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  1. Long time man! Glad to see you're still around
  2. Thanks @Justcozz Just waiting on my delivery.
  3. @Sunnyvale @DesertGrown Thanks guys, it's been a while but I'm learning alot from OG already
  4. Hey guys and gals So my country recently legalized for personal use, which now means that I can safely do my first outdoor grow in the beautiful African sun. I'm hoping to get some advice on my grow plan. The seeds : Sannie's Fem Mix, which is 2x Madberry 2x Shackzilla 2x Herijuana Then I'm probably only going to pop 3 to keep it manageable for my first time. The pots : Freedom pots (local version of Smart pots) pic below Starter - 5L Veg - 10L Flower - 20L I'll also be getting some small jiffy pots to start in before transplanting to the 5L The soil : Freedom Farms Premium Organic Potting Mix. This a local farm that provides organic soil mix, I don't have access to brands like Foxfarm, Happy Frog etc. I decided on this as they have a CBD farm and this is sold by my local hydro store, so can't be too bad. Here's the ingredients, I was wondering if OG would suggest adding anything to this or making my own mix? Contains : Coco, Perlite, Vermiculite, Worm Castings, Compost, Bone Meal, Volcanic Rock-dust, and Gypsum. The grow spot : my courtyard, unfortunately I can't grow in the garden just yet, there's only a fence and some beautiful ladies would be stolen very quickly. The courtyard is out of sight and protected by alarm. It gets about 8 to 9 hours direct sunlight and is protected by heavy winds. It has an awning that I can move the plants under in case of heavy storms. The timeline : after some research it seems I will be able to veg for about 5 months (although I'm a month late now) then flower for another 5 months with a 2 month break in winter. I got this info from https://en.seedfinder.eu/research/climate/zones/. My zone is Subtropic, megatherm and semi-arid climates (continental). Based on that info, I'm planning to plant as soon as my seeds arrive and then they should flower in January and finish around March. So that's my plan at the moment, unless OG has any advice for this first time outdoor grower.
  5. Thanks @Papalag It's good to be back
  6. Thanks @Justcozz Just waiting for the seeds to get here and then we're good to grow
  7. @reddog3000 These are looking good Keen to see how these turn out, I've got 2 fem Madberry on the way
  8. Welcome @Maria sanchez Just came back to OG myself, great to have you here, by the sound of your experience and those great looking pictures, I'm sure those seeds from Sannie will turn out fantastic!
  9. Hello OG I'm finally back, after 7 years I was on here in 2011 with a 250w PC case grow that never ended as I moved towns, that was the start of my career and it meant there wasn't space or time for growing. However a couple of things have changed recently 1. My country has legalized growing for personal use 2. I've got space to grow 3. I've ordered a feminized mix from Sannie Can't wait to be part of this awesome community again.
  10. I got very lucky and a new friend invited me over when he received his analog Volcano vape and I must say I was extremely impressed. I took some schwag with me however he assured me the vape would bring out the best of whats there. So he warmed up the vape and explained how he ordered it from Germany and was so happy he could quit smoking. The build quality is outstanding, and the highly polished steel looks really cool and very solid, haha but my OCD was just thinking about the fingerprints. Then he showed me the solid valve and explained the advantages which are : it allows you to customise the balloon size and apparently with regular cleaning can last for years. Since this was my first real experience with a vape I cant say which is better the solid or easy valve but my preference would be the solid valve. My kind friend began to crush some herb while I had a look at what the kit came with. The first thing I noticed was the nice little brush in the kit for easy cleaning, then there was some spare screens, also some pads for liquid and a neat acrylic grinder. The power cable for the Volcano was long enough to not have to worry about tripping over it but this is definately not portable. By now the bud was in the vape and the balloon filled up really fast, he takes the balloon off and offers me the first pull. WOW, this is something I have never experienced before so smooth and light on your lungs, it almost feels like nothing is coming out. But then you breathe out and taste flavours in the bud that I have never tasted in a bong or pipe, the strain was local swazi and had a very minty taste. I have a huge smile on my face now and my friend is already filling another bowl for himself, after a few more balloons I feel a very strong soaring sativa head high with lots of energy. He then starting pulling out all these different strains as we compared the tastes and played around with the temperature settings and eventually settled on around 5. I noticed that if the temp was on about 7 or 8 the vape would get a popcorn taste and can be quite harsh on the lungs. Another positive is I noticed he was saving all the bud that came out the vape and he said you can use the leftovers mixed with some fresh bud to make some real potent cannabutter. The only complaint I would have there are no official parts from Volcano that allow you to use a whip (pipe) however I have seen some homemade options which let you use a whip. The nice thing about a whip is you fill the bowl and then take pulls when you feel like it but with the balloons you need someone to take care of filling and removing it so if you get too stoned the balloons could become alot of effort. So my overall impression was I need to get one of these for myself, it is 398 euros but when you see and feel the quality and precision that went into building it you will see that its money well spent. I think with good care and cleaning habits this vape could last a lifetime. Here is a link to the offical Volcano store http://www.storz-bickel.com/shop_eur/produ...-VALVE-Set.html
  11. Many thanks to lowrider, Fuzz420 and Oldbootz thanks for checking out my grow journey/journal So the reason the grow is over is I've just got a new job and need to move cities. But this means I am no longer a poor student and my next grow is being planned now and will be started as soon as I settle into my new job and home. I was also very fortunate to win some seeds in a competition on the south african forums. I must also thank my very good friend YetiSan who was my room mate in college and provided me with this opportunity where he works The next grow will be a collaboration between YetiSan and rampageZA, very exciting times ahead
  12. Hey guys unfortunately the pc grow is over, there are some major things happening in my life at the moment all very positive. So I have taken the healthy fem and planted it in my mates back garden. I dug a deep hole and put in a whole bag of potting soil with some bone meal so she has a nice new home here is a pic when I planted her last week
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