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  1. I hear you on limits, but Golden Tiger Thai dominant is on the horizon for me, as is Killer A5 Haze. They will have sexy time with 88 G13 Hashplant, if I get a male.
  2. Only one thing can purge you of this blasphemy. Cut her off at the knee and burn the witch!
  3. Hey now MrG. Long time, no see. Glad to see you are safe.
  4. USC Amnesia at 58 days
  5. Here you go. One long cone in the middle, a regular cone on each side connected to drippers. The clover has taken over. Every now and then I cut tops off the clover. It grows back pretty quick.
  6. Hey now olsqueak. I have been using blumats for quite a while now. I moved up to 15 gallon bags and added a single maxi to water the middle. I have 2 regular cones with 3 drippers each running in a ring around the edge for complete coverage. Everything Beachbud said is spot on. The only thing I have ever added to my res, which is a 19 gallon tote, is hydrogen peroxide and mosquito dunks when I had a gnat issue. My setup is not the most efficient, as the res is only raised about 30" due to height issues, but the run is only 5' so it works fine. The biggest thing you need is the ability to catch a full res of water if you get a runaway cone. It has happened to me twice, and it is a lot of water to clean up if you can't contain it. Good luck with your setup.
  7. I have my filter in my flower tent above 480w led panels. In this configuration I am losing about 12" of height for light adjustment. My tent is 5' tall, so you can see I have limitations. My fan is an AC Infinity T6, 406 cfm. To the point, if I move filter out of the tent, how much efficiency will I lose by pushing through the filter?
  8. Ya got a picture of that much loved brush? I have been using a makeup brush the missus gave me. If there's a better tool I'm all in.
  9. Nice foxtails, Beachbud. Is that a seed forming in the middle of the last pic?
  10. Hey now Cristalin. No issues with my lights, maybe some overcrowding. I am growing in 15 gallon bags, with 2 in one and 3 in the other. The runt is in the 3 bag, and all plants are smaller in that one. The runt is just very runty. I should have culled it, but you never know if they'll grow out of it. They are at 48 days today. I have a cut of the right rear. By contrast, a single Ouzb├ękistan vegged about 2 months, very healthy. She's been in flower tent about a week.
  11. Thanks guys. Sounds like a plausible theory, Sunstone. If she does decide to finish fast, I'll get early insight as to effects as a whole. And I agree with you, Billman, but she is from seed. I have experienced the same with clones taken late.
  12. Resurrecting here. I have 5 females just over 5 weeks of flower. I have a question about one in particular. She is a runt with 3 bladed leaves, pistils started browning last week. Can anyone give insight as to what part of the genetics is bringing this on? Thanks for any insight. By contrast, "normal" size, 2x-3x bigger.
  13. Hey now SPW. I am venting a 3x3 Shorty without extentions, 480w Quantum board that puts out just over 500w, using a 6" AC Infinity fan pulling through a carbon filter in the tent. I have 4 PC fans wired to cellphone chargers for air movement. I lose about 12" of height with the filter in the tent, but everything I have come across says it is more efficient to pull than push through the filter. I recently realized I was making a mistake having a fan blowing across the light/ballast. Turns out I have been inadvertently adding about 8┬░F to the tent. The fan died and temps dropped down to low/mid 80s with light cranked. I have no plans to replace that fan, but keep in mind this is specific to my tent. Some may want or need the extra heat. Hope this helps. Oh yeah, turn down your lights when popping your head in there. Those boards can burn the top of your melon pretty quick.
  14. No worries, RAS-T. I used the pollen on Blueberry Sativa x Chocolate Thai ladies I had running.
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