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  1. Welcome hashbudder Looking forward to seeing your experience with Sannies magical beans
  2. Hey thanks for kind words man, I've basically been using this pc grow to learn about soil, lights, nutes ect and just learn from hands on experience. Your improvement is very smart, I'm not sure when my next grow is gonna get built but I will definately use that in my design Thanks webeblzr
  3. Hey all day 47, still no sex on the large plant, but the fem has started to reveg nicely now, still under 24/0
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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

  9. Thanks for the advice man, so maybe a 1 month veg and then flower for 10 weeks(depending on strain) is the better option? However with that said, I still would be very happy with the results you have achieved Would also be awesome to hear a smoke report on the Dutch Toxic or the S.A.D
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    From the album: PC Grow Case

  11. Hey Clepter I've been lurking on a few of your threads and I gotta say they are the most entertaining I have read
  12. Day 43, looks like I got the female to reveg since she's starting to grow again and leaves are looking alot healthier. The other plant hasnt shown sex yet, which seems a bit strange....I have a feeling its gonna be male. Thats alright, since I'l probably be scrapping this grow except for the female, which will be moved to a friends grow. Gonna make my order from Sannies at the end of this month and then I'm gonna sort out a bigger cab with a 400w or 600w hps
  13. Wow saxo, you have done such an awesome job with this setup, great job man What are your thoughts/findings of growing 12/12 from start?
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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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    From the album: PC Grow Case

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