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    Mainly all about my modded/customized VaporGenie pipe implementing the manufacturer's forgotten fig. 11/12 item from their registered patent (US 7434584 B2)...
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    Vegetal Life

    Microscope snapshots, etc.
  3. Salutations everybody, 1st of all there are some basic principles evoked in previous related posts already mentioned in this other one below, hence it may prove suitable to keep them in mind: [ https:// www.opengrow.com/topic/58014-bridge-the-gap-joining-clean-burning-butane-plan-b-ih-driven-lavacapsules/ ] Bridge the gap: joining clean-burning butane "Plan-B" + IH-driven LAVACapsules Except this time my susceptor's layout is going to depart quite significantly from round shapes. Here's some visual hint to guide the reader forward, it's a simple disposable distribution system applied to "repeating pistol" toys; those tape reels were called "Bang Caps" or "Boom Caps", for example Kilgore's multiple shots per roll system: Now imagine that's actually a jetable food-safe porous temperature-resistant susceptor substrate coated with cannabis noble molecules... The micro-dosing aspect of it spontaneously feels most appealing but then how would we be supposed to toke on this?? Well it may be necessary to explore a much larger perspective in order to better re-focus on tape-vaporizing issues, eventually. The merits of Induction Heat will contribute here again, more than ever as the "bowl" (a figure of speech, so to speak...) now happens to be moving as some roll of cannabic substrate tape gets depleted. So it's kind of a paradox opposing the need for convenient movement and a stationary IH "head" capable of enough "Hot-Spotting" to serve the prupose of single dosing. My previous work on Pulse-Heating should provide a neat solution but this calls for flux-concentrating concerns IMO: A classic air-core selenoïd (left) can NEVER complete its "magnetic circuit" while half of that is dispersed outside, stepper motors improve their energy conversion through savvy flux-concentrating materials in comparison, displacing the strong force fields deep inside where these shall benefit most as mechanical torque. That's a precious design resource to put into the tool box because similar flux bending paves the way to more complex concepts even including multi-phase systems, this one solved thanks to a legacy trick initially iherited from ancient greeks: Later re-discovered by a 17th century italian thinker who's name finally got associated to it. The prospect of juxtaposing 2 magnetic circuits in a manner to only share 1 common susceptor sounds thrilling at least to me as it invites duplex/dual-band scenarios possibly exploiting this other dimension i mentioned previously: Apparently the Curie-effet should be expected to be frequency-dependent too, consequently one may find justified to go to extremes in hope to get all the corners covered, ultimately: Using a Texas Instruments TPA3255 a preliminary evaluation suggests this could be rated up to 1.2 Kilo-Watts for a 7 x 7 cm IH WorkCoils Assembly with 2 chips, or a modest 400 Watts for TDA7498 chips instead. Go figure where Gallium Nitride replacements will take us next!... My point here was the puzzling idea that perhaps a flux-concentrating core can get shaped to support double-function assignments. In this present case the chip's Class-D power H-Bridge requires RF Choking so i started to wonder about split toroïd coils where the fields cancel each other. Globally there won't be much residual "unbalanced" energy exchanged between both systems i believe, so if it's a correct assumption then the parts count can be significantly reduced by mounting the twin RF Choking coils on a shared magnetic core. As for the pair of slotted-toroïds cardan-topology IH magnetic circuits i find a transition to tape reels is one great opportunity to simplify: That was good enough to invent cassete tape machines which served us fine for a few decades, so lets go back to the slotted-toroïd with a twist: Would i have ever envisioned such possibility without my previous reflexion on the more difficult problem of a "universal" multi-mode WorkCoils assembly?... Anyway there's still one essential part missing as i ain't got it drawn just yet. The RF Choking side of it is obvious, and those paying attention may realize it's 2 slotted-toroïds sharing a common pair of central arms between half toroïd sections. While fields of the peripheral magnetic circuit mainly cancel 2 more coils inserted on those horizotal arms can get hard-wired to work as a tandem where the fields add up constructively and once again cancel at the other circuit's level - kind of a magnetic "duplex" design allowing 2 different functions to co-exist within a same solid-state structure... Hopefully the central cut can be made sufficiently large to accomodate glass-based (purist) confinement of the cannabis path without any compromises thanks to wireless heating, in addition to a pair of optional LAVA Hybrid Core layers meant to generate some temporary convective/radiative heat burst around tape-shaped substrate passing through that ain't necessarily also behaving as susceptor anymore... Presumably each tape "dot" might provide multiple tokes before the tape reel dispenser must advance to its next position; dual-band "Eddy-Curie" applications probably even remain an option via the inclusion of capacitor power switching in the resonator itself, e.g. to "tune" it down (or up) with the direct addition (or substration...) of a second "tank" capacitor using 1 same workcoil inductance. Etc., etc. ... May this have seemed entertaining if not inspiring. Good day, have fun!!
