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  1. Shoeless

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Are you feeling thick as a brick yet?
  2. Shoeless

    Shoeless's Shoebox

    I am digging the leaf shape and growth so far. Like the BA, I want to make seeds with the BBS. This time I will try and keep the pollen under control. Way too many seeds in the BA. I'll definitely let you know about any blueberry notes. 2 and 7 were both sweet in flower.
  3. Shoeless

    Shoeless's Shoebox

    Here's a top shot of BBS, 24 days from sprout. In front of my drying box, fan leaf mulch in the bowl. #2, #9, #7 Black Afghani in the box. #3 is already in the jar.
  4. Shoeless

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Good luck with your micro trip, GA. Hey JetDro. My wife quit over 4 years ago with eliquid. We started at 12% and cut nic % in half until she was at 1.5%. By that time, about a year, she was barely using it, the hand to mouth cycle was broken. Now she tells me about all the dreams where she is smoking like a chimney. She never did cheat, either. She is very proud of that, as am I.
  5. Shoeless

    Some WA State Recreational Bud

    Thank you for the post. I just looked up dinosaur vomit and I apologize for being lazy and relying on a response instead of using my own fingers. Google can be your friend when it come to information, eh? Simple enough, puree your veggie and fruit scraps, water plants with said puree.
  6. Shoeless

    Shoeless's Shoebox

    Yup. He's my boy Murphy, he turned 9 last month. Last time I did shrooms was at a Grateful Dead show at Great Western Forum in 89. The strange get stranger...
  7. Shoeless

    Shoeless's Shoebox

  8. Shoeless

    Shoeless's Shoebox

    Sweet. Xanthan gum is great stuff. I used it to thicken an Irish stew last weekend.
  9. Shoeless

    Shoeless's Shoebox

    Is the honey for topical use or internal? I was just about to say, not for human use this time. I am wanting to try it mixed with a topical to see if that gets it deeper. My ankle/foot arthritis isn't touched by most smokes, can't do edibles (at least the ones I have) during working hours.
  10. Shoeless

    Shoeless's Shoebox

    Hey Gardenartus. Sorry to tell ya, but the trichs are telling me to chop this week, color be damned. Yesterday #7 told me it is time, #9 said me too. #2 is slightly behind, but in the window. All are mostly cloudy with a bit of amber. We're at 10 weeks tomorrow, plenty of ripe seeds, no more need to wait.
  11. Shoeless

    Shoeless's Shoebox

    Thanks for the link, SPW. It just so happens I have dmso in gel form, it is water soluble. Gonna dig into the info for next attempt.
  12. Shoeless

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    So I got a call from my mom this afternoon, my cousin died. He didn't show up for work, they went to his house this morning and he was dead in his chair. Apparently he died 2 days ago of a heart attack. He was only a few years older than me, in his mid upper 50s. He was an alcoholic, big, and beet red most of the time. Very sad times, I feel rather numb.
  13. Shoeless

    Growing Just Cozz

    Hey Justcozz. I feel ya on the germination problems. I have had 5 Tom Hill Haze and 4 Stonehedge not cooperate. Exceptionally frustrating, but it's part of the game sometimes. A tip for LED growing, supplement with Epsom salt. A teaspoon per gallon works for me. You can also foliar spray or mix it in the soil.