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  1. Here are some new pics....Day 59, I can see something on the big plant but I cant tell whether its balls or the start of a calyx? Also started some LST on the smaller plant
  2. rampageZA


    From the album: PC Grow Case

  3. rampageZA


    From the album: PC Grow Case

  4. rampageZA


    From the album: PC Grow Case

  5. rampageZA


    From the album: PC Grow Case

  6. rampageZA


    From the album: PC Grow Case

  7. rampageZA


    From the album: PC Grow Case

  8. Wow Mack that sour d x sssdh looks so awesome man Great job
  9. They looking nice and healthy man What do you do to seal the light leaks? Also l see there is a thermo, what are the temps in your grow area? Cheers mate
  10. Hey Yetisan good to see you here on OpenGrow I'm sure you will enjoy it here mate
  11. OK so from what I have gathered LED are better for micro grows however they do offer the best range of colours compared to other lights? So what if you used a 400w hps and a 90w led in a grow room, would this give better quality or more resin production that only using the hps. This might be a way of using the positives of LED and HID lights at the same time?
  12. Hey Unexperienced Your plants are looking nice man, do you ever grow from seed? In my opinion outdoor is best since indoor we are trying to replicate the sun with lights. Most people have the perception that indoor is better but that is usually because there are larger costs involved and the plants receive better care as a result. In my perfect world I would have a veg room indoors where I can grow and keep mother plants and then flower them outdoors. The reason alot of people also seem to prefer indoor is you can control all aspects of the grow and you arent at the mercy of mother nature if a bad storm comes along and hurts your plants. Anyways I'll be following this grow, its looking good man
  13. Great job Saxo This was a fun grow to follow, awesome pics, great info and good vibes Did you get some wet weights after the chop? I cant wait to see what the next grow is going to be
  14. I also love the look of the Lemon Thai I cant wait to see what the growers here are gonna do with this strain
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