  4. Salutations everybody, My present update still refers to previous posts based on VaporGenie's unique core material selection, .e.g. space-age Silicon Carbide Foam -- Unsurpassed since Y2K IMO! VaporGenie pipe(s) as Prototyping Platform for Semi-DiY Pulse-Heating challenge (2020-May-18) Egzoset's LAVA IH-driven concept adapted to fix failed products (as Loto Labs, Dr. Dabber, etc.) {2019-Mar-30} There was an opportunity to refresh my "intro" recently which now ties it all together into 1 single (but very long) publication which i made available here via my dedicated album (it can be read off-line with a tablet after taking advantage of this board's Image Tools / Download functions), or the reader can also find a copy in my Google Photos and Flickr collections anyway: [ https:// photos.app.goo.gl/bLEHV2asFupTvoxJA ] Egzoset's intro on HV Forum (2020-jul-2) N. B.: Please don't bother registering out there just to exchange public DiY correspondance with me as i happened to cancel the account kind of early. Nonetheless this was a fine occasion to browse through some intense ZVS reading, motivated by catastrophic hardware failure reports from DV VC IH-driven enthousiasts still busy evaluating their popular modules inspired by the work of Vladimiro Mazzilli and George Royer before him, eventually confusing over-simplification vs KISS designer rationale... A 1st hint occured after i noticed the contribution of Bob Nash about his addition of "Gate Drivers" in order to fix that approach, mainly by preventing "lockups" via mutual-exclusion logic circuitry; a creative guy named Dany K. (cz) got intuitive enough to protect his project with a series-connected power lamp, who then applied the virtues of more series-connected ("Snubber RC") components, to improve stability in the power stage... In terms of miniature integration it seems to me the "Fast ZVS Mazzilli Driver" of Francisco Piernas Diaz failed to attract due attention, already more than a couple years ago; somewhat closer to us the work of Oleg Kutkov added subtle refinements, mainly with his mutually-exclusive failsafe implementation where failure modes get strictly restricted by redistributing the circuit as multiple independant elements - the contrary of integration - but doing so i figured damage to 1 component is much less likely to escalate into a "lockup". Personally i prefer to use the "crowbar" expression as we're talking about power devices incidentally putting a heavy Short-Ciruit across High-Voltage power tracks, which should be a forbiden state and hence i was forced to conclude the Mazzilli/Royer modules are actually flawed-by-design! The worst part of it being how the "community" chose to address such odd situation: by circumventing it instead of making durable corrections, which may seem to be a cure but only until that also fails to handle the cause they left intact! As a matter of fact i'm now convinced in this particular case the "Stupid" part in "KISS" can prove most deceiving as that ain't necessarily synonymous of over-simplification; the basic observation that sometimes "ZVS" isn't really ZVS anymore should have rang a few bells, but nobody paid due attention nor even listened i guess... DiY experimentation is great, yet i keep thinking just stop repeating the same errors relentlessly!! After all, those self-regenerating resonator loops were never supposed to end up exceeding the operational parameters of expensive semiconductors, starting with "lock-ups" although the intrinsic sense of "Zero Voltage Switching" should imply a physical impossibility to simultaneously drive 2 power devices of a very same arm, NEVER! Too bad but it's quite about time to step back and acquire additional perspective once it's notorious and repeatedly verified that those popular over-simplified Mazilli/Royer modules allow such catastrophic failure by design. IMHO it must NOT be an option to sacrifice reliability in exchange for trivial trade-offs - but that's me. So, looking for alternatives i eventually realized people got blind to beneficial features of the whole forest just for having their nose stuck to the nearest tree: law of least effort prevails universally i'm sorry to admit! The thing is IH-drivers can hardly gain popularity proportional to merit in a context where both the delivery method and power source result in smoking hardware - a serious deterrent for any vaporist!... So, my suggestion of remedy has been to insist over proper gate driving as a foundation, then comes the problem of component selection since the choice is vast, with many variations on a theme. For example Infineon's iR2153 has on -chip low-side/high-side gate drivers mutually-excluding