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  1. thx gentleman next round will be in scrog they wil be in 30 liters of soil per plant this time of the year they will explode when swithing to 12/12 greetZZZzzzz
  2. hi all some last pics before harvest next round will be Santa Marias aswell a little less plants in a 3 m2 scrog meet the next generation greetZZZZzzzz
  3. thx all i guess this pheno will take 11/12 weeks of 12/12 she's gonna be so sweet cant wait 2 smoke her greetZZZzzzz
  4. High everybody The ladies are almost ready 2 harvest im verry busy at work so they will have to wait for 10 more days not much 2 tell, pictures say more than words sooooo... greetZZZZZzzzzz
  5. you where VERRY wrong thx 4 compliments greetZZZzzz
  6. time for an update i hope they can last for 2 more weeks the first leaves are turning yellow so the end is near greetZZZzzzz
  7. keep em green mate those ladies look beautiful greetZZZzzzz
  8. gotta love those beautifull strains Nathalie perhaps you should consider too grow organic for once its great for the taste and almost impossible to overfeed greetZZZzzzzz
  9. nomercy supplies has the santamaria seeds BAC organics in combination with Sannies organic products = EPIC its imo also the easieest way to grow , and gives a great taste .... now thats a lot of spam in 1 reply greetZZZZzzzz
  10. thx mack i personally prefer the large plants they just look beautifull and when supercropped correctly their yield also is verry high about the flowering, i just use 12/12 for flowering and 18/6 for veg i said i give them 9 weeks flowering time i meant not 9 weeks of 12/12 but 9 weeks from the moment the plant shows first signs of flowering hope u understand now because my english isnt verry good (especcially not after a good blunt filled with KO kush ) greetZZZZzzzzz
  11. Plank is another name for Santa Maria indeed
  12. the mother is a clone of a Nomercy SantaMaria f6 she was a gift of a good friend of mine greetZZZZzzzz
  13. hi all this update contains just pictures if u have any questions just ask them greetZZZZZzzzzz
  14. beautifull strain you should be verry proud i cann almost smell her greetZZZZzzz
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