    Here they are @ 35 days. They have taken to potting up and the addition of fish emulsion supplements. I pulled lower fans to encourage growth for cuttings, they didn't mind at all. #2 and & 3 are trying to show me which way they lean, but no concrete evidence. Maybe this afternoon will be the unveiling.
  15. Soil & Nutrients

    That icmag thread is gold. It'll take a while to get through, but a great read with great info. I did a bunch of copy n paste from it and made a categorized word document for easy access. There are a multitude of sites to glean information from, put in some study time and you will reap the fruits of your labor. Check out the link below. They are legit with a very good base of canna knowledge and products. https://buildasoil.com/