each other via digital logic interfacing with some generic "555" multivibrator connected to suitable level-shifters, etc. A newer iRS2153 version even offers the convenience of a self-contained "bootstrap" diode! Etc, etc. Strangely enough none of this shows up on modules with an unusually-durable carreer, perhaps not for the best reasons. What's clear to me is that gate-driving chips such as the iRS2153 could as well support a local VCO just through the adjunction of a simple "varactor" diode, hence opening the door to completing this self-resonant loop through a venerable "4046" PLL chip, for example. My proposed scenario implies auto-detection of a delivery tool based on the workcoil + capacitor (LC) natural peak frequency response being shifted: #1) at insertion/removal time; #2) by virtue of the Curie effect if a corresponding alloy is present. Think of a 2-levels Power Stage controlled by exploiting a carrier-lock condition... Initially the "boostrap" phase inhibits all driving, then brief bursting salves of low intensity are generated to scan the workload cavity at relatively long intervals, which should always reflect a non-locked state while empty or after it's ready. Once feedback EMF is finally picked up the VCO will eventually "capture" the loop's natural resonance frequency, aided by those short/weak bursts of the preliminary "stand-by" phase, until it's time to switch the high Voltage source into its final IH injection mode. A timer or temperature function must end that Pre-Heat cycle, necessarily, so i personally like to think of synchronuous quadrature demodulation since there's a local clock reference readily available at lock time anyway. If Curie alloys are included then electromagnetic vs susceptor interactions will be reflected as "pick-up" signals, because these give access to a temperature-dependant Curie effect only possible with IH-drivers, IMO similar to this: [ http://www.elegron.pl/files/AFCinductionfurnace.pdf ] (p64) In conclusion it's all clearly suggesting a button-less/display-less user interface and there's more... Add a permanent continuous magnetic "bias" field (as from a magnet) and the delivery tool shall most probably behave the same as a bi-directional transducer (...), capable of implementing haptic/audible feedback on top of tap-touch commands! Briefly put actuate the power switch to enjoy ZERO lock-ups ZVS with performant energy conversion, insert wand to quit stand-by/scan mode so to begin power IH-driving until the Curie effect kicks in, at which point the unit may want to repeat its "power muting" risk-elimination procedure (if allowed by design). Using my LAVACapsule that's going to be safe for finger skin and even accessible to single-handed/visually-impared persons i believe. All this being a bonus resulting from a necessity to correct some fundamental/obsolete design flaw actually calling for constructive scrutiny + criticism anyway! ... Good day, have fun!!
  5. Salutations, Please keep in mind my illustrated transformations of the VaporGenie pipe(s) will automatically void any related warranty; the terms "Prototyping Platform" and "DiY" imply some models (Classic Wood/Aluminium and/or Bronze Sherlock) have been selected in order to refurbish their key components and reconfigure them, the owner always assuming all consequences for his actions - not to mention this is no invitation to create cheap clones as i must insist the original/patented intellectual property legally belongs to Dan Steinberg, inventor and company founder. The purpose of my customization tips is to offer VG pipe owners something that ain't even available in option, like a rare opportunity to explore Pulse-Heating (and more...) via implementations of VG's long-forgotten Fig. 11/12 item, which in Egzoset's Hybrid Core (replacement) layout actually corresponds to this "17-holes Metal Disc" as described below, with tiny thermal side-pads included: Technology only got better since the Y2K bug, although it already was space-age enough to use "Duocel" Silicon Carbide Foam we could have wished VG's patent also covered electromagnetic Induction Heat applications, while IH-drivers got time to improve during the last decades... For many years now i've demonstrated my "Plan-B" operating mode of a Bi-Energy concept, where "B" stands for "Clean-Burning" butane; so "Plan-A" only needs to build on what's tried & tested, except there ain't going to be Inlet Water unless both IH-driving + butane combustion get combined simultaneously somehow. M'well, such a scenario remains possible because VaporGenie's material selection allows it conveniently, as SiC Foam routinely supports exposure to extra-hot exhaust (H2O + CO2) gases in their genuine pipe design to begin with - which is the main reason i picked a VG pipe in the 1st place, since i knew from experience that i couldn't stand Hot Dry Air Ovenizers on the long term. Once switched to Full-Metal tops (to accomodate "Power Micro-Bursting" with multi-jet torches), after all the hybrid core-tweaking was done, it turned out my customized VG pipe seemed finally ready for yet another feature which translated into one major contribution eventually, e.g. the Direct On-Top Core-PinHole path (painted in cyan-blue below): This fresh-air injection path is directly linked to the heart of my Hybrid Core structure, split-path configurations support manual control either using a fingetip resting site/hole located on the top itself and/or on the handle, one not totally disabling the other as the manual aspect survives even in presence of a permanent PinHole path (apparently it's the "pumping" action or pressure transitions that matter most in promoting cloud movement)... Below this is a modified (cut & drilled) "Monobloc" with its Hybrid Core components on the side, starting with my "SiC Front Puck", then the "17-Holes Metal Disc" (and opt. susceptor), then a Brass Screen wrapped "Top-of-Bowl SiC Puck": It's the very same terminology i used to refer to since my late 2015 "UFO Element" tests or so i think, i was done adjusting core ratios a couple years later: As for the PinHole it forced me to reflect on the problem of a universal system capable of maintaining backward compatibility while also giving optional access to new functionality: My "DeLuxe" scenario would most likely depend on Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) to craft a hole (or 2) through the Monobloc material, by chance i developed a much more accessible alternative as it's only requiring a drill accessory just as pictured right next: Despite what's shown here exactly it will be essential NOT to cut all the way down (e.g. until no flat annular mating surface is left up to the rim), instead a containment mark needs to be traced around the Screw Base with its (Classic) bowl (~18.8 mm dia.) still attached, clearly visible in red: Diameter of the cutter wheel is equally critical as it ensures nearly-ideal alignment inside my final Hybrid Core, as both the internal (Direct) and external (Auxiliary/Handle-side) PinHole paths must meet together past the 17-Holes Metal disc, with provisions for a maxinum of possible cust. VG pipe permutations: One even more accessible method had 1 single cut at most but this rendered my PinHole permanent (with core fresh-air injection at all times): So lets prefer my "Easy-Made Universal Split-Paths Twin-Cut On-Top Core-PinHole System" for its lesser trade-offs... And by the way, take note a core Metal Disc can be substituted with ordinary screening of equivalent heat retention, hopefully with light impact. So this slightly more involving "Brain-Dead" solution just requires 2 "twin" holes to be PUNCHED THROUGH a thin residual metal layer left at the edges, with force applied at an angle from the Flame-Catcher (left) side: Doing so shall feature the Top/Sphere with a fingertip resting site most useful when installed on a Bronze/Sherlock handle (left), because it can be aligned to fall under with my index finger: The Classic Wood/Aluminium setups can also benefit from a manually-controlled Core PinHole path but the best possible choice involves a Classic Aluminium configured like this: Where PinHole #1 might correspond to "Pump" and Pinhole #2 to "Pre-Heat", depending on internal routing... Too bad this level of handle customization ain't as accessible as for my tops, YMMV. With "Plan-B" sufficiently perfected the next big step will be to try Induction Heat at last, possibly using an IH-driving mode that can provide Back-EMF feedback to "close" a control loop for overheat prevention (unless "Curie" alloys can be found). Anyway basic ferromagnetics will behave similar to what's suggested below: Absolute readings may be difficult to achieve but i still foresee a fair opportunity to gain near-linear response via some relative setup that depends on training cycles, for example. Yet i believe one might want to check with Stainless Steel 430 or similar, as that's food-safe and also highly "magnetic" (not just conductive). In any case my initial plan relatively to IH driving was to limit involvement to more "KISS" solutions, for example by reshaping the coil of a ready-made 3rd-party commercial product like an IH cooker base: This shape required the load to equal or exceed the diameter of a Compact Disc, my susceptor only measures ~12.6 mm in comparison... The "Skin-Effect" of eddy