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  1. Opengrow is online again

    Salutations Sannie, It's no trivial migration but there are elements coming back, some others like reformated text which i doubt can/will be fixed i'm afraid, others as pictures hosted on PostImages.Org happened to be broken at the source in the worse possible times, just a couple days ago (while backups were available with a .CC domain extension instead). That's equally frustrating behind my screen i'm sure, i can use patience no worries but my bet is you'll need aspirin, some support and luck! Good day, have fun!!
  2. Opengrow is online again

    Salutations, Still plenty of computer vomit mixed with dead emoticon links, etc. Most demotivating. Good day, have fun!!
  3. Forum offline on 08-04-2018 for two days

    M'well... Maybe it's cleaner on the other side of my screen but seen from right here it's computer vomit, even the emoticons ain't right and i found no setting to fix this. Actually i'm not even sure past text can be retrieved using the search function judging from what i seen as a 1st contact. Lets hope that was appreciated by those who post with a cellular phone! Hang on, that's going to take some courage i think! Good day, have fun!!

    Salutations SuulHaze, M'well, is that the Switzerland of CBD cannabis made legal as tomatoes to serve as a tobacco substitute, or is that the Switzerland with ties to some Geneva Opium Convention of 1925?... Good day, have fun!!
  5. Hi from France!

    Salutations BoubACrampon, Money indeed, at least that's how i thought Ruquier came to put 2 martyr kids in such vulnerable positions as theirs. Both abused by their respective fathers, the female raped, the male violently repressed... That's a kind of display only money would justify i guessed. It's so regrettable, what they need is medical attention instead of cameras. But that's TV! ... Good day, have fun!!
  6. What do you listen in this moment ?

    [ ]YouTube: Swallow the Sun - Cathedral Walls (2012-Jan-3)
  7. From former hachish smoker to vaporist

    The more it changes... The more it's the same... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKxqFXvtPi4
  8. Canuck PinBoard

    Politic events, etc.
  9. What do you listen in this moment ?

    Jean-Claude Gélinas, alias Réjean le "farfadet" de Terrebone...
  10. Log in anomaly

    Salutations, Here as well, from the begining. I just didn't catch what the title was all about right away: http:// url4short.info/xxx Good day, have fun!!
  11. Vaporization

    Mainly all about my modded/customized VaporGenie pipe implementing the manufacturer's forgotten fig. 11/12 item from their registered patent (US 7434584 B2)...
  12. Hi again Justcozz, It seems i perceive that issue from the other end. Transgenic engineering doesn't necessarily require CS Sprays if there won't be seeds anyway, while the designer cells certainly have to be grown into a plant (for example via micropropagation, what else?...) before it can eventually produce any seeds. Comparatively, Colloïdal Silver only interferes with the ethylene signal controlling sexual development, much like an hormone i gathered. Nature's patient legacy remains relatively intact, the signal and its receptor ain't associated to a "Bio-Marker"... In normal circumstances it would seem chances are 50 - 50, but i'm sorry having to argue that What You See Is Not What You Get when refering to the "légaleezation" of Trudeau. There's blood that was spilled by police over 8 oz in my province, maybe if i lived in Vancouver i wouldn't be so critical - and that's only a tiny fraction of what remains to be said! But i'll pass today, maybe later though. Good day, have fun!!
  13. Salutations Justcozz, Fair enough. Allow me to differ radically on that opinion when it comes to inviting transgenic engineering. There's no "Bio-Marker" added in those seeds unless it's put there by human intervention, at the cost of demanding efforts compatible with industrial goals. CS sprays do none of that. Sure a predator may resist the urge to eat your favourite pet(s), m'well... Until it feels hungry, that is. Good day, have fun!!
  14. Salutations, GMOs comming soon in Québec/Canada, i think: [ globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/03/16/1441421/0/en/Hydropothecary-partners-with-Segra-to-scale-up-production-in-preparation-for-cannabis-legalization.html ] GNW: Hydropothecary partners with Segra to scale-up production in preparation for cannabis legalization (2018-Mar-16) « Segra’s expertise and unique tissue culture technique will allow Hydropothecary to increase its yield of healthy, top-quality plants to serve the growing medical and recreational cannabis markets. ... This process replaces traditional cloning from mother plants with rapid, sterile production of robust and healthy plantlets. It generates exact copies of the original plant without the risk of pathogens, fungi, and other issues that can plague other industrial-scale production processes. ... Segra is a plant biotechnology company that specializes in industrial-scale cannabis plant micropropagation. The company is developing industrial-scale cannabis micropropagation laboratories to produce healthy, robust plantlets for licensed cannabis producers globally. » After all "micropropagation" is a genetic engineering resource that can be used to create transgenic genomes via viable regenerated plants capable of reproduction, hence also passing bio-markers with it... Which spells GMOs to me. Good day, have fun!! While you can...
  15. Salutations, M'well, some planning that includes on-line resources such as SunCalc, considering i'd want to home-grow under the sun, if i did - which ain't happening anytime soon in the foreseable future (my location = Québec/Can). Then a goal, like the evaluation of 2:1 THC:CBD autofem hybrids, for example: [ www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/understanding-marijuana-thc-cbd-levels ] Leafly: How to Help Consumers Understand the Amount of THC and CBD in Their Cannabis (2017-Nov-29) In other words i'd have to decide what genetic to choose, though rest assured no GMO nor pesticides, nor P210 and whatnot are ever going to be on the menu anyway... Good day, have fun!!