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  1. I had my well tested recently and would love some insight as to what the results mean to me in regard to watering cannabis. I appreciate any help.
  2. She's looking better than my girls, JetDro. I can see why she is drinking so much. I decided to lollipop for that reason, no way I could keep up with the watering without some sort of dropper or wicking res. Long time no see, @Chief Runningbud I hope all is well with you.
  3. Sweet! I am very interested in how she ends up. Two of mine are some of the fattest buds I have grow. Definitely opened my eyes to how much I can feed.
  4. Hey JetDro. Did you fix the root rot issue or pull it? I hit a bit of the fried girl and she is C99 lite. The C99 high is there, just not as powerful as I remember.
  5. Hey JC. I have been having the same issue lately. 10 NL5 x ATF, only 2 are up. Perkins Cut, 1 of 5 showed, and Quintessential Kush came in at 3/5, but one died shortly after coming up. I am gonna mix up new seedling soil, my water is fine.
  6. Sweet looking line up, MrG. Fat colas and frost all around, good luck with bug season.
  7. My fried girl got chopped, she wasn't gonna resurrect herself. Trimming consisted of me running my hand along the bud, it just rubbed off. She hasn't been alive long enough to give me viable seeds, besides they probably fried as well. On the other hand, the others are trying hard and will finish. 2 chunky ones.
  8. I only had a male CT and he did not show any pistils.
  9. Hey MrG. The trippy bud is Yeah Buddy, pollinated a small branch of her with Chocolate Thai. I also pollinated a small branch of BBS with Chocolate Thai. BBS is motivational but can be heavy in high doses. BBS is in a paper bag now, gonna be trimmed later today. The next round of pollination occurred with Black Afghani Fem hitting a couple of the C99 solo cup girls and the BBS clone. I hope that clears up the mud puddle called my Shoebox.
  10. Didn't do the whole plant, stray pollen here and there from localized pollination. I did not (usually don't) do good job of isolating the pollinated buds. Definitely gonna have more seeds than expected. The BBS is a clone that got a complete dusting. I literally took the BBS and rubbed it all over the Black Afghani. Unconventional, very effective. The clone was topped and about 8" when I hit her. She never reverted to veg after rooting, so I figured she needed sexy time. She is probably 12-15" now.
  11. Thanks for straightening me out, Baqualin. Props to Knutsel for a fantastic strain.
  12. Blueberry Sativa pollinated by Black Afghani Fem Yeah Buddy at 71 days. Trichs are starting to get milky here and there. May let it go another week, gonna hit this guy and check for effect. Dried on top of pin cushion heatsink for 2 days, got a Chocolate Thai baby in there.
  13. 42 days in, only the most Sativa leaning girl is super fried. The others are hanging in there.
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