currents from radio waves in the higher frequency spectrum would become a nuisance in presence of other conductors as the aluminium Flame-Catcher bloc, it energy injection must be targetted then a magnetic drive makes more sense than an electric one. So i'm presently gambling on Full-Metal tops but might have to conclude these must be glass or ceramic. Que sera, sara! On the bright side there would be plenty of power in Pulse Mode to "Spot-Heat" a 0.75 g susceptor or even a pair of them, as imagined in my LAVACapsule many years ago: The purpose of such capsule symetry is to support quick in-situ reversal to perform Reclaim/Maintenance (with sealed center section cfg.), or even experiment with 2-Stage Heating à la Sublimator where post-vaporisation substances gets submitted to re-heating, either to cause the microscopic airborne droplets to shrink further in size (so to pass the lungs/bloodstream barrier with more ease), or perhaps to "activate" the cannabinoïd precursors or even both. Only experimentation can tell and there's more to toy with, like perhaps Heat Vectors "defocussing" via a 90 ° change of direction inside the bowl itself (with cloud collector in the middle), and/or mechanical stiring from vibrations to maximize thermalization, or a combination of Induction Heat and Inlet Water in enhanced "Micro-Bursting" mode with better precision "Packetization" or dosing, etc. In a perfect world VaporGenie would take possession of my donated conceptual extensions and turn it into their own "trilogy": #1) One single pipe already improves butane-based performance significantly; #2) Two pipes would enlarge the applications range by allowing tops to get swapped around (each top-specific Heat Charge matches its bowl Workload); #3) Two pipe sets and an IH driver would implement "Plan-A", perhaps eventually with "DeLuxe" options as Self-Moisturization and "Potentialization" of the "Release/Transport Agent" from "Potentialization" by extra-hot exhaust gases, etc., etc. Briefly put enthousiast VG owners would start their collection by acquiring 1 single most affordable pipe and decide if it's worth an escalade towards IH technology, e.g. turning previous spending into an investment for the future... Total mass of a minimalist 1¼" (dia.) LAVACapsule ranges around 100 g, meaning the magnetic part only represents 25 % of such mass while its susceptor(s) shall translate as 1 ~ 2 % at most. Consequently using enough power it must be possible to inject some temporary-storage "Heat Charge" (near a hundred Joules) in a matter of seconds, with plenty of time for the core to heat up though far too little time to raise the whole capsule temperature so high it would risk becoming a skin-burn threat: e.g. it's going to remain safe as long as the LAVACapsule ain't working in thermostatic mode, in opposition to Hot Dry Air Ovenizers where material selection is more complicated if we consider those get intensely hot for long minutes instead of brief seconds. So the rewards i promise are multiple and unique, like to experience Pulse Heating not previously accessible using even a genuine VG pipe. The main trick is to separate its "Pre-Heating" (#1) and "Main" (#2) phases as two processes made as independant as possible: This involves enough overlaping in "Plan-B" mode to feel more like an approximation (with somewhat blurred boundaries) than digital precision as expected for "Plan-A", yet the "window" it opens is sufficiently valuable to justify the cost of such "Prototyping Platform" all by itself IMO! My regret is that i can't be so confident to claim i'll be able to evaluate "Plan-A" personally but i keep hopeful nonetheless. My LAVA challenge being modular this garantees at least an excellent "Plan-B" at a most affordable price. Good day, have fun!!
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    Politic events, etc.
  7. Salutations, Here's yet another KISS-inspired idea of mine: If you're a DynaVap VapCap enthousiast then just imagine carving that tube's surface with a spiral trench, accepting fresh air from the right side, passing through an optional CCD Screen of the far right side right before it enters the cavity with Space-Age Silicon Carbide Foam inside... This should even prove compatible with a VapBong LoxLux (Halogen-based) "party" scenario IMHO! Etc., etc. It shouldn't be much of a problem substituting SiC pellets with "Health Stones" while i don't suppose that's even private/patented intellectual property so far. E. G. still free for the taking i'd bet... Too bad i require Inlet Water on top of Pulse Vaporisation, that's way too long a path for me to walk alone. So who's ready to take over?? Good day, have fun!!
