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  1. I appreciate the praise, Toker, but I seriously didn't "work" hard on Cindy. I femmed Joey Weed C99 with diy colloidal silver and got lucky. Regardless, I am happy you and anyone else are digging the beans.
  2. Hey now MrG. Around here the fire department gives them away if you ask.
  3. Happy 4/20 to all! Stay safe and healthy!
  4. Hey now GA. I sent you the Perkins Cut, if that helps. Glad to hear you are staying safe. Goes for the rest of you as well.
  5. I had a horrifying scare a little bit ago. My daughter called me while she was walking her neighborhood, a normal thing, and all of a sudden I hear her screaming and a dog bark. She is screaming and all I could think of was to tell her to run. Luckily the dog only grabbed hold of her jacket and pulled her to the ground. It released the jacket and she got away, maybe because the owner called it. She called the police, who sent animal control. Here's where I lose my shit. The dog attacked someone earlier this year, but because my daughter was "only" pulled to the ground they couldn't do anything. Mind you, the dog was unsecure in an unfenced yard and she was walking down the other side of the street. The helplessness I felt was crushing. She is so lucky. I left out the breed up top so as not to bias thoughts. It was a pit bull. I don't want to hear about how sweet they are, it is all about the owner, blah blah. That breed of dog, along with others, has a propensity for aggression that needs extra attention paid to the training and secure handling.
  6. FYI, DO NOT TOUCH THE PLATES WHEN LIVE. They will shock the living shit out of you.
  7. Back atcha, Papalag. That's a pretty lady you have there.
  8. I work with ozone almost every day, it's part of our cleaning process. At home I have a dual plate 10,000 mg/hr unit. Here's a link for a newer version of what I use. https://foreverozone.com/product/10000-mg-h-bare-bones-ozone-generator/
  9. SAN Killer Cookies, 67 days, sisters. Beautiful fade, can't wait to try 'em out. Gonna cut them both at 70 days, they can go now but the drying box is full.
  10. Them Killer Cookies Mystery Girl BBS x BA left, C99 x BA right C99 x BA grown single cola
  11. QKush has been in the jar for a bit and it is a stinker in the best way. Funky fuel, a hint of lemon, open the jar and you know you have some dank. No pics, current run is 2 Killer Cookies (SAN), 2 C99 x BA fem, 1 BBS x BA fem, and 1 mystery (either BBS or YB x CT). Seeds soaking are Cheeseberry Haze (thanks Mad), Anesthesia, and NH21 x MMS (thanks SPW, seeds will be made).
  12. Definitely another planet for interlopers like me. Absolutely amazing area to hike, chill, watch the climbers...
  13. Hey now Baq. Gorgeous pics, looks like Garden of the Gods. We were there in mid-October, 80 degrees, next day it's snowing it's ass off heading through Breckenridge enroute to Winter Park.
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