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  1. Awesome info guys. I appreciate the insight.
  2. Here's Indican's Quintessential Kush around 60 days. Buds are still swelling, hard, dense golf balls, scent is funky fuel.
  3. I chopped both Perkins Cut BX today at 56 days. Some reference pics. Fattest colas I have ever grown no branches on these ladies. My boy Jude says yum.
  4. Happy new year everyone. I am planning on growing some shrooms this year and I am looking for input as to reliable sources of spores, what strains would be good for first time growing. I have looked at shroomery.org and will dig deep there, I just hope to get first hand info from folks over here. Thanks everyone.
  5. Shoeless


    Just ordered this https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07BGHQC2V/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A1N4JHXUCZK0RM&psc=1
  6. Shoeless


    Hell of a deal! A lot cheaper than rooters.
  7. Shoeless


    I like the cloning bag db. Got link for 'em?
  8. Hey now shiska. Nice looking ladies, the one on the left is gonna be a nice bush.
  9. Veg tent is happy after a drink of aloe, ful-power and silica. I topped one of the C99 x BA (B99) and the BBS X BA. The other B99 looks like it wants to be a pole. BBS x BA B99 None of the others have shown sex, but one Killer Cookies is started showing preflowers a couple days ago. QKush buds are fattening, though I never was able to get a handle on the yellowing. She is just over 7 weeks. The 2 Perkins Cut BX ladies are at 7 weeks on the nose and are still stacking. I read that 7 weeks is a good time to cut the original Perkins Cut of Cannatonic, so I cut a couple lower buds for sampling
  10. Looking nice and healthy, Toker.
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