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  1. Our break comes next week, maybe. Upper 90s this weekend here.
  2. 93 degrees, feels like 109 is complete and utter bullshit. Fuck it's too hot
  3. Straight dude, dude. He's gonna hit something, just don't know what yet. Stem rub smells like carrot/orange.
  4. I use coffee grounds for Blueberry bushes. On a other note, Chocolate Thai is starting to flower.
  5. Hey Wilbur. 2 mediums, hempy with osmocote+ and soil with a Happy Frog as super soil in the bottom. Not lst now, that lanky one was falling over. I added soil and support.
  6. C99 at 8 days, except for the straggler.
  7. Exceptionally haphazard scrog done late. The BBS in the back are at 21 days, late for training but BA#9 was in the way. I cut BA and shoved the net down, bending as best I could. It's gonna be a mess, but better off for the long run. Yeah Buddy, front right, is trained for 11 tops. On the left are males of YB and hempy CT male. Once everyone stands tall I'll have a better idea of what is going on and proceed accordingly. The spot where the males are will be for C99 solo cup challenge.
  8. She should add some bulk for sure. You are in for a treat.
  9. Yesterday I finally pulled the trigger and mixed up some STS in the hopes of femming the sweet berry BA#9 cut and a BBS#3 cut that turned into a fat little bud instead of a plant. It finally started to reveg so it was time. The smoke from blending BA and BBS (or SF) is fantastic, might as well make a few beans and see what happens. Anyhow, I think I have over done it and will run out of space. Gotta figure out what to do with the males before they start to drop, but I have a some time. Group shot in flower. Yeah Buddy front left, BA#9 front right, BBS rear. CT male in hempy center, Yeah Buddy male front center. The BA is @ 53 days and struggled through flower, I screwed her up. One thing is for sure, she does not take kindly to excessive defoliation.
  10. Beautiful ladies, JC. As for Silverfields, IME she put on weight later in flower. How far is she now, 8 weeks or so? I would take her a week later than you think you should, but I am not there to know her like you do. Either way, yours should blow mine away. Yours is much healthier and has more frost. Well done dude.
  11. Hey DesertGrown. Glad to hear you are safe and doing well. I have only experienced a couple minor quakes, can't imagine multiple quakes per day.
  12. Not that I have any experience in land management, but I would inquire as to the going rate farmers in your area/region pay to rent/lease land and start there. I would also look at whether there is any way the Commonwealth and/or feds can screw you if they consider the rent money is "dirty" because of the chosen crop. Again, I am just a village idiot with ZERO experience in these matters.
  13. Just reread your post. I bet the Golden Wedding will be must try killer smoke.
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