  8. Euh... That was to be expected right from the very begining, since you immediately failed to appologize while having troll trophees accumulating already. I can't but conclude that you did know about the 2010 thing and were quite prepared to use it for your present self-serving purpose, with a fanboy in support nearby... You did try to suggest that Egzoset "goes off" at random, trying to excuse your provocation in disguise and hence i'm most satisfied such head games didn't last long before the real intentions were finally revealed: further personal attacks based on musical taste, for example... M'well, at least detection was quick this time, your confidence in local fanboyism made yourself a bit too obvious and that tells me this is another board infested/infected with installed abusers i may have dealt with as soon as 2010... I suppose that's a rendez-vous under your multiple identities for a revenge on FuckCombustion, GrassCity, ICMag, etc... You name it, that's not exactly new to me to be chased around by ghosts.
  9. Hi again, It's quite informative what part of a moderate post was retained, only to invite agravation... Well, lets talk about you instead of me: what are your other identities elsewhere for starters?? Reversing roles in 2 sentences already?? You've been informed in a calm way, now join my [ Ignore ] list as this did warrant "going off" swiftly: life's just too short for those house of mirrors games. An insult, even accidental (in appearance...) that's topped with more disrespect via forging imaginary substitution characters didn't exactly sound like you've made it by mistake at all. Good day, have fun!!
  10. Salutations GardenArtUs, M'well, i wouldn't mind for a correction if it came from a total newbie, but i'm afraid if you truly mean to sound friendly to Egzoset then please avoid making it look like an insult, by starting to write the alias with a lower-case then compounding that offense with a typo... I'm genuinely hoping that the simple action of informing you about such cultural element won't put us at war but i'd advise anyone addressing me to just never use the alias again instead of taking the risk it might be received as pure provocation - from repetition of a 2010 gag that i always failed to find amusing though it was repeated twice this year alone on similar boards. Nonetheless, at the moment i still am in a neutral state of mind - so i wish i could have been able to afford not reacting. Actually the man behind Egzoset communicates and interacts much better when Egzoset ain't a topic itself, so i'm glad to find something to hook on. Yep, that's certainly not the conventional stuff heard on radio... More specifically, about the LiFA album, i found it starts strong kind of early with its piece titled "In Maidjan" (#2), and more specifically when Maria Franz delivers some etheral 4 minutes female vocalist performance @7:38. Quite frankly i got to regret that other outbreak moments often feel too short, as in "Fylgija Ear / Futhorck" @2:53 (#7), since it lasts only a mere 2 minutes at most. In "Othan" (#8) it's 6 minutes but the magic doesn't survive to that song's conclusion neither, as if there was a need for "fillings"... Go figure, in "Hamrer Hippyer" @6:46 (#9) there's some 4 minutes male vocalist performance that feels completely satisfying, it's a mystery to me why that needs to get spoiled by experimental excess weight thereafter. Yet, overall the ambiance can prove enjoyable indeed. It's full of testosterone expression that can be comforting but it was the guest female vocalist who carried it to another dimension and after such powerful exposure i must admit my cognitive ears began to starve for more: all the sudden it seems i lived through over half-a-century remaining in profound darkness! Good day, have fun!!
  11. YouTube: Heilung | LIFA - Full Show - Othan @ 52:42
  12. A few easy fixes for some "broken" picture links, changing ".Org" domains into ".Cc", for example: [ https://s14.postimg.cc/6flhbadkh/Pierre-_Hugues_Boisvenu_-_TVA_2018-_Feb-6_640x450.png ] ... [ http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/quebec-passes-probably-not-perfect-pot-bill ] Mtl Gazette: Quebec passes 'probably not perfect' pot bill (2018-Jun-12) ... E.G. N. B.: Please disregard stylish exagerations... Nope: the Enterprise ain't really about to crash again. Good day, have fun!!
  13. Quick update A month has passed and yet there's still plenty of broken stuff found in intro post and more: N.B.: Pictures previously hosted @ postimg.org can now be found @ postimg.cc instead, which could be a simple fix to perform, by the way. Good day, have fun!!
  14. Salutations Sannie, It's no trivial migration but there are elements coming back, some others like reformated text which i doubt can/will be fixed i'm afraid, others as pictures hosted on PostImages.Org happened to be broken at the source in the worse possible times, just a couple days ago (while backups were available with a .CC domain extension instead). That's equally frustrating behind my screen i'm sure, i can use patience no worries but my bet is you'll need aspirin, some support and luck! Good day, have fun!!
  15. Salutations, Still plenty of computer vomit mixed with dead emoticon links, etc. Most demotivating. Good day, have fun!!
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