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    Vegetal Life

    Microscope snapshots, etc.
  2. I thought i's been broken for a couple years until today.
  3. Egzoset


    Mainly all about my modded/customized VaporGenie pipe implementing the manufacturer's forgotten fig. 11/12 item from their registered patent (US 7434584 B2)...
  4. From the album: Vaporization

    Well, it's still nothing definite. More like some "dialog" relatively to previous images looking similar. Take note of the upper-left chip's pin #1 getting moved, plus anotations about a 2-sided PCBoard "X-Ray View" for a few right-side counterparts. Observe how the bobins density practically doubled, allowing hopes of further miniaturization, possibly by using shorter U-Cores to raise the power cells and hence free a long storage compartment for the "tool", etc. Not to mention my preoccupation for persons a those with visual limitations, in this case adopting a type of mechanical 2-digits (binary Yes/No) "key" encoding that they can read through the tip of a finger, so they can differenciate between specialized-application tools too. Take note of

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  5. From the album: Vaporization

    Simple mirror symetry won't suffice for an X-Ray View where each component has a front & a back face while they form superposed pairs on a 2-sides PCBoard...
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