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  1. No worries, RAS-T. I used the pollen on Blueberry Sativa x Chocolate Thai ladies I had running.
  2. Hey now Toker. How did the Seedsman WW turn out? I got some as a freebee when I ordered Ace Killer A5 Haze and Ace Golden Tiger Thai dominant. Also got Seedsman Jack Herer and Blueberry.
  3. Hey now Griot. I have one criticism. You have a obvious lack of diversity and should broaden your horizons. You get must get bored only having a dozen plus strains to at your daily pleasure. Brilliant work, Griot!
  4. Happy New Year to all. I chopped 2 of the BBS x CT a couple days ago, they were a little over 11 weeks. The remaining lady seems to be Thai leaning, she keeps on throwing pistils. Samples of all were up, up, up, cured bud should be very nice. Amnesia decided to throw me a curve, 5/5 are females. Divided between two 15 gallon bags, it's gonna be tight in there. I topped them all, I am shooting for 4-8 tops on each. Ouzbékistan, on the other hand, only gave me 1/5. I really want a male to knock up Amnesia, but I need some indica in the jars. I only have room for 2 in the tent, so I am in a bit of a quandary. I suppose I could have worse things to fret over.
  5. Wind and snow don't bother me or my boy, it's the friggin' rain. He gets out there, takes a piss, knows he needs to dump, but says fuck it and turns for the front door. But he loves swimming...
  6. Has anyone here grown Ace Golden Tiger or Ace Killer A5 Haze? I have some on the way that will be next run after Amnesia and Ouzbékistan (waiting for her to break the surface). I need some trip weed in my jars, these should fit the bill.
  7. A few shots of Koma Blueberry Sativa x Hazeman Chocolate Thai. They are at 70 days. I pollinated buds on each plant (3) with (AK47 x G13) x (Drizella x mrs Universe), courtesy of RAS-T. Unfortunately, RAS-T, I got zero females with those beans. 5 USC Amnesia, 23 days above ground, moved to flower yesterday. They are in 15 gallon bags that finished Selene a few weeks back. I'll be topping and training, males will be culled.
  8. Hey now Toker. If the bag was full, just sweep up and weigh the whole mess. You can then calculate dirt-to-fert ratios for use in the garden. I don't figure floor sweeping will hurt your soil mix. If the bag is used, estimate how many cups you used and subtract that weight.
  9. Sounds like great strain name!
  10. Hey now SPW. The light is a 480w Bavagreen 3000k LM301H with Osram 660nm/730nm Deep Red and LG UV 385nm, drawing about 510w based on Killawatt. The pot is 15 gallon bag with Coots mix, first run, so medium will get better with age. Height at finish about 20", she went in at about 12".
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