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  1. Our Southern States sells colored eggs from a local farmer. The yolks are much richer and deeply colored, compared to grocery store eggs where the yolk are runny and pale. And they make great vanilla pudding.
  2. Hey now Misterdirt. I am running my last seed of Oaxacan now, she's about 6 weeks into flower. I pollinated a couple branches, one with Selene and the other with NAW's Green Manalishi HHP. In the wings are Koma Blueberry Sativa x Chocolate Thai that are a couple of weeks above ground. Once sexed GM HHP has a date with one of the ladies, hopefully.
  3. Hey now olsqueak. Lately I have been rooting my cuts in rooters under a dome in my veg tent. Using dip n gro I get roots within a week. There is a 50W 6500k LED about 3' overhead (I have 3 50w LED flood lights in my veg tent), lights on temps are mid 80s, off low 70s, no heat mat until it cools down. I have well water and have not tested ph in a while, though it was 6.8 last time I had a well test done.
  4. Hey now Cristalin. Package safely arrived, thanks for the freebee mini grinder!
  5. Hey now Toker. I have the same feeder and same hummingbird species, though I only have 2 birds coming around that I am aware of. Yesterday I walked towards the feeder and I was immediately investigated. Bird came towards me, hovered, came within 4 feet, hovered, went back to feeder. My favorite birds, by far.
  6. Order placed. Thanks Cristalin
  7. Nevermind. I guessed it and it works.
  8. Thanks for the reply, Cristalin. Can I get a code from you?
  9. Hey now Cristalin. I see that Sannie has been restocked, but it doesn't show Amnesia on the site. Is he holding out on us? I specifically am looking at picking up Amnesia and Ouzbékistan. Thanks
  10. Hey now SPW. According to the packaging Perkins Cut BX is Chematonic x Cannatonic #4, goes 8-9 weeks. I haven't run her in a bit, and when I did I gave away most of the bud. I'll get around to her again, just isn't in the rotation for now. Currently, Selene and Oaxacan Fem are in the tent, with Selene and Green Manalishi HHP (NAW freebee) males starting to drop pollen for limited seed making.
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