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  1. Hey all I have transplanted the female into a bigger pot today, roots were nice and strong which is a major difference since I first brought her inside . Here's some new pics
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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

  5. rampageZA


    From the album: PC Grow Case

  6. Looking good Yeti Hope you get some females bro
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    Hello Lexn to Opengrow It looks like you have some green on your thumbs already I also think its a good thing to also experience the bad side of growing because now the next grow you have the skills to keep those problems away. Looking forward to seeing your next grow with Sannies, that NBD is a beautiful plant
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    auto summer run

    Hey Saxo Good to see your next grow already up and running I'll be watching this one from my usual spot
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    my avatar
  10. Still revegging this female, probably going to transplant her tommorow since she has the whole pc case to herself now
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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

  15. Haha I also get lazy and sleepy sometimes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nap#Benefits Once all the hard work is done the cab will last a long time and give you many great buds in return
  16. These POTM are so insanely difficult to choose just ONE to vote for Congrats to everyone who made the cut I was stuck between Shimmy's LA Pure Kush, BETATESTERA - Uberkush and Saxo's Dutch Toxic, however since I followed Saxo's grow he ultimately got my vote
  17. I thought the same thing, its like pulling a huge bud out of a hat instead of a rabbit
  18. Yeh that noise is loud, I mean they look like pc fans but sound like fighter planes Have you added the passive intakes yet? I'm sure that should solve the problem of the negative pressure, and at the moment those fans are pulling out the hot air but there isnt any cool air to replace it so intakes at the bottom should definately drop the temps. I see MikeScofield already brought up the issue of the mylar needing to be flat otherwise it will create hotspots but I'm sure it will also help reduce the temps?
  19. I was one of the soulless freaks who didnt comment on those pictures?!?! Man I was just so jealous of that view I didnt know what to say
  20. Hey Fuzz420 Wow dude I just watched the video now and I didnt realise they were THAT loud. It sounds like there is a small airport in your room. What are the current temps in the cab with those fans on half speed? Maybe just check the temps and keep adjusting the speed of the fans until you reach a nice balance between noise and temps? Although like you say the addition of intakes pulling in cool air will also be able to keep the temps low.
  21. Wow Jeffman I hope your post doesnt get deleted that Krakatoa : fruit loop haze X Mau-Mau looks so pretty Those purple edges with the bright green in the centre
  22. Unfortunately the larger swazi plant has revealed itself to be male, so it has been pulled and I'l now be focusing my attention on getting this fem as healthly as possible.
  23. Wow Blueberry kush x mask...sounds interesting I'l be watching this one
  24. Wow thanks for the nice comments Fuzz420 and Tippie To be honest I wouldnt really recommend growing in a pc case, but I feel I have learnt and experienced alot which will help with my future grows. There are so many extremely skilled growers on this site which have helped me gain some insight into how a pro grows When I eventually have the space I wil hopefully be able to show the results of my learning, I'm also very interested in testing rumours and new ways of doing things and then spreading the knowledge with the community. Thanks for stopping by
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