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  1. Hai mr professor Great to hear this, love ur stuff. Any chance you release some more genetics with blue magoo in em? On seedfinder i saw a blue magoo backcross. im hoping, and some kind of praying that some new magooX is gonna hit the #**! fan? I grew mnt hood h, blue heron, oregon huck. Those led to believe me that this magoo of yours is really something special. Hope its still around.
  2. Mmm lemon thai, Best citrus i have tasted. Citrus can be horrible , i once smoked some super lemon haze that was awful. It tasted like citrus dishwashing soap. Brr But lemon thai i grew was realy nice sour fresh lemon, depending on the pheno with some melon or grapefruit. Still regret i did not make some seeds.
  3. Bang, bang maxwells silver hammer.. came down on her head ! You got some nice genes @ work
  4. If you all ready have a camera and 50 mm and another lens you can make a homebrew magnifier. Just tape the 50 reversed on the other lens like this this is the tip of a pistil i shot with that combo.
  5. Thanks Mike, My first prof p grow was ms universe, really liked it, and then stumbled into the mnt hood huckleberry and that was some of the best pot ive ever smoked. Since then im obsessed. Ive got lots of the profs beans in the fridge for some holy grail searching ^^
  6. It looks like it snowed in your greenhouse fatrasta. Awesome.
  7. You have a nice operation going on there, those talibs look great.
  8. Ok ok i share my secret. This is my leafflowerbud inducer http://www.biowaveindustries.com/ Cost several thousand dollars, but you are assured of at least 1grams of leafbudflower per plant. (lol i came across this apparatus on dutch site, no clue what it is supposed to do New pics Things start to get coloriffic. Blue heron Mnt Hood Huckleberry crosses (First mnt HHxsourkush, second Mnt HH x Durgancitral) This might be a MNt HH F2 Oregon Huckleberry, when i rub a leaf first smell is what i call tireburn, then it gets real sweet and fruity. Old Time Moonshine. Drizella, this pheno smells a lot like c99 with some citrus added.
  9. Looking fab silver surfer! Comic book fan? I love moebius (jean giraud)
  10. I love guitars. Time for some Paco Think i posted it here before, but it such a beautiful piece. These two old dogs (jeff beck, master guitar player, and, vinnie Colaiuta, one of the best drummers ever) get blasted by this young aussie girl with a bass solo jeff beck style They dont shrivel, but stand aside cheering. incredible stuff.
  11. We have coffeeshops for that over here, so thats our market. those are usually provided by growers hired by the coffeeshop, or syndycate like orgs you dont want to cross. There is one guy i sometimes sell small batches to, i know him since our version of high school. he started out then selling hash and sensi on the school yard, and now has his own coffee shop in my town. Only one i trust. He sells old time stuff like brick thai, (3 euros a gram), and weed from hobbyists like me. but thats peanuts. (electricity bill)
  12. Hey Sax, Good to see ya! Leaf flower on Blue Heron. Old Time Moonshine, Ive read about it and knew it was a odd strain, but this is really poor 1/4- 1/3 height of the others, slow in everything..lol But there might be a gem in the seeds i have left , i hope Drizella, so very different in appearance than the others . light,airy where the others are dense and compact.
  13. In my experience if you sell stuff, you come upon bad ppl fast.i dont need that at all. But hey im in a luxury position im not dependent on sales, i grow for me.
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