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  1. Me and my buddies went to Kings Dominion way back when. On the way down I dropped 3 hits of Bill the Cat acid, probably should've been 1. I was in the front seat, and the scenery in front of me turned into a wall of license plates, all depth perception gone. When we got there and started hitting the rides it was a bit difficult navigating the park. At one point I got separated from my friends standing in line for The Grizzly rollercoaster and got kind of freaked standing in the huge crowd. Finally got on the ride, which was amazing, and thought I should wait at the exit and hope they would show up, which they eventually did. After that it was much more in control and quite enjoyable. Moral of the story, time your dose, dose in moderation, have good friends around, enjoy the ride.
  2. Hey now Toker. Don't ditch the flower just yet. You may find your lungs feel little heavy doing dabs all the time, at least I did. As a matter of fact I just found a box with a bunch of different concentrates I'm had forgotten about, probably a couple grams.
  3. Hey now yesum. I got mine directly from the USC site. Just checked, 12 in stock.
  4. Hey now organically challenged. This is not a pure CBD strain (hemp), definitely THC in there, you will get high. It has been quite a while since I puffed on her, but I did like it's effect as I recall.
  5. Hey now Toker. How did the Seedsman White Widow treat you?
  6. I would say 50% milky, 45% clear, 5% amber. At 10 weeks she was more clear, couldn't let her go any longer than 11. She flopped over during the run to 11.
  7. Hey now Halforc. The smell on her is slightly sweet, you can smell the bubblegum, but it is muted. I have only sampled quick dry buds at 8/9/10 weeks, so I can't give an accurate description of taste. I have another going now in a small bag that is very sweet bubblegum/candy, she is much ssmaller and has another 3 weeks to go.
  8. Thanks coxnox. I was worried I should have bought the 1 gallon set. I should have asked previously, but do you break up the buds before working them, or does agitation take care of that?
  9. Hey guys. I picked up a 5 gallon 8 bag set not long ago. What is the smallest amount of trim or bud you would use in 5 gallon bags? And after doing 2-3 runs, is the remaining plant matter any good for coconut oil infusion?
  10. Here's a couple shots of Ouzbékistan chopped at 77 days. The trichs were not turning, so I decided 11 weeks is enough. There is a bit of amber, didn't really get super milky. Right side of above pic all flopped over during the past week.
  11. Ouzbékistan cut at 77 days.
  12. I know it's the wrong topic, but I mention Ouzbékistan earlier. Chopped at 77 days, the right side all fell over this past week.
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